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Make Your Business Functional On Your Domain

Stop operating offline and get your business live and functional on your domain name. With Managed WordPress you don’t have to worry about how you will bring your business online or how you will operate it. It is easy enough to let you create your own business website or use it for creating websites for others to build another source of income for yourself.

Small businesses might only need a WordPress site, a mobile, and an email address to serve their clients, customers, and communicate with the suppliers electronically. Whereas other businesses might use their WordPress site to conduct their entire business online including eCommerce.

The time has come when customers are preferring to visit any business online via its website to find out products and services, instead of visiting anywhere in person. And this changing consumer behavior is good for you well as it is safe, secure, cost-effective, and lets you work from your place controlling all your business activities from your WordPress website.

To get your business live on your domain name, simply start by registering your domain name and then subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan, it can be a regular WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce as per your business requirement. Once you are subscribed to the service, its guided tour will take you to the admin panel of your website from where you can manage your business website.

How To Start Earning From Your First Day As People’s Personal Outlet?

Outreaching the local prospects may help you to start earning from your very first day as people’s personal outlet. Whereas blogging your business lets you target the global market and establishes your domain name on the internet. Following that it brings you progressive passive income besides the profit from your online business as people’s personal outlet.

People’s personal outlet means working from home by following Sangkrit’s four fundaments of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business to help other businesses come online.

Here your main business task is to help people in bringing their businesses online and this task is completed when you make anyone interested in blogging his business, or when you make someone to start selling his products or services online or when your home-employ someone to work as your outlet to finally bring you more orders and get benefitted from the profit of each sale. The orders you get from your clients are fulfilled by you simply by making use of Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce.

To start earning from the very first day or in the starting phase of your business is to first outreach prospective clients near you, in your neighborhood, in your city. You may start with the people you already know, people who are connected with you, numbers your have in your smartphone book, emails you have in your contact list, and the businesses you have been a client of.

Now is the time they all have a need of bringing their businesses online even if they don’t know that. They all have real need of making their businesses live and functional on their domain name and that is good in all possible ways so help them out in that and make money for yourself.

How To Bring Your Client’s Business Online?

To bring your clients business online, all you have to do is help him in registering his domain name and subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan and once he successfully does that, you can create anything for him using this Managed WordPress. It can be a simple website or blog to a fully-functional eCommerce store. Managed WordPress lets you build a website that meets your client’s unique needs and with the free software & plugins, built‑in optimization, mobile‑ready themes, and the online support there’s no limit to what you can build on a domain name.

Your consistent effort in helping others to bring their businesses online makes you a people’s personal outlet.

You Will Certainly Require Consistent Effort

To be successful as a people’s personal outlet, you will have to make an everyday action plan and follow that on a regular basis. For example: Let’s say you have made your first three-monthly action plan, now break it down into weeks and then days and then follow that plan consistently. You may set your own goals and then split them down into steps that you need to take every day in order to reach your goals.

Inducting more people to this business is going to make things easier for you, it is the best way to have fast success in your business. And since you are introducing more people into this business, you will have to keep track of all of them. You may use Google Docs or something like that on your phone to keep track of your actions as you cannot keep all of it in your head.

Remember to follow up with your prospects every day or week and especially focus on those who want to work. Train them in selling and help them to create more people’s personal outlets.

Your success as people’s personal outlet lies behind your ability to sell or make others sell your products, it comes from your energy to build your own chain of personal outlets and move your products quickly through it.

Convert your prospects into your business, master the art of recruiting and bring as many individuals as possible. Your actions should be more significant than your anxieties and hesitancy. Take a decision that you will rule this art and never give up on it.

Make At Least One People’s Personal Outlet In A Day

Offering your home-employment opportunity personally to at least one person in a day can be an easy goal to accomplish and begin fast successes in your home business.

Being a people’s personal outlet your main task is to help people in bringing their businesses online, you expand your business by inducing more people to work as your personal outlet, you share some percentage of profit in each order they bring, this way the more outlets work below you, the more money you make.

