Do You Know Google+ Shows Your Blog Performance Based On Search Traffic, Impressions And Clicks

Google Plus tells you how you how your website is performing on web. How many times it appeared on search and how many impressions & clicks are recorded but for using this feature of Google Plus you should must have Google+ Authorship. We have already discussed about getting Google’s Verified Authorship for your blogs. If you don’t have yet then read this tutorial and get yourself as verified as an Author.

For know your website performance using Google Plus, first of all login to your Google Account and visit your Google+ Profile. On the right sidebar where circle information is displayed you will find a widget titled as “Authorship Analytics” click the link below it to view your stats. Alternatively you can use this link and directly visit your analytics page on Google+

ImportantPresently this feature of Google Plus is not available for all authors so this link might show an Error 404page, well in that case you can just wait till it comes available for you.

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