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How To Get All Your Social & Email Notifications On Google Chrome?

Chime, a Google Chrome extension lets you aggregate all your social profile and email notifications. It works for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other popular social networking sites. As soon a new notification comes, its icon (in your Google Chrome toolbar) gets highlighted.

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Top 5 WordPress Plugins To Show Photo Galleries From Popular Image Sharing Networks

In our last tutorial, we discussed about a plugin that lets you show off image galleries from Pinterest profile or from a Pin-board. Now here we have selected 5 plugins that lets you do same thing but can grab images from other popular image sharing community websites like Flickr, Google Plus & Picasa, Tumblr, Instagram and we have also included Pinterest too in this tutorial. So what you can do with following plugins is embed a stylish in-post photo gallery from popular image sharing networks, you can do this via shortcode generator or use a sidebar widget.

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How To Use Custom Background Images In Google Plus?

Now you know Using Custom Background Image On Your Google’s Home Page In Chrome. This tutorial is on a similar Google Chrome extension that enables you to use a custom background in your Google Plus page and this is not just limited to Google Plus home but with this cool extension you can set images for G+ background, +1 button, share button, notification and also the bell.

How to start? Simply add Custom Google Plus Background in your Google Chrome browser or Chromium. Now after installation you can use it from the extension drop down menu added next to address bar.

Top 5 Google+ Apps For Chrome & Chromebook Users


This is official Chrome app by Google itself. Lets you to share right things with the right people:

Circles: Sharing right things with the right people like you can put your friends in one circle, your parents in another, and your teacher in a circle by himself just like your real life.

Hangouts: Chat face-to-face with nine friends at once from your phone or your computer.

Games: Play Google+ games by yourself or against your friends. Let everyone know when you’re winning.


Todays theme curator text from GplusPhotoPages. The application provides you a simple list of Today’s Photo Themes on Google+ with Curators Text for copying directly into your Google+ post.

Also provides you with option of searching for multiple themes with a keyword search. Enter a word that best describes your photo and it outputs curators text for all themes tagged with your keyword. Now just copy and paste it directly into your Google+ post and that’s all.

Google+ Notifications

The application lets view notifications of Google+ activity when signed in, it doesn’t matter where you are on the web.

Google Plus Email Signature

Google Plus Email Signatures will allow you to promote your latest Google Plus status to your email signature. Automatically share your latest Google Plus updates and gain more G+ followers. Link to your Profile and enable users to +1 your latest update with the Google Plus badge email widget . This add-on works with your Google Plus account –  type in your Google Plus username and you are good to go.

Google+ Photos

Using Google + Photos app you can upload and share photos from Chrome to Google+ and keep all your photos backed up, automatically organized and ready to share.