Easily Manage Content Progress On Multi-Author WordPress Sites

You can better manage your multi-author WordPress sites by marking WordPress posts and Pages as completed, partial, needing review, add notes documenting editorial needs with Content Progress plugin.

How To Use Content Progress Plugin?

Install and activate Content Progress. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Posts -> All Posts page. Here the plugin adds two new columns (Flag & Notes):

One column is Flag, its is an icon representing a post’s progress status. Another column is Notes for keeping feedback. Now for editing post’s progress status, simply click the ‘Quick Edit’ and from ‘Content Progress’ section, you can select a flag and add notes.

You Can Enable Content Progress For Custom Post Types

The plugin also provides you some easy admin options in Dashboard -> Settings -> Content Progress and here you can enable it for custom post types also.

Creating Custom Flag Icons

It provides you some inbuilt flags representing various post statuses like complete, incomplete, and needs review. The plugin allows you to add custom flags too. For Example: You can create a ‘No Featured Image’ flag so that you can tag posts with no thumbnails etc etc.

Shortcodes For Listing Progress Status On Frontend

Currently, the plugin comes packed with four shortcodes for generating front-facing lists of pages: [empty], [partial], [incomplete], and [needs_review] which produces appropriate unordered lists of documents. Each shortcode accepts an argument for the post type: For Example: [empty type='post']

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