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How Writing More Posts Brings More Traffic To Your Website?

Creating more content is the most common SEO advice, search engine crawlers more frequently visits the website that posts regularly and according to various researches, it has been found that website that create more content gets more than 400% increase in their traffic.

When more posts are published on your blog, more pathways are opened for your target audience to reach you and with good internal linking and references to other posts you can increase the pages views and time on site.

Know The Free Channels That Give Traffic To Your Blog Post

  1. You get traffic from Search Engines when you post quality content
  2. You get traffic from social media when you share your posts on your page as well as the groups of your niche
  3. You get traffic from micro-blogging sites such as Twitter when you use appropriate hashtags
  4. You get traffic from posts on other websites when you post useful comments
  5. You get traffic from other websites when you review or mention their services or publish how-to guides for their apps and products
  6. You get traffic when you maintain & use your Email Marketing List
  7. You get traffic when you post consistently and make a following i.e. the people who directly visits your website

You will have to remember that you can attract visitors and retain them only by creating valuable content. Understand your target audience, their needs and problems, and then address them consistently with your blog posts to establish your domain as a reliable source of information.

Writing and publishing more blog posts on your website requires planning and consistent effort. You will have to set realistic goals planning how frequently you can post without compromising on the quality of your content. Set achievable goals based on your time. You can plan to post daily or weekly but the effort should be consistent. Choose a consistency that you can follow for a long time.

Make A List Of Possible Post Ideas

Writing down on a topic becomes easy when you have a list of possible post titles. Make use of the following points and then make a list of post titles and consistently add more titles to that list whenever your brain sparks.

  1. Consider your blog niche
  2. Browse the search trends
  3. Analyse your competitors
  4. Find the customer problem points
  5. Understand the needs and pain of the target audience
  6. Encourage your readers to contribute content or ideas
  7. Start searching Google for other blogs that fall in your niche
  8. Repurpose your posts, you can deep-dive in to a specific aspect
  9. Read popular blogs and then think what is missing or what is next
  10. Try Google Keyword Planner to discover popular topics in your niche
  11. Monitor social media platforms and communities related to your niche

Other ways to gather post ideas may come from keyword research, browsing hashtags on Twitter, following topics on social media, and reading forums, etc.

For instance, If blogging is your niche, you will find many topics by browsing WordPress forums to see what problems users are facing and then you can offer a better and well-elaborated solution in your new post.

Never compromise with the quality. Focus on creating valuable, informative, and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. By using a combination of these strategies, you can consistently generate new post ideas and keep up firing new posts everyday.

How Blogging Makes Your Business Visible On Google Search?

Whether you own a multinational corporation or a small business or even a local shop, getting visible on search always benefits you because when you deal locally, local searchers will find your business and when you deal globally, global searchers will find your business.

Blogging will help you make your business visible on Google and other search engines and that is very advantageous for all sorts of businesses. Let us see how it happens.

Start Blogging Your Business

When you register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan to start blogging your business and you start making posts on topics specific to your business niche, Google and other search engine crawlers visit your website to discover and index new content.

By making and following a consistent blogging schedule, you provide search engines with fresh material to index. Thus, increasing the chances of your website being displayed in relevant search results.

People Will Find You On Search

When a user enters a query or keyword into the Google search bar, the search engine’s algorithms analyze the query and provide a list of relevant search results, which may include your post link too. But that is not that easy sometimes whereas many times it happens without an effort.

Improve Your Visibility On Google

There are various factors that any search engine considers while determining the authority and relevance of a website. By consistently blogging and creating valuable content, you can demonstrate expertise and contribute to your website’s overall authority within your industry or niche. This can positively impact your visibility on Google and improve your rankings on its results page.

Make Searchers Interested In Your Content

There’s a lot of competition on staying on top of search engine results pages but that is nothing to worry about, Do you know why? If your blog post targets niche or specific queries within your industry, it may have a higher chance of appearing in search results for those specific queries. While the search volume for such queries might be lower, the targeted audience that finds your post is likely to be more interested and engaged.

So, to get visible on Google, all you need to do is, register your domain name, subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan, and very seriously start blogging your business.

Why Every Individual Must Blog From His Domain Name?

Registering your personal domain name to start blogging on it allows you to establish your unique online identity and present yourself professionally on the internet. You can use the domain name for your personal website, blog, or portfolio, or to showcase your skills, expertise, or resume.

Your blog should be driven by your passion, interests, and desire to share your unique perspective with others. Blogging can be a fulfilling and enriching experience that allows you to connect with others, contribute to a community, and grow personally and professionally and build a passive source of income.

