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How Blogging Your Business Strengthens Your Social Media Reach?

Blogging lets you repurpose content for social networks. It increases your chances of getting discovered on social media websites. The reason is when you publish a blog post it gets into a continuous process of meeting new people through search engines and social networks.

A blog post is something that people can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. When you promote anything on any social media website, it is seen and clicked, so promoting your own posts on social networks gives you a better chance to accumulate traffic on your website.

How To Start Blogging & Encourage Social Sharing?

Managed WordPress is a packaged service that offers you hosting, security, backups, as well as support at the same time. To start your blog, website, or eCommerce store you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

Once subscribed, its automated process will help you set up your website in a few minutes and then you can start blogging your business.

To write a new blog post, simply visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page. Write the title and the content and then add a featured image from the right sidebar. This featured image is automatically fetched by social media websites when someone shares your blog post.

For adding social sharing buttons on every blog post of yours simply visit Plugins -> Add New, search the term ‘Social Sharing’ and you will be presented with a number of free plugins you can add to display social sharing buttons on your website.

Why You Should Start Blogging Your Business Today?

Businesses of all sizes big or small must start blogging about their business as that not only helps you to get more customers, and build their trust but also can become a good source of passive income. With time and your effort, it has the power to surpass your real income.

There are many bloggers around the world who have started blogging for fun and with time their blogging has become so effective that they have chosen it as their full-time work of earning money from their place.

Sangkrit.net has made it easier for anyone to start his blog in less than an hour. You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan that is actually packaged with services you need to host, secure and run your blog with ease.

Its automated setup process gives you a professional website cum blog in a few minutes where you can put information about your business, set up calls to action so that people can contact you or buy your products directly from your website and yes you can start blogging about your business.

Your every post when published gets into a continuous process of earning money for you and bringing new clients to your business. So subscribe to Managed WordPress and start blogging your business today.

Having A Website Offers Sustainable Business Growth

As you register your domain name and make your website using Website Builder or Managed WordPress to start blogging your business, you soon start to see the usefulness.

More people come to know about your business, and people searching the internet find your solutions, you do not lose ground on your customer base as your blog keeps them connected over time, and most importantly the time and effort you invest in your website by creating solutions offering content pay you back dividends in future.

The reason is the post you publish today continues to bring traffic in the future also. That’s what is called a compounding post. Hence, your website leads to the sustainable growth of your business.

Sangkrit.net has made it easier for everyone to make a website using Website Builder or Managed WordPress in a matter of hours, even if they haven’t touched a line of code in their life.

By having a website you can reach people having specific interests, people who are interested in your business and filter out those who don’t. You can target people by their interests, location, and language. Blogging your business is the best form of digital marketing where capital investment is nearly zero and the audience you can target is the whole internet. So startup today, make your website and start growing your business.

How To Do Sales While Blogging Your Business?

Blogging is not about sales instead it is about marketing. However possible you need to help people, sometimes by recommending your product or an affiliate product and sometimes simply by helping.

You don’t need to force sales on each of your blog posts, that will happen when people will start trusting your business. Blogging is a method of growing your business by building a meaningful and respectful relationship with the consumer.

What To Blog About?

Help people by making new offers in your blog posts, a good business always has offers to promote. Attract them by writing good headings, engage them by providing reliable solutions and sales will happen.

Sell Solutions

Publish posts that provide value. The value can be how your product can resolve their problem or how it can make their life better, offers and solutions, guide on how to use your product, news on how your business is making people’s life better, and so on.

While engaging your customers, offer value your business can provide them because selling a solution is easier than selling a product.

How To Start Blogging?

Simply register your domain name, subscribe to Managed WordPress, and start blogging your business.

Does Blogging Costs Money Or It Earns Money?

A blog is a frequently updated website that lets you publish online so that others can read it. It can be used for increasing your following or marketing your business online.

A good blog post can earn money if you have monetized it with Google Adsense, etc, or you are doing it to market your business.

To start blogging your business, you will need to register a domain name and subscribe to Managed WordPress. That costs a small amount of money but publishing your content on regular basis is not going to cost you money instead it will help you in earning money from your place.

Whether you promote your blog or not, if you write good content; people will automatically find your blog on the search engine results page, and that is considered the best kind of traffic that brings money.

