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What Should I Blog About?

Blog your business. Post on what can get you to a bigger consumer base as well as what can help you in strengthening your passive source of income on your ads-enabled website.

Don’t just blog for a hobby, if you have something like that then make it your business, you can easily do that by starting to blog on your domain to monetize it with advertisements and services of your own.

Earlier we have discussed how you can know your perfect blogging subject. But the best thing you can do with your blog is to use it to help the world by generating a billion home employment opportunities. 

You can do this simply by becoming a people’s personal outlet and then blogging your own business.

Very few people know that they can put simple things such as the domainserver, and WordPress together at SANGKRIT.net to start serving their customers online. So post, to help the world in knowing that and let them learn from you, hire you (at per hour price), or join you in your business.

Let’s see what you can blog as a people’s personal outlet and how it is going to benefit you and the world –

Blog on Sangkrit’s four fundamentals

Sangkrit’s four fundamentals of – 

  1. Cleaning your private space
  2. Cooking your vegetarian meals
  3. Programming your world and
  4. Blogging your business 

These are proven COVID-19-proof, they sufficiently prepare anyone to stay home, be safe and earn online. 

You should also know that these four fundamentals cover four big globally searched topics on the internet i.e. – 

  1. Cooking 
  2. Cleaning
  3. Blogging 
  4. Programming

So when you start to blog on Sangkrit’s four fundamentals, you not only choose the most popular blogging subjects that will always survive on search but you also distribute a practical plan to become wealthy by leading humanity through the internet age.

Blog about home employment 

Let the world know that you are the one who can home-employ anybody anywhere. Blog to tell them about your billion home employment opportunities especially for home-loving people. 

Encourage everyone to register his free SANGKRIT.net account and work as an outlet to help everyone in doing online business.

Blog to create your own network of outlets

People’s personal outlet is a kind of home employment that anybody can share with anyone, and expand his network for a mass effort, to internetize all sorts of businesses.

Train others to become your outlet. The Internet is here to stay and the requirement for essentials i.e. domains, websites & apps isn’t going to disappear.

So, encourage more and more people and prepare your own outlets.

And when they bring some order, you may either complete it yourself, (read this lesson) or get it done by other outlets in your network.

Blog about online support

Write posts to let people know that you can help them in bringing their business online. Let them know that you are an expert of –

  • Making websites
  • Managing servers
  • Programming smartphone apps

Whether you are an expert or not but surely you can sell these services by putting other outlets to work.

Create your personal advertisements on your website and keep offering online support (i.e. yours as well as other outlet skills) at per hour price. Do this to help businesses get online by hiring you. You can do all that yourself with services like Managed WordPress, WordPress Ecommerce, and Website Builder, etc.

Blog about domain names, servers, hosting, and WordPress, etc

Post about the products available at SANGKRIT.net to build a niche that can give you work, by purchasing online support.

Instead of simply introducing the service, you should create useful how-to guides so that people can know that you are an expert.

Before writing an article, research about it on Google, explore SANGKRIT.net documentation and with time you will really become an expert of your subject.

For any help, use the following comment form.

Why Is Blogging So Important For Your Business?

Sales & Customer Relationship are considered the two most important parts of any business. Blogging your business helps you in improving both.

Every new sale starts from internet research. When a customer looks up for something, the web links tend to work better than anything else. A business having more links on the internet search results pages actually has million more possibilities of gaining new consumers. 

When anyone searches the Internet, the results page displayed by the search engine mainly shows the links to posts made by other bloggers. Blogging is the only way to build up such links. 

Each post link works as a bridge that can bring millions of netizens to your business website. It never matters how big or small your business is, blogging your business is equally important for everyone. It the best way of building trust and establishing respect in the market.

Blogging Helps You In Increasing Your SalesYou can reach out to millions, free of cost

All search engines love fresh and quality content. So when you write good blog posts consistently, you actually feed the search engines with fresh content to index. This is the most powerful benefit of blogging because it creates new possibilities for your business to get visible to millions from search engine result pages. 

Blogging is the most powerful form of marketing. Unlike advertising and other marketing channels that make you pay for each click, each word, or each view. With blogging, you don’t have to think of the price. It’s free, you can freely decide how big or small your advertisement (blog post) should be, and once published it will stay there and keep working forever.

Blogging Helps You In Strengthening Customer RelationshipYou can keep your customers always connected and well informed

By blogging your business you can reach out to new prospective clients and keep them all connected as your blog subscriber. Every time you will post something new, they will get automatically informed.

Customer engagement is an immensely important element of any business. Blogging does that very well. It helps you to stay connected with your existing and potential customers in a more conversational way. An active comment section helps you in following customer responses to your posts, and you are able to respond directly to them, this works great in building trust and strengthening relationships. Second, it also builds up new opportunities for your customers to share your blog post.