Blogging provides you an outlet for self-expression

It allows individuals to share their thoughts, ideas, experiences, and perspectives globally with a wider audience. Blogging gives you a platform to showcase your unique voice, and it can be a rewarding way to articulate your thoughts and engage with others who have similar interests.

By blogging you can share your expertise, skills, and knowledge with others in the world. There are people who are looking for information and you can benefit them as well as build a good community over time that helps you to grow your online income.

You can blog about anything that interests you such as your hobbies and experiences, etc to become a source of information for the people seeking that knowledge.

Blogging makes you brilliant

Blogging makes your knowledge speak for you and helps you establish yourself as a leader in the niche that interests you. Sharing insightful and valuable content contributes to your professional development which brings various opportunities for networking, career growth, collaborations, or even monetization through partnerships or sponsored content.

When you start blogging, you research the content to post it on your blog and that enhances your writing skills as well as thinking capabilities. It keeps you and your readers stay informed about the latest developments and trends in your niche.

Blogging brings income

When you post an article on your blog and search engines archive it. It goes in the continuous process of making some money for you even while you sleep. So posting useful and interesting content on your blog is the key to bring traffic and traffic is the key to build a source of income through your blog.

Blogging can be monetized by various means that include cost-per-click ads, affiliate advertising, sponsored content, selling your own products, services, consultancy, and even creating premium content for any industry on demand, etc.

While it will take some time to build a successful monetized blog that earns money but if you are committed to then you will certainly make an additional source of income.

How to build a blog?

You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan to start blogging from your own domain name.

Blogging from your own domain name is very important because that only builds your identity as well as a passive source of income.

Owning your own domain name offers you complete control over your online presence and lets you decide how you want to present yourself to the world, how you want to present your content, how to edit away the negative comments, what to share, and how to engage the audience. It works as a centralized spot where people can find and connect with you or know about all your social channels.

How Blogging Helps You In Business Networking?

Blogging your business can be a powerful tool for business networking, internet marketing, and building good business connections. To leverage blogging for networking and building connections, it’s essential to actively engage with your audience, and promote your content through social media and other channels.

Increases Business Visibility

By blogging your business you can showcase your expertise, knowledge, and insights on a particular topic. When you consistently produce valuable content, you attract readers who are interested in your niche. This increased visibility can lead to networking opportunities as other professionals in your field discover and engage with your blog.

Establishes You As A Leader

By sharing your expertise through blog posts, you position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. This can attract like-minded professionals who value your insights and opinions. Other experts may be more inclined to engage with you and collaborate on projects.

Engages You With Prospects

Blogs provide a platform for engagement and conversation with your readers. Through comments, social media shares, and email exchanges, you can interact with your audience and build relationships. Engaging with readers allows you to establish connections and connect with potential collaborators or clients.

Opens New Door To Collaboration

Blogging opens doors to guest blogging opportunities and collaborations with other professionals in your industry. Guest blogging on established platforms exposes you to new audiences and can help you forge connections with influential individuals in your field. Collaborating with fellow bloggers or industry experts on joint projects or content can also help expand your network.

Business Networking & Connections

Blogging can provide credibility and serve as a portfolio of your work when attending networking events or conferences. It gives you something to showcase, share, and discuss with other professionals, leading to meaningful conversations and connections.

Leads To Sharing & Amplification

When you publish valuable content on your blog, it becomes shareable. Other professionals may discover your blog posts and share them with their networks, amplifying your reach and increasing the chances of connecting with like-minded individuals. This sharing can lead to increased visibility, engagement, and networking opportunities.

Builds Your Trust & Reliability In The Market

Consistently producing high-quality blog content helps build trust and reliability in your industry. When professionals see your expertise and knowledge through your blog, they are more likely to perceive you as a credible and trustworthy individual. This foundation of trust is valuable when it comes to networking and building connections.

Building relationships takes time and effort, so be patient and consistent in your blogging efforts to see the networking benefits over time. To start your blog simply register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

How More People Get To Know You When You Have A Website?

Having a website on your own domain name gets more people come to know about you or your business. Thus it brings more popularity, more customers, and more money through cost-per-click ads, etc.

When you own a website, it provides you with a platform to showcase your business, products, or services to a larger audience. Your posts and pages start getting visible on search engines and you automatically start coming into the knowledge of more people who are interested in you or your business.