Because when someone lands on your website the ads on your website are displayed on the basis of the searches they have made on the internet. Hence, the possibility of getting an advertisement clicked on your website increases and so does your bank balance.

So simply posting content that is useful for others will start to get you traffic, even if you don’t do any efforts in promoting your blog.

If you have a business, blogging will help you get found on the internet, while saving your advertising cost. There’s a saying in the marketing world that buying decision is made by the customer before he actually contacts a business. So where do you think they do all their research these days? Of course on the internet and mainly by searching Google.

Hence, when your blog posts start to stand on the search, you automatically become part of the research. The only thing you need to do is keep improving yourself in writing so that your posts can attract a bigger audience every day.

Blogging Is The Most Respectful Way To Market Your Business

In blogging your business, it stops mattering who has a bigger marketing budget but instead who has the most satisfactory answer.

Blogging done right can leave a surprisingly positive impact on your customer’s mind. Unlike other advertising and marketing strategies when you blog, you give something instead of asking for anything.

There are businesses where when you visit they offer you water, tea, coffee, etc. They offer you something and make you feel that they actually made an effort to treat you well, they also spend some money on you before they ask you to buy anything.

This leaves a very strong positive impact on the client’s mind, around 95% of customers actually think that how they can return the favor by actually buying something even if they don’t need it. A good welcome and very respectful behavior make people think of doing business with you.

By blogging your business you are really offering valuable information to your customers before asking them to buy your product. And then when they buy your product, they feel happy about they did something for you. This way you nurture a strong relationship with your customers.

You might see quick traffic from traditional advertising that stops when you run out of budget but blogging will make your business continue to thrive in the future because today’s readers will continue to depend on your useful information. This way they will keep coming back for more.

By blogging your business you attract your target audience, you solve their problem and you don’t leave them alone to buy something or leave. Instead, you keep them for some time on your website and make them feel that you are tuned to their needs.

To start blogging, you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

Blogging Builds A Strong Emotional Connection With End Consumer

Market statistics state that people buy most things emotionally than logically. Their purchase is based on feelings. Logic activates their mind and emotion activates their action.

Blogging your business activates their positive emotional side because by blogging you are actually giving your prospects something before asking them to buy anything from you. This makes blogging the most respectful and effective way of marketing your business online.

When you blog your business, you directly connect with the market by adding value to their lives or helping them with an issue. You automatically win the match when someone searches for a problem on the internet and your blog post provides them with a genuine answer.

This way without demonstrating, your blog post already reveals that your business is the solution to their need. Hence, they become more likely to buy your product because you have built trust in them, and you have made them feel valued and understood.

Blogging takes some time before it starts delivering results. But when you consistently blog keeping your target audience in mind, the end consumer starts believing that this business really gets me and then he really gets into you.

To start blogging, you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

How Business Grows By Having A Website?

Your website can introduce customers to your products when they search for them on the internet, that’s what they do before making a purchase.

People can find and trust your business online only if your business has a website. No matter how old-fashioned your business or client base is, if you want to use the internet for growing your revenue, you will need a website.

There are many small businesses that do not get enough clients. A struggle for the customer base not only gives you a hard time keeping your business running but also affects your confidence.

When everything is in the right place that means your product or service is a solid market fit, you have a practical pricing strategy, and you know your target audience. Then, the only problem that stops you from getting more business is your inability to attract and retain your customers.

Website Is Must For Every Internet Marketing Operation

To attract customers on a ground level you will need to promote your business by reaching out to your customers. Train your salesmen if you are not in the position and send them to the market by offering them a profit in sales. And to reach out the customers online, you will need a website.

Your business website is must have a thing for your internet marketing operation. Because being online actually means having a website of your own. Even when people find your profile on Google Business or social media they are most likely to know about your website because that builds your authority on the internet.

A business website tells people about your business, and what you offer, and it gives you leads from that traffic.

You Will Always Need A Website

Whatsoever you do for your business on the internet such as blog your business, promote anything on social media, list your business on Google or any local business listing directory, run advertisements, or start email marketing. You are going to need a landing page because internet marketing starts with a link that directs customers to a page where they can take actions such as making a purchase, knowing about your service, requesting a call to know about your service, etc.

Hence, you will always need a website to avail all the benefits of internet marketing.