Taking one person per day to know about the benefits of your home-employment opportunity means thirty people in a month and ninety people in three months and three-hundred-sixty-five people in a year. If you hit a twenty percent success rate then you would be having nine people’s personal outlets in three months and thirty-six people’s personal outlets in a year. Off-course you can do more but at least you can achieve this much.

Now the question comes how you can make at least one people’s personal outlet a day. In this time of crisis, the best way to personally reach out to people can be making phone calls, email & SMS to businesses plus employment seeking individuals, or exploring pocket-friendly local advertising options.

But that doesn’t mean you should stop blogging your business, keep blogging your business as that helps you to reach out to millions and billions of people online in the long run but at the same time, you should also try additional approaches to accelerate your success time and to start quick earning especially during the starting phase of your business.

Don’t Be Addicted To The Outcome

Your business will grow with or without any one individual. You just want people to know about this biggest home-employment opportunity, this could result in making some personal outlets of yours, which is off-course good for you and for them also and this is the only reason you are trying to help people out by letting them know the best home-employment opportunity i.e. working from home as people’s personal outlet.

While offering someone this home-employment opportunity, you should let them know about the mutual benefit and always be quick in that as you don’t have time to chit-chat as you have more tasks in hand to complete. Your pickup line should be a line and not a big sentence, it should not take anymore than five seconds to complete, you are not their servant, you are not their employee, you are not being paid for your time, you are not giving a presentation, you are not writing a blog post.

The common mistake most salesmen do is that their first words start with a begging line which is something like this – “If you are not in a hurry, I will take only five minutes of yours, and so and so..”

Never use such type of lines in your offer, leave such lines for others, such lines don’t worth for you or for any people’s personal outlet.

You are actually helping people out, if they already operate a business then you are helping them to build an additional more secure source of income and if they are an individual then you are helping them to earn from their home. You are actually solving the biggest problem of employment and you should be proud of that.

Write a sentence, that lets them know that you’re not eager to get them to join your business or do something right away. Instead, your message should make them understand that this is something better to do and they should do it to make good money from home.

There are chances that some people will ignore your offer, but at the same time, there are also chances that some people will follow your offer. Hence, in order to succeed, staying consistent is your key without making yourself addicted to the good or bad results of your everyday attempts.

WordPress Ecommerce Brings Unmatched Value To Your Selling Business

WordPress is the most-used platform for designing, running, and managing websites. Its freedom and flexibility make it the preeminent choice of bloggers, developers, and entrepreneurs. With this flexibility comes the complexity of selecting the right hosting server, website theme, plugin, and extensions to make your website completely yours i.e. specific to your business niche.

WordPress Ecommerce is a bundled packaged of hosting server configured to run WordPress at its best with pre-installed, and configured WooCommerce i.e. your online selling interface plugin, handpicked and installed important plugins plus access to premium extensions that in general costs near about a thousand dollar.

The best thing about WordPress Ecommerce is that you can do everything yourself and in a few days you can master the admin panel of your website to help others in bringing their businesses online, this way you can also build a second source of income for yourself.

To start your online store you simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce.

What Is People’s Personal Outlet And How Does It Work?

People’s Personal Outlet is your home employment where you work from your home following Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals to bring other businesses online. Your business tasks in hand are:

  1. Sale of your product
  2. Home-Employing others to work as your outlet
  3. Training your outlets, ensuring that they make a sale

Sale Of Your Product

You earn money when you sell something. Humankind makes private property. Registering and developing a domain is the latest of its kind. You simply earn money by helping others to register and develop their domain names to finally operate their businesses online. More businesses are coming online and the shift is going faster these days. Hence, you have got a lot of opportunities but that doesn’t mean to make yourself busy building a long list of prospects or randomly target people without having a good plan. For being successful in your business you will have to understand the market, find out the problems your prospective clients are facing, and then provide them a solution in their words so that they can easily understand the real need of your product and pay you for helping them out. Don’t waste time educating your prospective clients personally, do this thing by blogging your business on your domain to make value out from your thoughts by publishing them as your blog posts.