Here are some ways people get to know about you when you have a website:

  1. Search Engines: When you seriously work on your website, the people who are searching Google for ideas, products, or services related to your business come to your website. When you make your website rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs) by continuously blogging your business more people are likely to see your content and click on it to know more.
  2. Social Media: When you own a website you also link your social media posts to your blog and make it easier for people to know more about you or your business. You can share links to your website on social media groups and communities as that brings more traffic to your website.
  3. Online Directories: If you have a website you can link it to online directories like Yelp, Google My Business, and Yellow Pages as that helps to increase your visibility and bring more prospective customers. People would be able to learn more about your business by seeing your past work, and more information about your product and services, and with a call-to-action you can subscribe them to your mailing list to keep them always in your connection.
  4. Word Of Mouth: When more people come to know about your business and they consistently see you on search engine results pages, in some time your domain name gets registered in their minds and they may share your website address with their friends and family by saying that you know that website, it is offering so and so at very good pricing or it has very interesting content then you would definitely like.
  5. Internet Marketing & Advertising: On the internet, every advertisement is a link to some web page. A few people advertise with a link to social media profiles or pages but that is not a very good idea. By linking your website’s page to advertisements, you can not only bring more traffic to your website but you can make them register on your website and keep them always in touch. This will not only give a boost to your business but also to your passive income that comes from cost-per-click ads.

Ultimately, a website implements the easiest way of sharing information. It makes you get known through the internet by using it as a platform to get in touch with more people and showcase ideas, expertise, products, or services.

How To Start Your Website? To start a professional website that is good for your business, you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

That’s it, it gets you a website in some minutes that you can manage on your own without any technical skills. Although, round-the-clock support is always available a call away to assist you in anything you want to learn about regarding the management of your website.

Why Having A Website Is Crucial For Modern Medical Practices?

Why do doctors need a website? This lesson is an in-depth guide for doctors, medical professionals, medical experts, and everybody who belongs to the field. A website can play an important role in building a strong reputation for doctors and medical experts. It can not only make them known in the world but can also work as a new source of passive income.

In today’s time, it has been recorded that whenever anyone feels some physical uneasiness he first searches the internet for that. Most of the articles suggest contacting a physician but millions of searches are being made every day. Doctors and medical persons can help people by blogging and also get helped by making their name and a source of passive income that comes when people come to the website and advertisements play their role.

The Importance Of Website For Doctors & Medical Experts

  1. Helps You Build A Strong Presence On The Internet: A website establishes the doctor online and makes it easier for potential patients to find them and learn about their practice. Not only this it makes the medical expert known worldwide and builds trust.
  2. Global Visibility: A website improves a doctor’s visibility online, and makes it easier for patients to find them through search engines like Google.
  3. Patient Education & Trust Building: A doctor can have a website for educating patients, he can share all his knowledge by writing posts and helping provide patients with educational resources about their condition and treatment options. Thus improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.
  4. Better Outcomes: Better health outcomes are possible when patients are educated about their problems, hygiene, and management of chronic conditions. This builds the credibility of the medical expert.
  5. Appointment Booking: This is a simple feature that can be implemented for offering patients to book their appointments online without having to make a phone call.
  6. Publishing Patient Reviews & Testimonials: By showcasing patients’ reviews and testimonials medical experts can build trust and credibility with potential patients and other people.
  7. Patient Communication: Many people hesitate to make a phone call and it is also not possible in a doctor’s busy schedule to attend or reply to each and every call. A website can be used by patients as a secure way to communicate with their doctor, such as through a patient portal or messaging system.
  8. Practice Promotion: A website promotes a doctor’s practice, highlighting their areas of expertise and services offered, and attracting new patients to the practice.
  9. Earn Money: A monetized website opens a new source of income, every post made on the website goes in the continuous process of bringing new people to the website and earning money. When you have good quality content on the website, it keeps earning money for you even when you sleep.

What Doctors Should Blog About?

On their website, doctors can blog on a wide range of topics:

  1. Education For People: Doctors can educate people about medical conditions, over-the-counter medication, what to do and what not during any disease, when to see a physician, possible preventions, and their knowledge to help students who are planning to move in this field, etc.
  2. The Disease Information: Doctors may blog about specific medical conditions, their causes, symptoms, and treatment options, which is very helpful for patients seeking information about their health.
  3. Prevention Strategies: Doctors can blog about preventing certain health conditions and diseases through lifestyle changes, screenings, and vaccinations.
  4. Healthy Living: Blogging about healthy living topics such as nutrition, exercise, and stress management can provide patients with practical tips for improving their overall health.
  5. Treatment Options: Doctors can provide detailed information about different treatment options for various conditions, including their risks and benefits, to help patients make informed decisions about their care.
  6. The New Research & Developments Happening In The Field: Doctors can stay up-to-date with the latest research and developments in their field and share that information through blog posts.
  7. The Stories Of Patients & How Others Can Learn From Them: Blogging stories of successful or failed treatments and patient testimonials can be very useful for people.
  8. Common Health Information: Doctors can blog about general health information covering topics such as hygiene, managing certain conditions, chronic problems and their solutions, etc.