There are many free ways of starting a website but that doesn’t work in serious business. Are you going to trust a business that runs its website on a free URL? Of course not.

So having your business website on your own domain name i.e. yourname.com, an experienced feel with a professional look, and the ability to add as well as customize features on your website are all essential for the growth of your business. So how you can do that? Keep reading.

How To Make A Website For Your Business?

Simply register your domain name and then either subscribe to Website Builder or Managed WordPress.

Website Builder gives you a very easy interface to make your website or eCommerce shop within an hour. Whereas Managed WordPress also gives you the same but it can be extended to any kind of website and its code can also be customized if you want a customization of a more heightened level.

What Career To Choose As A Housewife?

You have learned what can make every housewife ideal in blogging and how they can earn money from that. Now this lesson introduces you to a business that every housewife in the world can pursue without any capital investment.

Every housewife should learn about this business apart from blogging as blogging will take time to get successful.

Blogging Is Not Going To Instantly Solve Your Financial Problem

Blogging will take its time before it starts sending you money to your bank account. It will take time to thrive but when it flourishes, you will earn money even at the time you do household work or while you sleep at night.

Blogging is hard work, and that should be fun for you, if it is not then try to make it. To get successful blogging you will have to keep learning and keep posting to get into the time where you can keep earning. You might feel tired at some point in time but you will easily overcome such a situation if blogging has become fun for you.

So What Can Instantly Solve Your Finacial Problem?

The answer is finding someone to whom you can sell a website. A website can be a blog, a business website, or an eCommerce store.

Why only a website? Because the website is something that you can now make even if you don’t have any website-building skills.

Helping others to come online by making their website is the best career option that every housewife should pursue.

This home employment can be easily clubbed without disturbing your personal life. By doing this you work as an outlet of Sangkrit to accomplish the universal task of upgrading humankind into the smartphone stage of the internet age.

How To Make Website For Anyone?

To make any website you need to register the domain name and then you can easily create a website either with Website Builder or by using Managed WordPress. Both services allow you to enable the eCommerce option anytime you like adding an online shop to the website.

Website Builder is useful for small businesses whereas Managed WordPress is the one-stop solution for bloggers, small businesses as well as big corporations.

You just need an hour to understand how these services work, you can do that by subscribing to them, and they will make you an expert in making websites.

How To Blog To Market Your Business?

Blogging your business should not be about sales instead it should be about marketing because marketing offer solutions that sell themselves.

Whereas sales are pushy in closing deals, blogging should be about showing the problems and offering their solutions, that’s what marketing is also about so blogging works most reasonably in marketing your business.

When you stop being salesy and forceful in closing deals and you start offering solutions to your target audience, the people start trusting you, and then not only your sales increase but you start to earn a passive income because on internet traffic means money.

So when you provide solutions, people come and read your posts mainly from the search engines and if your posts are monetized with Google Adsense or any advertising program, you earn money from that.

The aim of blogging your business is to understand your end consumer to whom your product or service fits very well and then reach him through your blog posts and establish your authority. Authority is established when you blog to help people and stay true to them.

How To Start Blogging?

You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan, and then start posting.

Do You Know The Real Power Of Blogging Your Business?

More than 90% of business-to-business companies and more than 85% of business-to-customer companies use blogging to market their business.

More than 75% of Fortune 500 companies blog and more than 70% of consumers prefer to read blogs for understanding any business.

Blogging Your Business Is The Best Way To Promote Business

The best way to drive more traffic to your website is to get visible on the search engine results page and the best way to get in there is simply by blogging your business.

Earlier, you learned about the two ways of making yourself visible on the search engine results page, the first is via search ads that cost money and the second is by blogging which is free. Yet the second is more powerful than the first one. Do you know why? Read this lesson and you will get to know.

Now if you run an eCommerce shop and you want to reach out to more prospective customers then simply add a blog on your website and start publishing articles related to your business niche.

Whatever your business may be, your blog posts are the most important part of any monetization program. It attracts prospective customers, discloses your specialty to the target audience, and helps them through the purchasing process.

Do you know about affiliate marketing? It is a kind of marketing where bloggers charge money for linking certain keywords on their blog posts to products and services of the advertiser to help him in sales. Most advertising agencies use blogs for displaying advertisements.

