How To Embed Or oEmbed Google+ Posts In WordPress?

Just like Facebook, Google Plus also provides you embed code for individual posts and updates. In this tutorial we will be showing you how a WordPress user can embed, oEmbed or shortcode embed a Google Plus post in his website.

How To Embed Google Plus Posts?

WordPress users can use Google Plus post embed code which can be obtained by visiting any Google page or profile, scrolling to the post you want to embed then clicking top right corner’s dropdown button and selecting ‘Embed post’ option.

Embed Google Plus 1

After obtaining the embed code simply paste it in your website. You can use it on your post/page (from text section), inside your text widgets or custom post types.

Embed Google Plus 2

How To oEmbed Google Plus Posts?

Another way of embedding Google Plus posts in WordPress is Metronet Embed Google Plus plugin. It makes things a bit easier by, see how:

First find a Google+ post which you want to embed, then click its date/time link which takes you to the URL of that Google plus post.

Copy the URL in your web-browsers address bar and paste the URL onto a line, that’s it.

After the post is published/updated, you should be seeing that Google Plus post embedded there.

Embed Google Plus 3

How To Shortcode Embed Google Plus Posts?

Althought, oEmbed works fine with Metronet Embed Google Plus but if you like embedding it via shortcode, that is also possible.

Simply paste the URL inside [googleplus url= YourGplusPostURL] shortcode.

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