How Doctors Can Build Their Websites?

It is easier than you think, the Managed WordPress is packaged with everything anyone needs to bring his website online.

You simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan and the automated process will guide you to the admin panel of your website from where you can start blogging your business as well as manage the look and feel of your website in a very user-friendly interface.

Zero technical knowledge is required. Moreover, you may contact the round-the-clock support team and it will help you in making and promoting your website.

How To Get New Ideas For Writing Blog Posts Every Day?

In the previous lesson, you have learned about the topics you may use to blog your business. But sometimes coming up with new ideas for blogging can be a big challenge especially if you don’t want to break the continuity of blogging your business every day.

The lesson explains to you how you can come up with fresh ideas for writing posts. There are several strategies businesses can use to generate fresh ideas consistently for posting new content to their blog.

  1. Stay Up-To-Date With Industry News & Trends: Subscribe to industry newsletters, attend online conferences, and stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in your industry to generate ideas for new blog posts.
  2. Monitor Social Media: Monitor social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, to see what topics and discussions are trending in your niche and use them as inspiration for your blog.
  3. Browse Twitter Hashtags: Look up Twitter for the hashtags of the topics you write about or are there in your nice. These hashtags will let you know what people are asking, telling, and finding on the Internet. These hashtags will also take you up to the articles that other blogs are writing which will definitely spark some ideas in your mind.
  4. Maintain An Idea File: Keep a file for ideas that suddenly spark in your mind, opinion, and things that can be converted into quality blog posts. See the file whenever you think you are running out of ideas.
  5. Ask Your Audience: Ask your audience what they want to see on your blog through surveys, polls, and social media posts to get ideas for fresh content.
  6. Research On Your Competitors: Research your competitors’ blogs to see what topics they’re covering and use them as inspiration for your own content.
  7. Research On Google: Make a targeted search on topics that come in your niche and see what others are writing, then think about how you can give better solutions to your audience.
  8. Expand Existing Posts: Research your stats to find the most popular posts on your blog, you will know what content is working, and when you find that simply think about expanding the content by writing new posts on the topics that you haven’t explained earlier.
  9. Discuss It With Your Team: If your business has a team then ask them about the problems that the consumer is facing, what interests them etc. Schedule brainstorming sessions with your team to generate new ideas for your blog.
  10. Look Outside Your Industry: Look for inspiration outside your industry, and find ways to tie them back to your business or industry.
  11. Repurpose Old Blog Posts: Repurpose old blog posts into new formats, such as infographics or videos, or update them with new information to create fresh content.
  12. Experiment With Different Formats: Experiment with different blog post formats, such as tips & tricks, lists, how-to guides, and case studies, to keep your content fresh and engaging.
  13. You May Try A Post Idea Generator: There are several online post idea generators (search Google) that you may use for generating new post ideas but don’t forget to add uniqueness as many ideas look meaningless but they add some spark in your mind to do something better.

These are some strategies with which businesses can help themselves to consistently generate new ideas for their blog, keeping their audience engaged and growing their readership over time. If you can give more ideas then feel free to share them here by commenting below.

Ten Topics That Businesses May Use To Start Blogging

Registered your domain name and subscribed to a Managed WordPress plan and now you have a blog but you don’t know what to blog about? This lesson will solve your problem.

Every business big or small should blog about the topics that are relevant to its industry and its target audience. Here are a few ideas for what businesses can blog about:

  1. Information On Products & Services: Businesses should blog information about their products and services and explain to people what makes them better and different from others. Why they should consider buying their product.
  2. Tips, Tricks & How-To Guides: Businesses can offer helpful tips and how-to guides related to their products or services. This will build trust in the target audience and they will recognize you as a problem solver.
  3. News & Trends From The Industry: Businesses can share their insights on the latest news and trends in their industry. This will make more people reach the website for information and there comes a chance to convert those visitors into customers with a call to action button.
  4. Happy Customer Stories, Interviews & Testimonials: Businesses can share stories of how their products or services have helped customers solve problems or achieve their goals. Happy customers may also be interviewed so that they can tell why they have chosen this product and how it is better than other products in the market, etc.
  5. Behind-The-Scenes Operation: Businesses can offer a behind-the-scenes look at their operations, such as how their products are made or how their customer service team operates.
  6. Employee Skills Show: Businesses can showcase their employees and their expertise, giving customers a better understanding of the people behind the business.
  7. In-depth Case Studies: Businesses can share in-depth case studies of how their products or services have helped specific customers or clients.
  8. Interviews Of The Experts: Businesses can interview experts in their industry to provide valuable insights and perspectives to their readers.
  9. Their Opinions Over The Industry: Businesses can share their opinions on industry-related topics, sparking discussion and engagement with their audience.
  10. Infographics & Visual Content: Businesses can use infographics and other visual content to present complex information in an easy-to-digest format.

