How To Get All Your Social & Email Notifications On Google Chrome?

Chime, a Google Chrome extension lets you aggregate all your social profile and email notifications. It works for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other popular social networking sites. As soon a new notification comes, its icon (in your Google Chrome toolbar) gets highlighted.

It keeps you informed without making you login to your social accounts like  Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, Stack Overflow, Foursquare, Flickr, Quora and Github.

The script contains no server-side code and hence all your data stays on your local disk.

How To Use Chime To Get Social Notifications?

Start by adding Chime in your Google Chrome/Chromium browser. After the extension is installed, it uses your existing login session and aggregates notifications from various social websites (only when you are already logged in).

Chime 1

In-case if you log out from any social account, the extension will not fetch notifications.

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