Home-Employing Others To Work As Your Outlet

Building a network of your own outlets will help you to close more deals and increase your sales. At the same time, you will help many people by home-employing them as people’s personal outlet. As a people’s personal outlet, you make and sell websites & apps to help other businesses come online. Your second task is to engage others to do the same and also encourage them to induct more people as their personal outlets.

You may also utilize your customer base and the people you know, to sell your products. When someone in your team makes a sale, both of you will receive a percentage of profit. The bigger network you have, the more profit you will make.

Training Your Outlets And Ensuring That They Make A Sale

In addition to inducting more people, you should also keep them motivated to help them stay active and sell more products. You should also encourage them to introduce more people to their business and build their own network of outlets. This, in turn, will give them a percentage of profit from each product sold by the outlet in their network.

Not All Employments Are Equal

Not all employments are equal. For example, a job can full fill your daily needs, but it gives you no chance to become rich even if you are capable of. It gives you no security, and you may lose it with recession or any time of crisis. So whether you want to work eight to nine hours a day for whole life or just two to three years rigorously to build a system that brings you income even when you are sleeping? Working under someone else is bad on its own, and it gets worse when the source of your support suddenly stops.

Second is self-employment which is of course better than a job but is itself a paid labor where your income stops when you stop working. Apart from the above two, a business is a much better option but not all types of businesses, as you need capital to invest and then wait for your business to thrive. It makes you invest in staff, location, bills, and other expenses and if in-case your business fails, you end up having nothing except the stress of loans you have taken.

So what is best? The best is home-employment and the best home employment is starting up as people’s personal outlet. It gives you a chance to earn from the very first day of your business and offers you the opportunity to become rich in two-three years of hard work. Being a people’s personal outlet you work from your home following Sangkrit’s four-fundamentals to help other businesses come online.

Everybody needs money to survive, your financial freedom makes your life better but it can also make your life worse if you choose the wrong type of work. The activities that make you independent are the ones that you probably don’t like doing, and this is the reason for all your problems. So change yourself, and your life will also change.

Be the owner of your business, make your own decisions, you don’t need anybody, your key to success is doing the right things every day and you will get the success you want. Start your day following Sangkrit’s four-fundaments of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business to work from your home as people’s personal outlet and help people in bringing their businesses online.

The Problem Is You

Don’t wait for the things to get better, wish you were better in managing them. For your life to get better, you have to change many small things in your life. Everybody has problems, everyone faces rejection, don’t wish for a problem-free life, it is not possible. Instead, work on your skills to become a good problem solver. Selling is the most important skill of your life, everybody is selling something even if they don’t know about it, or how to do it properly. Selling the right thing in the right way at the right time makes you rich.

To get the best in your life you should start by following Sangkrit’s four-fundaments to work from your home as people’s personal outlet and help businesses to come online. You will have the success you want if you follow the system, consistently, every single day without getting disheartened from the problems and rejections you face during the survival phase of your business.

When you start selling something, you start to face rejection. Rejection simply means that you are making attempts, you are taking actions, and you are actively working for the success of your business. The problem is not how learned you are, how much experience you have, your financial situation, or your responsibilities. The problem is you.

You Will Have To Train Yourself

Most of the problems in life are internal, not external and you can solve them out. Make yourself better by learning from your failure, learn from other’s failures too, read necessary books and articles, and most importantly you will have to train yourself. You have to master the skill of selling your product to anyone and that you can teach yourself by facing a sufficient amount of rejections because then only your brain starts to improve you and your way of handling problems. It all works in the background, just like gaining physical strength or muscle mass or learning a bicycle, you just have to take actions consistently and repeatedly. The more attempts you will do, the better you will get, the easier it will become and the more successful you will be.

If You’re Not Having Fun, You Are Doing It Wrong

Following four fundaments of Sangkrit to work from home as people’s personal outlet makes you happier, financially independent and saves you from the worldly mess. Consistently follow this course to build your fortune from home and lead humanity into the internet age. It won’t let you become poor as you do have your private property i.e. your blog on your domain with its value increasing every day.

If you are not having fun, it means you are doing it wrong. It means you don’t know how to respond to the challenges. Start by following Sangkrit’s four fundaments of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business.

