New Jetpack’s Google+ Integration Module To Connect WordPress And Google Accounts

Jetpack’s new 2.5 version update provides you Google+ profile module that allows you to connect your WordPress blog and Google+ accounts. It displays a link back to your Google+ profile and a Google+ follow button after your posts. Also a link is added to your Google+ profile.

It connects WordPress to your Google+ Account and allows Google to use some information and increase accuracy of search results, improve the appearance of your pages in Google’s results pages. Also you can post comments with your Google+ Account.

How To Connect Google+ With Jetpack ?

G+ WordPress Connect

  • Visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Sharing page
  • Click the Sign In button displaying the Google+ logo
  • Click Accept button in the popup.

G+ WordPress Connect 2

After authorization you will be seeing your Google+ Profile image, your name, and a confirmation that you’re connected.

What Google+ Profile Connection Features Offers:

  • Display name that appears on your posts and comments will display your Google+ Real Name
  • A link to your site is automatically added on your Google+ Profile under the ‘Contributor To‘ section.
  • A Google+ section is added to the Sharing/Like details on your posts (on single Post/Page views only) that includes a link to your G+ Profile, a G+ Follow button and also your Google avatar
  • Verification code will be added to your posts to confirm to Google that you are the author of those posts. Having this code in place means that Google can potentially use it to include additional information in their search results
  • If you have an Android device associated with your Google+ profile, you will be able to kick off an Over The Air (OTA) install of the WordPress app for your Android device.

Learn more about Google Integration with Jetpack like Embedding Google Content such as Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Calenders. Using Google+ share button etc here on Jetpack’s Google Integration Page.

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