Let Your BuddyPress Members Show Their Google Plus, Facebook & Twitter Profile Buttons On Their BuddyPress Profiles

You can easily allows your BuddyPress site members to shows their Social Profile Buttons of Google Plus,Facebook and Twitter on their BuddyPress profile page in your website. This can be done by using few simple plugins given here.

BuddyPress Google Plus

BuddyPress Google Plus plugin allows your members to show their Google Plus profile button in theirBuddyPress profiles.

BuddyPress Facebook

BuddyPress Facebook plugin allows your members to show their Facebook profile button in their BuddyPressprofiles.

BuddyPress Twitter

BuddyPress Twitter plugin allows your members to show their Twitter Follow button in their BuddyPress profiles.

All of the above plugin can be easily used by all your BuddyPress members from the front-end. They can easily show uptheir profile buttons while editing their BuddyPress profiles.

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