So you can use your own blog for promoting your own business instead of someone else business. This will also build your name and authority in the market.

The major benefit of blogging is that you can use it for driving traffic from search engines to your business website free of cost. Because when you publish a good post on a topic that is searched on the internet, chances are that your post will be shown to the people searching for it on search engines.

But for that, you will have to regularly publish content that is useful for the people. Mere promotion is not going to work, you will have to explain how your product is useful to your target audience and why they should purchase it. You will also need to explore similar topics related to your business and provide solutions in your blog posts.

Remember your target audience is the most important piece of your blog post so write keeping them in your mind. Research what they would be searching on the internet and how you can give them the best answer.

By sharing masterful knowledge and insights you can build a solid online presence and introduce your business to new consumers.

How To Start A Blog?

You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan, and then start posting.

The Golden Chance For Housewives To Earn Money By Blogging

It is much easier for housewives to earn money by blogging in comparison to others.

Parenting is among the highest-paying keyword plus it is the word that stays consistently in trend on search engines. After that pregnancy is another most searched and highest-paying keyword, third is food, fourth is marriage, and fifth is housekeeping.

In order to earn money from your blog, you need to choose a profitable niche i.e. category. Not all niches are profitable so to make a successful blog and earn money from it you should choose a niche that is profitable.

Here comes the golden chance for housewives. Every housewife is a housewife because she has married someone, she knows how to cook, she has gone through pregnancy, she shows how to raise a child, and how to manage her house.

So most housewives are familiar with these five blogging niches:

  1. Marriage
  2. Cooking
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Parenting
  5. Housekeeping

Fortunately, these five niches are among the most trending keywords i.e. these are more frequently searched on the internet. Second, these are also among the highest-paying keywords which means you are paid more amount when an advertisement is clicked on your website.

Other popular niches that might interest you include:

  1. Travel
  2. Fitness
  3. Fashion
  4. Movies
  5. Lifestyle

These are also the niches that can bring huge traffic to your website and good money into your bank account.

What you need to do is –

  1. Register your domain name
  2. Subscribe to Managed WordPress
  3. Choose a blogging niche that interests you
  4. Publish good posts
  5. Keep patience
  6. Keep posting

How To Earn Money?

Once your posts start to drive traffic to your website you can monetize your website with Google Adsense, there are various affiliate options, by selling advertising space or simply by becoming an outlet of Sangkrit to help other housewives in making their websites.

You can easily create websites for others too with Website Builder or Managed WordPress, both also allow you to enable the eCommerce option when you want to sell anything online from your website.

How Your Blog Post Earns Money For You?

As you post on your blog, it gets into a continuous process of earning money for you, still, not every blogger is earning money online.

Some posts are very slow in earning and some are fast; some bloggers blog but they don’t have a business model so they don’t earn from it whereas some own a good business model but their posts are not good enough so they bring very small traffic and the earning is also little.

Why Some Earns From Blogging While Others Don’t?

There are several reasons but the main basis that affects most of you is that you’re not regularly researching and upgrading your writing capability and not regularly producing content on your website.

Blogging is the best way to earn money by sharing your knowledge by publishing new blog posts every day. The major advantage of blogging is that you can do it from anywhere in the world if you have a smartphone with an active internet connection.

How To Start A Blog?

Register your domain name then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. It’s as simple as that.

You can write any time of the day whether early in the morning, at noon, or at midnight. No one is going to question you and every blog post you will make will enter the continuous process of earning money for you.

But in order to do that, you will have to publish content that is useful for others. It can be a solution or something that entertains others, all it needs to be is useful. So work on your writing skills.

How To Work On Your Writing Skills?

This you can do by writing more and researching more and once you start getting traffic on your blog posts, you can monetize your website with Google Adsense so that you can earn money.

What Adsence actually does is that it provides you a code that you paste on your website and the highest paying ads appear. After that when a reader comes to your website and clicks that ad, you are paid.

Know The Best Place To Promote Any Business

Search engine results page is the best place for promoting any business.

The recent data of the present year states that Google processes more than 99,000 searches in a second and this makes more than 8.5 billion searches in one day. Other search engines process between 1 to 100 million searches in a day.

No website, hoarding, newspaper, television or social network, etc can give you more views than your link on the search engine results page.