Cleaning your home and organizing your private space will help you to think better and reduce stress, it will make you happy. Reduce clutter from your private space, it will increase your productivity at home which will keep you motivated in the whole process.

Cooking your vegetarian meals makes you independent, knowing how to cook gives you the freedom to invent new dishes with any ingredients you have. Soon you will realize that you don’t need many types of equipment to cook and most of the dishes can be prepared with a few pieces of equipment.

Cooking builds your confidence, it keeps you and your family healthy, and it helps you to save money. People who cook at home and eat home-cooked meals on a regular basis are happier and healthier, both physically and mentally.

With cleaning and cooking, you will notice your energy levels going up and you are feeling happier than before.

Using your cooking skill, you can also serve your neighborhood people with home-cooked meals, this can be easily done by subscribing WordPress Ecommerce. You just need to list your dishes on your website so that people can order them online. You can make things much easier for yourself by allowing people to only order breakfast, lunch or dinner in advance so that you can cook extra food with your daily meals, pack it and let them pick it up from your house gate.

Program your world by following this course of Sangkrit every day, your every day should start with cleaning your home. Encourage every member of your family to join you and help you in this, following that every member of the house may prepare a dish of his choice and enjoy family meals together.

Register a domain name each for every member of the family and subscribe Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce to responsibly start blogging with business. Homeschool your children into this domestic entrepreneurship by teaching them the four fundamentals of Sangkrit.

Start blogging your business, write down posts from useful ideas that have passed through your mind while following the process of cleaning and cooking. Your blog post is your primary product, it brings you money by helping other people. You can expand your business by writing new posts every day. It increases your connectedness with netizens across the world wide web, they read your blog, they subscribe to your blog, they increase your income.

Selling something balances you best in this world, being a people’s personal outlet you are ready for selling internet essentials. Help people in registering their domain name and then earn money by making their website over Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce. Bringing everybody’s business online is the biggest ongoing business that you can develop into your domestic entrepreneurship for a family business.

Following this, you can bring your life to its best and every other day it will become more fun for you.

The Harder You Try, The More Unconvincing You Become

When you do nothing, your results are nothing. When you do very little, your results are nothing. When you act massively, the results can be little, massive, or zero. But when you act consistently, the results become massive. So in order to succeed, staying consistent is your key. There would be some exceptions, they are also in science and math but for most of the people, it works like this only.

Being a people’s personal outlet, you are on the right track and this track is not a race with many competitors. Instead, it is like a no time frame marathon, where you can succeed only by moving in the right direction. The rejections you face in between are hurdles that cannot be removed, it has nothing to fear about but you will have to make up your mind for that to finally reach your destination.

Working as a people’s personal outlet, your objective is to make money by bringing all businesses online. You do this by helping people to register their domain name, and then you make their business website using Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce.

Whatsoever marketing technique you use, you will certainly face rejections and if you are not prepared to face people who reject your offer, the first few rejections are going to scare you out, this is the point of time where most of the people fail by trying very hard to convince their prospects, and then they quit. Learn from the rejections you face but never let them stop you from taking actions.

You must have heard some marketing calls where the salesperson sitting on the other side tries to sell you some product or service on the behalf of some company. How many times have you said yes to their offer? Most of the time you would have cut the call in between or asked them not to disturb you further. Still, these people never stop trying. Why? They are making some value out from such boring attempts, there must be some people actually saying yes to their offers. Every salesman faces rejections on a regular basis, it is part of the selling process so just don’t worry about it and never try harder to convince others. The harder you will try, the more unconvincing you will become. You simply need to move to your next target and carry on with your efforts.

The Internet Is Here To Stay

Internet is here to stay and the requirement for essentials i.e. domains, websites & apps isn’t going to disappear. By working as a people’s personal outlet you choose the Internet as your place of doing business and you help others in doing the same. By doing this, you get a very big market to capture from your home simply by blogging your business.

As a people’s personal outlet your objective is to help other businesses to come online. You do this by helping businesses to register their domain name, then you make their website with the help of Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce and you charge something for that.