Overall, every business should focus on creating content that is informative, engaging, and relevant to its audience. By providing value to their readers, businesses can build trust and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

Seven Strong Reasons For Businesses To Start Blogging

Blogging your business is a cost-effective way of marketing your business. Compared to traditional advertising methods, blogging is relatively inexpensive and can provide continuous long-term benefits.

It is a powerful tool for businesses looking to increase their visibility, engage with customers, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

There are several reasons why you must start blogging your business from today onwards:

  1. Increased Visibility: Blogging can help businesses increase their online visibility. By regularly creating new and valuable content, businesses can attract more visitors to their websites and improve their search engine rankings.
  2. Helps To Monopolize: Blogging can establish a business as a thought leader in their industry. By sharing valuable insights, tips, and advice, businesses can build trust and credibility with their audience.
  3. Better Customer Engagement: Blogging is an effective way to engage with customers and build a community around a business. By encouraging comments and discussions, businesses can gain insights into their audience’s needs and preferences.
  4. Building Your Name In The Industry: Blogging can help businesses to build their brand and establish a unique voice in their industry. By consistently publishing high-quality content that reflects the values and personality of the business, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors.
  5. Works As A Powerful Lead Generation Platform: Blogging can also be an effective way to generate leads for a business. By offering valuable resources and encouraging visitors to sign up for email newsletters or other offers, businesses can capture leads and nurture them over time.
  6. Cost-Effective Internet Marketing: Blogging is a cost-effective way to market a business. Compared to traditional advertising methods, such as print or TV ads, blogging is relatively inexpensive and can provide long-term benefits.
  7. Build New Source Of Income: Blogs can earn money through advertising by displaying ads on their website. This can be done through ad networks, such as Google AdSense, or by selling ad space directly to businesses. Apart from this blogs can also earn money through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, selling products, or consultancy services.

Overall, blogging can be a profitable endeavor for everyone willing to put in the time and effort to build an audience by creating valuable content. By leveraging various monetization strategies, businesses can not only promote their products and services but can also earn money while sharing their expertise and building their authority.

Now the question comes, how to start a blog? Well, you simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. That’s all you need to have a business website of yours with blogging and optional eCommerce features.

The next coming lesson will guide you on the topics a business may blog about. Reading the next coming lesson you will know what posts and content you should share on your blog to attract readers and prospects.

How Blogging Your Business Strengthens Your Social Media Reach?

Blogging lets you repurpose content for social networks. It increases your chances of getting discovered on social media websites. The reason is when you publish a blog post it gets into a continuous process of meeting new people through search engines and social networks.

A blog post is something that people can share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. When you promote anything on any social media website, it is seen and clicked, so promoting your own posts on social networks gives you a better chance to accumulate traffic on your website.

How To Start Blogging & Encourage Social Sharing?

Managed WordPress is a packaged service that offers you hosting, security, backups, as well as support at the same time. To start your blog, website, or eCommerce store you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

Once subscribed, its automated process will help you set up your website in a few minutes and then you can start blogging your business.

To write a new blog post, simply visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page. Write the title and the content and then add a featured image from the right sidebar. This featured image is automatically fetched by social media websites when someone shares your blog post.

For adding social sharing buttons on every blog post of yours simply visit Plugins -> Add New, search the term ‘Social Sharing’ and you will be presented with a number of free plugins you can add to display social sharing buttons on your website.

Why You Should Start Blogging Your Business Today?

Businesses of all sizes big or small must start blogging about their business as that not only helps you to get more customers, and build their trust but also can become a good source of passive income. With time and your effort, it has the power to surpass your real income.

There are many bloggers around the world who have started blogging for fun and with time their blogging has become so effective that they have chosen it as their full-time work of earning money from their place.

Sangkrit.net has made it easier for anyone to start his blog in less than an hour. You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan that is actually packaged with services you need to host, secure and run your blog with ease.

