It Is Possible To Autopost RSS On Google Plus If You Are Ready to Spend Some Money

When you want to autopost on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular social networking sites you get a number of free services. There are many websites, plugins and even inbuilt auto RSS grab features in some social networking sites but when it comes to Google Plus you don’t even get a single free service that gets your job done. This is becauseGoogle Plus provides only one sided read only API. There are some plugins in WordPress (like WPGPlus & NextScripts) that uses PHP script for autoposting blog’s feed to Google Plus they have certain limitations and flaws but PHP makes itpossible there for WordPress users.

In this article we are discussing about a website that allows you to auto post RSS feeds to Google Plus Pages. Dlvr.It, yes the same old cross-posting service now allows autoposting RSS feeds to Google Plus Pages as well. It watches your RSS feeds after every 15 minutes and when it encounters any new blog posts, it automatically posts its to yourGoogle Plus Page. You should know that currently it only supports Google Plus Pages not its Profiles.

You can publish as many RSS feeds you want and generate hashtags (#) on the basis of your post tags and categories and also you can create a scheduled time when you posts would be getting published on Google Plus.

But this is a premium feature, they charge you $9.99 per month. If you are ready to spend this amount every month then enjoy and if not then you should post first to Google Plus manually, generate its RSS feed and then use some free service for autoposting your feeds to other social accounts you have.

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