How To Make Yourself Visible On Search Engine Results Page?

You at least need to have a website to get yourself visible on the search engine results page and get benefitted from that. Once you have a website, you have two ways to get in there:

  1. The first way is via search ads, and
  2. The second way is by blogging your business.

The first way requires money, a lot of money, and then also the chances of getting clicked are very less and when you advertise you get visible only on the search engine you have paid for displaying your advertisement.

How many times have you clicked an advertisement while searching for anything on a search engine? The chances are less, and you already know that.

The second method doesn’t cost any money and works globally for all search engines. How many times have you clicked any result while searching for anything on some search engine? Almost every time, Isn’t it?

This proves that blogging is more effective than spending money on search ads. So start blogging your business by registering your domain name and subscribing to Managed WordPress.

Why You Should Accumulate Traffic On Your Own Domain Name?

The traffic that comes directly to your domain name is truly yours, no one can ban you from that.

A successful blog has one niche with multiple sources of income, multiple sources of traffic as well as multiple customer bases. It has one strategy and many ways to execute that approach. This way it doesn’t rely on only one source for traffic and income.

Don’t Depend On Only One Platform For Traffic & Income

Always remember that your success can turn into failure if you have one source of traffic or income and in case it dries up, you will encounter a big loss.

For instance: If your business is dependent on your social media page and it bans your account pointing to its terms and conditions that you have never read, you will be in crisis.

Make Your Domain Name Powerful

Search engines have the power to change their algorithm, social networks have the power to ban accounts without prior notice, social media sites keep the power to kick people out whenever they want, and eCommerce marketplaces hold the power to blacklist sellers.

So depending on one source of traffic means you are betting everything on one thing and this is a big mistake that can drown your business and leave you with nothing. So it is very important for every business owner to have his own traffic direct on his own domain name.

Accumulate Traffic On Your Own Domain

Register your domain name to start blogging about your business, and promote your business website on other traffic-rich platforms to use them for accumulating traffic on your own domain name because that will never let you get into a loss.

The traffic on your domain name i.e. the people who directly visit your website is truly yours and no one can ban you from that. So use other channels for bringing new traffic but don’t depend on them. Instead, try transforming that traffic into your subscribers and keep them connected with the help of Email Marketing.

How Does Blogging Help You In Your Business?

When you blog consistently on a topic that interests you or relates to your business, people start to recognize you as an expert.

So post regularly on a topic that interests you and use keywords that relate to your business. Think about what words would people be using when they will search the topic you are writing on and then use those words in your post title. This way people find you from search engines and you will build your own community of people liking and following your blog.

Every new post you make increases the chance of people coming across your blog on the internet and the more visitors you will get, the more chances you will get to turn them into your potential clients because with time your blog is going to build trust in them.

Even if you don’t do any business and blog simply on the topic that interests you, you will start to earn money by monetizing your blog with Google Adsense, selling advertising space, using affiliate marketing or providing any online service of consultation or simply helping others in making their business website or blog. This you can do by using Website Builder or Managed WordPress.

There is no doubt that a well-written post introduces you to new people who may not have heard of you before. So start posting, simply register your domain name and then launch your business website with built-in blogging features by subscribing to Managed WordPress.

Advertising Eats Into Your Money While Blogging Earns You Money

Blogging your business is the most effective opportunity to engage your target audience. Your blog post is an ideal way to show your expertise to your prospective clients and establish your authority by regularly making posts offering solutions over industry-related topics.

Advertising Keeps On Taking Your Money Till It Is Visible Whereas Blog Posts Keeps On Earning Money For You Till They Are Visible

The common drawback of any sort of advertising is that as soon you publish it, it starts taking your money and it keeps on taking it until the ad goes offline, and then also there’s no guarantee that your ad will convert into a sale.

In advertising, there are both success and disaster stories but in blogging, some are successful whereas some are not so successful, because every blog post on the internet drives some views.

Whatever Advertisements Do, A Blog Post Can Also Do The Same?

The advertisement helps people to know about what products and services are available in the market and who is offering you what and at what price.

It helps people in knowing about amazing products available in the market and for this, they demand capital investment from you. A blog post can do the same without charging any money from you.