Do These Two Thing And Your Life Will Change In A Dramatic Way

Practice and promote the four-fundamentals of Sangkrit.

Practicing Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business prepares you for an independent and pandemic-proof lifestyle at home.

Promoting these four-fundamentals by writing posts on your blog helps you to earn money from your home.

It also solves most of the problems people face when they think of starting a new blog. Such as – 

  • What should be my blog subject (niche)?
  • What blogging category will bring more traffic?
  • What topics are most searched on the internet? Etc

Do you know that the most loved and good-earning blogs on the internet fall under these four-categories: cleaning, cooking, programming, and blogging? Where cooking and blogging are among the top blogging categories. 

Start your blog and start promoting Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals. Register your full name as your domain, then subscribe to Managed WordPress and start writing posts.

Blogging Your Business Is Transactional By Nature

Blogging your business is transactional by nature which means you can make it action-oriented. This can be done by using a call-to-action plugin on your WordPress site. You can add a button for buying your product or subscribing to your service or simply booking an order or appointment right from your post page. 

You can use it to direct traffic to your eCommerce store or collect customer information on the contact page and ultimately drive your sales. 

There’s no guesswork in blogging. The SEO tool at SANGKRIT.net analyzes your website and gives you step-by-step guidance on optimizing your domain for Google®, Yahoo®, Bing® and track its progress on the internet over time. 

You can measure your performance, track your success, the increasing worth of your website, and more importantly how many people visit you in a day and how many calls to action are clicked. The more serious blogging you will do, the better you will get in it, and the more business you do overtime.

Everyone Should Be A Blogger

Sangkrit has set the simplest and safest way for everyone to change his status from home. Staying home and following Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business simply leads your way to develop your Sangkrit household and become free forever.

Installing WordPress on your domain works as your free press, where you can post anything you want the world to know, instead of using any so-called social media sites where you may get kicked-off randomly, ex-US President is one example of that.

Start by registering your full name as your domain name, subscribe to WordPress, and start blogging. Blogging is for everyone and everyone should be a blogger. Blogging can be personal-hobby-based or business-related. Start blogging to never stop, if you find it hard to master a niche then start posting the little things of your life. Blogging on dissimilar topics is also not a problem, HuffingtonPost is one good example of a successful blog having many dissimilar topics. 

Engaging more people on your blog and building your credibility as a free press not only pays you off by generating advertising revenue with Adsense but now you have your domain as your private property with its value increasing every day and one day it will make you rich. Target big businesses and convince them that the best press coverage is to be featured on personal blogs that specifically writes about new and useful products, your blog can be extremely valuable for them as your readers are all their potential customers.

Your Blog On Your Domain Is Your Number One Marketing Asset

The consumer behavior of doing online research to find products and local services has now become extremely prepotent. Everyone has a smartphone, access to the internet, and is always busy researching something online on Google.

Whenever any search is made on Google or any search engine, it only shows links to relevant websites. Here, comes your chance to use your website as your number one marketing asset. You can make your website your number one salesperson simply by blogging your business.

You can set up your blog yourself by registering your domain name and then subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan. If you are in selling then you may also set up an online store within your blog by using WordPress Ecommerce. Whatsoever plan you subscribe, the guided tour will take you to the admin panel of your website from where you can compose your first blog post to say ‘Hello World’. Your blog on your domain takes you where your consumer is.

Blogging Can Make Most Profit In Your Business

Invest more time in blogging your business as most of the business activities make you lose money, only blogging is the one activity that helps you to reach out to new paying clients online to grow your business.

Blogging if done right makes the most money in your business and assists you reprioritize whatever you need to do daily. It is the only highest-leverage area in any business that helps you to grow more without much ado.

Actual blogging starts when you register your domain name and subscribe to WordPress to post regularly about your business and help your prospects.

For effective business blogging, you will need to understand your prospective clients – who they are, what are their problems, and needs. You will need to understand them more than they understand themselves to make it easier for them to build a deeper relationship with you and your products. Knowing about them will help you to repackage your deals that are best suited to them, especially in solving their problems.

You Cannot Improve What You Cannot Measure

For best results, develop a mindset to use everything in a test position instead of keeping a mindset that you are doing everything right because continuously believing that everything you are doing is right will make you carry out activities that are useless or actually not profitable for your business.

Whereas, when you will keep everything in the testing position, you will actually reach a better position in your business.

Starting up as people’s personal outlet is the best home-employment opportunity you have and to be successful in that you will need to consistently improve yourself and your way of outreaching your prospects or inducing them to this business. Keep making new attempts and your brain will start to improve you and with you your business. It all works in the background. The more attempts you will make, the better you will get.