Its automated setup process gives you a professional website cum blog in a few minutes where you can put information about your business, set up calls to action so that people can contact you or buy your products directly from your website and yes you can start blogging about your business.

Your every post when published gets into a continuous process of earning money for you and bringing new clients to your business. So subscribe to Managed WordPress and start blogging your business today.

Having A Website Offers Sustainable Business Growth

As you register your domain name and make your website using Website Builder or Managed WordPress to start blogging your business, you soon start to see the usefulness.

More people come to know about your business, and people searching the internet find your solutions, you do not lose ground on your customer base as your blog keeps them connected over time, and most importantly the time and effort you invest in your website by creating solutions offering content pay you back dividends in future.

The reason is the post you publish today continues to bring traffic in the future also. That’s what is called a compounding post. Hence, your website leads to the sustainable growth of your business.

Sangkrit.net has made it easier for everyone to make a website using Website Builder or Managed WordPress in a matter of hours, even if they haven’t touched a line of code in their life.

By having a website you can reach people having specific interests, people who are interested in your business and filter out those who don’t. You can target people by their interests, location, and language. Blogging your business is the best form of digital marketing where capital investment is nearly zero and the audience you can target is the whole internet. So startup today, make your website and start growing your business.

How To Do Sales While Blogging Your Business?

Blogging is not about sales instead it is about marketing. However possible you need to help people, sometimes by recommending your product or an affiliate product and sometimes simply by helping.

You don’t need to force sales on each of your blog posts, that will happen when people will start trusting your business. Blogging is a method of growing your business by building a meaningful and respectful relationship with the consumer.

What To Blog About?

Help people by making new offers in your blog posts, a good business always has offers to promote. Attract them by writing good headings, engage them by providing reliable solutions and sales will happen.

Sell Solutions

Publish posts that provide value. The value can be how your product can resolve their problem or how it can make their life better, offers and solutions, guide on how to use your product, news on how your business is making people’s life better, and so on.

While engaging your customers, offer value your business can provide them because selling a solution is easier than selling a product.

How To Start Blogging?

Simply register your domain name, subscribe to Managed WordPress, and start blogging your business.

Does Blogging Costs Money Or It Earns Money?

A blog is a frequently updated website that lets you publish online so that others can read it. It can be used for increasing your following or marketing your business online.

A good blog post can earn money if you have monetized it with Google Adsense, etc, or you are doing it to market your business.

To start blogging your business, you will need to register a domain name and subscribe to Managed WordPress. That costs a small amount of money but publishing your content on regular basis is not going to cost you money instead it will help you in earning money from your place.

Whether you promote your blog or not, if you write good content; people will automatically find your blog on the search engine results page, and that is considered the best kind of traffic that brings money.

Because when someone lands on your website the ads on your website are displayed on the basis of the searches they have made on the internet. Hence, the possibility of getting an advertisement clicked on your website increases and so does your bank balance.

So simply posting content that is useful for others will start to get you traffic, even if you don’t do any efforts in promoting your blog.

If you have a business, blogging will help you get found on the internet, while saving your advertising cost. There’s a saying in the marketing world that buying decision is made by the customer before he actually contacts a business. So where do you think they do all their research these days? Of course on the internet and mainly by searching Google.

Hence, when your blog posts start to stand on the search, you automatically become part of the research. The only thing you need to do is keep improving yourself in writing so that your posts can attract a bigger audience every day.

Blogging Is The Most Respectful Way To Market Your Business

In blogging your business, it stops mattering who has a bigger marketing budget but instead who has the most satisfactory answer.

Blogging done right can leave a surprisingly positive impact on your customer’s mind. Unlike other advertising and marketing strategies when you blog, you give something instead of asking for anything.

There are businesses where when you visit they offer you water, tea, coffee, etc. They offer you something and make you feel that they actually made an effort to treat you well, they also spend some money on you before they ask you to buy anything.

This leaves a very strong positive impact on the client’s mind, around 95% of customers actually think that how they can return the favor by actually buying something even if they don’t need it. A good welcome and very respectful behavior make people think of doing business with you.

By blogging your business you are really offering valuable information to your customers before asking them to buy your product. And then when they buy your product, they feel happy about they did something for you. This way you nurture a strong relationship with your customers.

You might see quick traffic from traditional advertising that stops when you run out of budget but blogging will make your business continue to thrive in the future because today’s readers will continue to depend on your useful information. This way they will keep coming back for more.

By blogging your business you attract your target audience, you solve their problem and you don’t leave them alone to buy something or leave. Instead, you keep them for some time on your website and make them feel that you are tuned to their needs.