Blog Post Gives You Traffic Without Taking Your Money

On the other side, a blog post may also fail in attracting a huge base of audience but it always gives you some value in return, less or more it only gives, less traffic or more it only gives, one view or a million views it only gives, and it only gives without taking any money from your pocket.

Another reason to blog instead of running ads is all advertising agencies online show ads on blog content.

For example, Google Ads are shown on blogs, YouTube ads are shown in between videos posted by people, Facebook ads are shown in Facebook posts, and Twitter ads are shown in Twitter posts made by individuals. So overall setting is that all websites are dependent on user posts for displaying ads of their clients.

So Why Not Use Your Post As Your Medium Of Marketing?

So why not use your post as your medium of marketing instead of relying on other people’s posts? Why not make yourself powerful instead of renting a part of the fuel from someone else?

Blogging Can Give You Business And Blogging Can Be A Business

Blogging can be used on your website to market your business and blogging can be used for helping other corporations by displaying their ads on your website. Blogging is itself a business.

Anyone can use blogging to increase traffic to his website, promote his products and services, build trust with the target audience, and differentiate his business from the competitors.

As well as anyone may also use blogging for sharing topics that interest him, building a fan following, and then monetizing blog content to earn money from it.

How To Build A Blog For Your Business?

You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. It not only gives you a blog but you can have a fully functional business website with or without the eCommerce option, and yes a blog for promoting your business online.

Blogging Your Business Works As Your Live Internet Marketing Campaign

Blogging about your business itself works as a live internet marketing campaign for your business. It not only brings more business to you but also works in building a passive source of income when you monetize it with Google Adsense, etc.

To survive and grow your business you need customers, and to bring customers you need to reach out to promote your business. In the olden days, this was done by means of brochures, flyers, newspapers, and other kinds of ads or by meeting in person from house to house or shop to shop. But today it has become much easier, you can reach out to a million by making a blog post on your website.

Blog Your Business From Your Own Domain

In the internet world, there are endless possibilities, there are many options for advertising and marketing your business but the most powerful yet cheap option is to start blogging your business from your own domain.

If you want to get known by your own name then stop promoting URLs such as somename.com/yourname, instead, promote your own domain name i.e. yourname.com. If you want to get into the serious business of blogging, you certainly need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

The free blogging options out there benefit the owner of the service and not you because it works on their domain, not yours. So, if you hope to grow your business, establish your identity, and most importantly make money from your blog, you need to own your domain name with a hosting option such as Website Builder or Managed WordPress.

Because Advertisements Consume Your Money

One important reason to blog about your business instead of getting into a costly advertising campaign is when you stop spending money on any advertisement or marketing campaign, it stops. But when you blog, it keeps on circulating on the web and opens up new channels for earning better money online.

But Blog Post Earns You Money

On the other side, your blog post, as soon you make it, it gets into the process of bringing new customers as well as new money to your bank account. So the result of making a blog post is that without spending money, you get into the process of earning money.

There is only one universal right choice for marketing your business on the internet and that is registering your domain name and subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan. So do it.

What Should I Blog About?

Blog your business. Post on what can get you to a bigger consumer base as well as what can help you in strengthening your passive source of income on your ads-enabled website.

Don’t just blog for a hobby, if you have something like that then make it your business, you can easily do that by starting to blog on your domain to monetize it with advertisements and services of your own.

Earlier we have discussed how you can know your perfect blogging subject. But the best thing you can do with your blog is to use it to help the world by generating a billion home employment opportunities. 

You can do this simply by becoming a people’s personal outlet and then blogging your own business.

Very few people know that they can put simple things such as the domainserver, and WordPress together at SANGKRIT.net to start serving their customers online. So post, to help the world in knowing that and let them learn from you, hire you (at per hour price), or join you in your business.

Let’s see what you can blog as a people’s personal outlet and how it is going to benefit you and the world –

Blog on Sangkrit’s four fundamentals

Sangkrit’s four fundamentals of – 

  1. Cleaning your private space
  2. Cooking your vegetarian meals
  3. Programming your world and
  4. Blogging your business 

These are proven COVID-19-proof, they sufficiently prepare anyone to stay home, be safe and earn online. 