Win New Paying Clients By Blogging Your Business

When you register your domain name, subscribe to Managed WordPress to start posting content related to your business resolving simple issues that your potential customers face, the Google indexes your website and your posts start to rank on search results pages.

Just keep sharing small posts that are helpful for your prospects, stay consistent, and post your sentences as an authority to beat your competition and become an authority in your field.

When you do this, you not only get organic traffic from Google but the people who visited your website earlier keep coming back for new valuable content on your website and this takes your business to the next level when they seriously consider you as their next service provider.

Blogging is the cheapest and best marketing tool, you can use blogging to post about the latest offer and deals and grab leads from a call to action button after or inside your post content. A call to action can be a simple contact form, allowing your customers to message you their requirements or a link to your online store within your website so that you can sell your products and services right from your website.

You can do all this from within your WordPress website. WordPress is not just a blogging platform. Subscribing to WordPress Ecommerce enables you to run your online store alongside your business blog.

Blogging your business is the lowest cost marketing method that helps you to drive more leads and get more paying clients online from your website.

How To Blog Your Business And Why It Is Important?

Blogging your business on your domain is the best and free way of marketing your products online. Whatever business you own, you can certainly grow it by blogging on your domain. Sharing of educational and instructional content is a better way to convince your prospective clients that you can be the right choice for them, instead of trying to convince them individually.

When you blog your business, you start to grow online and earn passive income just from their views and clicks happening your website and if your visitors ask you questions by commenting on your posts, the engagement and time-on-site increases giving you a rise in your internet ranking, which works while attracting sponsors and businesses to advertise on your website.

Writing new posts every day helps you to show how you have helped other people, how committed you are in your businesses, how learned you are in your field and how you can help others to achieve the best in services they are looking for. Blogging makes people see you as an expert and then they are more likely to buy your products and services to apply your knowledge and expertise in their business.

Setup Your Blog Yourself

You can easily start your blog on your own simply by registering your domain name and subscribing to Managed WordPress. All important configurations such as connecting your domain to your blog go through an automated step-by-step process and in minutes your blog becomes live on your domain.

Blog Your Business

Blogging about your business regularly on your domain reveals your reliability and establishes trustworthiness helping you to give relevant results on search engine pages to grow organic traffic on your website and reach out to the audience you have not expected for.

What To Post?

The one big reason why people avoid blogging their business is they don’t know what to post about. This is not a problem, you may simply start by introducing your business to the world and then –

  • Start introducing your products and services
  • Request reviews of your products from your clients
  • Talk to your clients to find out what they want to know
  • Post-how-to guides on using your products and services
  • Share to-do and not-to-do information on specific products
  • Google terms relevant to your business to read other articles
  • Answer the questions people ask you before buying your products
  • Interview your customers and ask them to share their experiences on using your products and services
  • Take a look to other industry-specific websites in your niche to see what they are blogging about

Try To Turn Every Visitor Into A New Paying Customer

Each blog post should end with a relevant link of your product or service to inform your visitors how they can buy it. Technically it is called a call to action button. It can be a simple message with a link to contact form or if you are selling things online then it should redirect them to your store page or to some specific product you have mentioned in your post or whatever you find appropriate to easily convert online leads into new paying customers.

Capture Visitors For Possible Business Opportunities

In order to grow the ecosystem of your online business, it is very important to try capturing the information of your visitors to keep them connected for future opportunities.

You can do so by adding an email subscription widget so that they can subscribe to your website and get notified of future posts you make.

Simply choose an Email Marketing Plan. The given service provides you an easy option of building and managing your own email list and displaying an email subscription form on your website.

  • You can create Email Subscription Signup Forms
  • You can automatically convert your posts to email
  • You can keep track of IPs with sharing statistics, etc
  • You can automate email campaign and capture leads

Make Your Blog Successful

Success comes when you regularly post new and intentionally cover the topics that your prospects are looking for, instead of posting things randomly. This way your every post creates many possibilities of gaining new traffic from search engines.

Make Money From Your Posts

Once your website is loaded with quality posts, you can diversify your income by placing advertisements on your website using Google Adsense, etc to start earning by showing relevant ads alongside your post content.

After your subscribe to a service like Google Adsense, they provide you a code to place on your website and choose where you want the ads to appear. The advertisers keep bidding to show their ads on a website like yours, in a real-time auction, and the highest paying ads automatically go live. You get paid when such advertisements are clicked and accessed by the visitors on your website.

Build Alternate Revenue Streams

Building another stream of income is as important as blogging your business on your domain and the best way for that is, helping other businesses to come online.

Bringing all businesses online is the biggest ongoing business, so startup now as people’s personal outlet to rebuild this disrupted world.