To start blogging, you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

Blogging Builds A Strong Emotional Connection With End Consumer

Market statistics state that people buy most things emotionally than logically. Their purchase is based on feelings. Logic activates their mind and emotion activates their action.

Blogging your business activates their positive emotional side because by blogging you are actually giving your prospects something before asking them to buy anything from you. This makes blogging the most respectful and effective way of marketing your business online.

When you blog your business, you directly connect with the market by adding value to their lives or helping them with an issue. You automatically win the match when someone searches for a problem on the internet and your blog post provides them with a genuine answer.

This way without demonstrating, your blog post already reveals that your business is the solution to their need. Hence, they become more likely to buy your product because you have built trust in them, and you have made them feel valued and understood.

Blogging takes some time before it starts delivering results. But when you consistently blog keeping your target audience in mind, the end consumer starts believing that this business really gets me and then he really gets into you.

To start blogging, you simply need to register your domain name and subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan.

How Business Grows By Having A Website?

Your website can introduce customers to your products when they search for them on the internet, that’s what they do before making a purchase.

People can find and trust your business online only if your business has a website. No matter how old-fashioned your business or client base is, if you want to use the internet for growing your revenue, you will need a website.

There are many small businesses that do not get enough clients. A struggle for the customer base not only gives you a hard time keeping your business running but also affects your confidence.

When everything is in the right place that means your product or service is a solid market fit, you have a practical pricing strategy, and you know your target audience. Then, the only problem that stops you from getting more business is your inability to attract and retain your customers.

Website Is Must For Every Internet Marketing Operation

To attract customers on a ground level you will need to promote your business by reaching out to your customers. Train your salesmen if you are not in the position and send them to the market by offering them a profit in sales. And to reach out the customers online, you will need a website.

Your business website is must have a thing for your internet marketing operation. Because being online actually means having a website of your own. Even when people find your profile on Google Business or social media they are most likely to know about your website because that builds your authority on the internet.

A business website tells people about your business, and what you offer, and it gives you leads from that traffic.

You Will Always Need A Website

Whatsoever you do for your business on the internet such as blog your business, promote anything on social media, list your business on Google or any local business listing directory, run advertisements, or start email marketing. You are going to need a landing page because internet marketing starts with a link that directs customers to a page where they can take actions such as making a purchase, knowing about your service, requesting a call to know about your service, etc.

Hence, you will always need a website to avail all the benefits of internet marketing.

There are many free ways of starting a website but that doesn’t work in serious business. Are you going to trust a business that runs its website on a free URL? Of course not.

So having your business website on your own domain name i.e. yourname.com, an experienced feel with a professional look, and the ability to add as well as customize features on your website are all essential for the growth of your business. So how you can do that? Keep reading.

How To Make A Website For Your Business?

Simply register your domain name and then either subscribe to Website Builder or Managed WordPress.

Website Builder gives you a very easy interface to make your website or eCommerce shop within an hour. Whereas Managed WordPress also gives you the same but it can be extended to any kind of website and its code can also be customized if you want a customization of a more heightened level.

What Career To Choose As A Housewife?

You have learned what can make every housewife ideal in blogging and how they can earn money from that. Now this lesson introduces you to a business that every housewife in the world can pursue without any capital investment.

Every housewife should learn about this business apart from blogging as blogging will take time to get successful.

Blogging Is Not Going To Instantly Solve Your Financial Problem

Blogging will take its time before it starts sending you money to your bank account. It will take time to thrive but when it flourishes, you will earn money even at the time you do household work or while you sleep at night.

Blogging is hard work, and that should be fun for you, if it is not then try to make it. To get successful blogging you will have to keep learning and keep posting to get into the time where you can keep earning. You might feel tired at some point in time but you will easily overcome such a situation if blogging has become fun for you.

So What Can Instantly Solve Your Finacial Problem?

The answer is finding someone to whom you can sell a website. A website can be a blog, a business website, or an eCommerce store.

Why only a website? Because the website is something that you can now make even if you don’t have any website-building skills.

Helping others to come online by making their website is the best career option that every housewife should pursue.

This home employment can be easily clubbed without disturbing your personal life. By doing this you work as an outlet of Sangkrit to accomplish the universal task of upgrading humankind into the smartphone stage of the internet age.

How To Make Website For Anyone?

To make any website you need to register the domain name and then you can easily create a website either with Website Builder or by using Managed WordPress. Both services allow you to enable the eCommerce option anytime you like adding an online shop to the website.

Website Builder is useful for small businesses whereas Managed WordPress is the one-stop solution for bloggers, small businesses as well as big corporations.