You should also know that these four fundamentals cover four big globally searched topics on the internet i.e. – 

  1. Cooking 
  2. Cleaning
  3. Blogging 
  4. Programming

So when you start to blog on Sangkrit’s four fundamentals, you not only choose the most popular blogging subjects that will always survive on search but you also distribute a practical plan to become wealthy by leading humanity through the internet age.

Blog about home employment 

Let the world know that you are the one who can home-employ anybody anywhere. Blog to tell them about your billion home employment opportunities especially for home-loving people. 

Encourage everyone to register his free SANGKRIT.net account and work as an outlet to help everyone in doing online business.

Blog to create your own network of outlets

People’s personal outlet is a kind of home employment that anybody can share with anyone, and expand his network for a mass effort, to internetize all sorts of businesses.

Train others to become your outlet. The Internet is here to stay and the requirement for essentials i.e. domains, websites & apps isn’t going to disappear.

So, encourage more and more people and prepare your own outlets.

And when they bring some order, you may either complete it yourself, (read this lesson) or get it done by other outlets in your network.

Blog about online support

Write posts to let people know that you can help them in bringing their business online. Let them know that you are an expert of –

  • Making websites
  • Managing servers
  • Programming smartphone apps

Whether you are an expert or not but surely you can sell these services by putting other outlets to work.

Create your personal advertisements on your website and keep offering online support (i.e. yours as well as other outlet skills) at per hour price. Do this to help businesses get online by hiring you. You can do all that yourself with services like Managed WordPress, WordPress Ecommerce, and Website Builder, etc.

Blog about domain names, servers, hosting, and WordPress, etc

Post about the products available at SANGKRIT.net to build a niche that can give you work, by purchasing online support.

Instead of simply introducing the service, you should create useful how-to guides so that people can know that you are an expert.

Before writing an article, research about it on Google, explore SANGKRIT.net documentation and with time you will really become an expert of your subject.

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Why Is Blogging So Important For Your Business?

Sales & Customer Relationship are considered the two most important parts of any business. Blogging your business helps you in improving both.

Every new sale starts from internet research. When a customer looks up for something, the web links tend to work better than anything else. A business having more links on the internet search results pages actually has million more possibilities of gaining new consumers. 

When anyone searches the Internet, the results page displayed by the search engine mainly shows the links to posts made by other bloggers. Blogging is the only way to build up such links. 

Each post link works as a bridge that can bring millions of netizens to your business website. It never matters how big or small your business is, blogging your business is equally important for everyone. It the best way of building trust and establishing respect in the market.

Blogging Helps You In Increasing Your SalesYou can reach out to millions, free of cost

All search engines love fresh and quality content. So when you write good blog posts consistently, you actually feed the search engines with fresh content to index. This is the most powerful benefit of blogging because it creates new possibilities for your business to get visible to millions from search engine result pages. 

Blogging is the most powerful form of marketing. Unlike advertising and other marketing channels that make you pay for each click, each word, or each view. With blogging, you don’t have to think of the price. It’s free, you can freely decide how big or small your advertisement (blog post) should be, and once published it will stay there and keep working forever.

Blogging Helps You In Strengthening Customer RelationshipYou can keep your customers always connected and well informed

By blogging your business you can reach out to new prospective clients and keep them all connected as your blog subscriber. Every time you will post something new, they will get automatically informed.

Customer engagement is an immensely important element of any business. Blogging does that very well. It helps you to stay connected with your existing and potential customers in a more conversational way. An active comment section helps you in following customer responses to your posts, and you are able to respond directly to them, this works great in building trust and strengthening relationships. Second, it also builds up new opportunities for your customers to share your blog post.

Do These Two Thing And Your Life Will Change In A Dramatic Way

Practice and promote the four-fundamentals of Sangkrit.

Practicing Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business prepares you for an independent and pandemic-proof lifestyle at home.

Promoting these four-fundamentals by writing posts on your blog helps you to earn money from your home.

It also solves most of the problems people face when they think of starting a new blog. Such as – 

  • What should be my blog subject (niche)?
  • What blogging category will bring more traffic?
  • What topics are most searched on the internet? Etc

Do you know that the most loved and good-earning blogs on the internet fall under these four-categories: cleaning, cooking, programming, and blogging? Where cooking and blogging are among the top blogging categories. 

Start your blog and start promoting Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals. Register your full name as your domain, then subscribe to Managed WordPress and start writing posts.