How To Find People With Common Interest & Field In Google+ ?

Group.As is a Google+ Directory where you can find interesting people with common interests, fields etc. You can add yourself there so that others can find you easily, you can browse people classified into various groups etc etc.

How To Add Yourself To Group.As Google+ Directory ?

Group-as - Find people grouped by interest to circle on Google+.

You can easily add yourself to their directory. Follow the steps:

  1. Visit Group.As
  2. Past your Google+ profile ID which looks like this: 107466614529996508363, you can copy it from your Google+ profile URL
  3. Enter the groups you like to get added to in this directory like Blogger, Entrepreneur etc.
  4. Now click ADD GROUPEE button.

How To Find New Google+ People With Common Interests ?

Group-as - Find people grouped by interest to circle on Google+2

Visit its home page and start browsing the groups. You can browse all its groups by following this link All groups page shows a big tag cloud but still you can make your search easy by using old Ctrl + F (browser’s find) technique.

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