You just need an hour to understand how these services work, you can do that by subscribing to them, and they will make you an expert in making websites.

How To Blog To Market Your Business?

Blogging your business should not be about sales instead it should be about marketing because marketing offer solutions that sell themselves.

Whereas sales are pushy in closing deals, blogging should be about showing the problems and offering their solutions, that’s what marketing is also about so blogging works most reasonably in marketing your business.

When you stop being salesy and forceful in closing deals and you start offering solutions to your target audience, the people start trusting you, and then not only your sales increase but you start to earn a passive income because on internet traffic means money.

So when you provide solutions, people come and read your posts mainly from the search engines and if your posts are monetized with Google Adsense or any advertising program, you earn money from that.

The aim of blogging your business is to understand your end consumer to whom your product or service fits very well and then reach him through your blog posts and establish your authority. Authority is established when you blog to help people and stay true to them.

How To Start Blogging?

You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan, and then start posting.

Do You Know The Real Power Of Blogging Your Business?

More than 90% of business-to-business companies and more than 85% of business-to-customer companies use blogging to market their business.

More than 75% of Fortune 500 companies blog and more than 70% of consumers prefer to read blogs for understanding any business.

Blogging Your Business Is The Best Way To Promote Business

The best way to drive more traffic to your website is to get visible on the search engine results page and the best way to get in there is simply by blogging your business.

Earlier, you learned about the two ways of making yourself visible on the search engine results page, the first is via search ads that cost money and the second is by blogging which is free. Yet the second is more powerful than the first one. Do you know why? Read this lesson and you will get to know.

Now if you run an eCommerce shop and you want to reach out to more prospective customers then simply add a blog on your website and start publishing articles related to your business niche.

Whatever your business may be, your blog posts are the most important part of any monetization program. It attracts prospective customers, discloses your specialty to the target audience, and helps them through the purchasing process.

Do you know about affiliate marketing? It is a kind of marketing where bloggers charge money for linking certain keywords on their blog posts to products and services of the advertiser to help him in sales. Most advertising agencies use blogs for displaying advertisements.

So you can use your own blog for promoting your own business instead of someone else business. This will also build your name and authority in the market.

The major benefit of blogging is that you can use it for driving traffic from search engines to your business website free of cost. Because when you publish a good post on a topic that is searched on the internet, chances are that your post will be shown to the people searching for it on search engines.

But for that, you will have to regularly publish content that is useful for the people. Mere promotion is not going to work, you will have to explain how your product is useful to your target audience and why they should purchase it. You will also need to explore similar topics related to your business and provide solutions in your blog posts.

Remember your target audience is the most important piece of your blog post so write keeping them in your mind. Research what they would be searching on the internet and how you can give them the best answer.

By sharing masterful knowledge and insights you can build a solid online presence and introduce your business to new consumers.

How To Start A Blog?

You simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan, and then start posting.

The Golden Chance For Housewives To Earn Money By Blogging

It is much easier for housewives to earn money by blogging in comparison to others.

Parenting is among the highest-paying keyword plus it is the word that stays consistently in trend on search engines. After that pregnancy is another most searched and highest-paying keyword, third is food, fourth is marriage, and fifth is housekeeping.

In order to earn money from your blog, you need to choose a profitable niche i.e. category. Not all niches are profitable so to make a successful blog and earn money from it you should choose a niche that is profitable.

Here comes the golden chance for housewives. Every housewife is a housewife because she has married someone, she knows how to cook, she has gone through pregnancy, she shows how to raise a child, and how to manage her house.

So most housewives are familiar with these five blogging niches:

  1. Marriage
  2. Cooking
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Parenting
  5. Housekeeping

Fortunately, these five niches are among the most trending keywords i.e. these are more frequently searched on the internet. Second, these are also among the highest-paying keywords which means you are paid more amount when an advertisement is clicked on your website.

Other popular niches that might interest you include:

  1. Travel
  2. Fitness
  3. Fashion
  4. Movies
  5. Lifestyle

These are also the niches that can bring huge traffic to your website and good money into your bank account.

What you need to do is –

  1. Register your domain name
  2. Subscribe to Managed WordPress
  3. Choose a blogging niche that interests you
  4. Publish good posts
  5. Keep patience
  6. Keep posting

How To Earn Money?

Once your posts start to drive traffic to your website you can monetize your website with Google Adsense, there are various affiliate options, by selling advertising space or simply by becoming an outlet of Sangkrit to help other housewives in making their websites.

You can easily create websites for others too with Website Builder or Managed WordPress, both also allow you to enable the eCommerce option when you want to sell anything online from your website.