How To Remove Inactive Google+ Users & Uncircle People Who Donot Circle You Back ?

Earlier we discussed How To UnFollow Twitter People In Bulk Who Are Not Following You Back ? and we also posted a tutorial on tracking Twitter people who are not following you back or who unfollowed you. Now this tutorial is on a service that provides you similar features but for Google+.

Circloscope.Com is a Google Chrome extension that helps you in managing your Google+ circles in various ways.

The extension is available in 3 different editions:

  1. Circloscope Free (Inactives+) for finding and removing inactive people from your circles
  2. Circloscope Free (Uncirclers+) for finding and removing people who are in your circles but donot circle you back.
  3. Circloscope Premium ($5) which is all-in-one circle management tool for power Google+ users.

All of its editions provides you an in-built tour for beginners.

Installation & Usage: You can install editions of Circloscope from Google chrome webstore (premium /inactives+ / uncirclers+) or simply visit its home page for downloading.

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