This business marketing can be done in two different ways:

  1. Targeting the global
  2. Outreaching the local

Both of the ways have their own side of importance.

Targeting The Global Market

The first way is blogging your business on your domain, it helps you to target the global market. This is a long term plan, not a one day task. It helps you to establish your domain, your identity on the world wide web, and following that it brings you business with progressive passive income.

Passive income means the income which requires little or no effort in earning whereas progressive passive income is when you make little effort to grow your income. In your case, this type of income is built when you keep blogging your business on your domain and make use of Google Adsense to monetize your website.

Outreaching The Local Prospects

The second way works locally, it can be a short term plan which gives a boost to your new business as the income can get big, fast and you can start your earning from the very first day. Here, what you have to do is reach out to the businesses in your neighborhood, in your city and help them to come online.

When you will start outreaching your prospects, you will certainly meet two types of people:

  1. People who were already waiting for your call, message or email
  2. People who were not waiting for your call, message or email

The first kind is the group of people who already know that they have a need of bringing their business online, they already want a website from a good service provider. The reason they are still offline can be anything, maybe no one contacted them before, or the developers who contacted them asked for more money, trust issue, procrastination, etc. You can easily close deals to this type of prospects with a good offer Also keep in mind that these people don’t just want your services, they want a relationship with a person they can talk to and get help from.

The second kind is the group of people still living in the industrial age, even the wakeup call from coronavirus pandemic hasn’t woken them up so just let them sleep, don’t target them personally with calls, messages, and emails, etc. This group should be targetted impersonally with the medium of blogging and advertisements etc. You are already blogging your business to enlighten humanity, so your local efforts should be focussed on the first group of people.

Selling Homemade Products Online With WordPress Ecommerce

If you are a maker, consider selling your products online from your home using your WordPress Ecommerce website.

When you are a maker of your products, you get the power to control all aspects of your items, make them cost-effective and offer them to your audience from your online store, targeting consumer demand in the market simply by blogging your business. WordPress Ecommerce enables you to start selling anything online from your place and you can reach out to new prospects by blogging your business.

Homemade Production Process

Your homemade production process doesn’t have to be enormous especially during the starting phase of your business. You can simply target your neighborhood and when you are ready to scale you may expand in your city by establishing a process of making more products in your home.

You can start the production process easily from your home, just take some time out for it, just as you take some time out from your schedule for watching movies, making phone calls, exercising and yoga, etc.

Make products, click their pictures form your smartphone, and list them for online selling in your WordPress Ecommerce website. Another good advantage for your small business is that you can set a standard delivery time of one week or something and then carry out the production process as you get new orders.

What Homemade Products Can Be Sold Online?

The homemade products that can be sold online can be anything you know how to make. For instance: People are selling candles, pickles, cookies, candies, jam, jelly, dry pasta, chips, noodles, bread, snacks, and similar eatable items, white cement-based flower pots, and other decorative items (there are many YouTube tutorials on this), you can sell plants, arts & crafts, homemade cost-effective jewelry items, sweaters, and homemade clothing items, masks, homemade soaps or anything else you like. For better production and a professional touch, you can search for specific video tutorials on YouTube.

Apart from this, if you are good at cooking then you can also sell breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your locality on pre-booked orders. For-instance: Neighbourhood people may book their breakfast, lunch, or dinner in advance, all you have to do is make extra food, pack it and then let them pick it up from your house gate.

How To Start Your Online Store Website?

Simply register your domain name then subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce, follow the on-screen process and it will take you to your website’s admin panel from there you can add your products and start selling online.

Keep Blogging Your Business

By blogging your business you can promote your products online, Also keep in mind that people don’t just want products, they want a relationship with a person they can talk to and get help from. You can build your trust by addressing your prospects in your posts. You may also ask your existing customers to help you in selling by recommending your products to the people they know, offer them some commission for that.

You may also work as people’s personal outlet by helping others to bring their businesses online, just as you did. Help them in registering their domain name and then you can make their websites with Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce, charge something for that.

You Are Safe Only At Your Home

Safety is your first priority because when you are at risk, your business is at risk, your family and your complete environment is also at risk.

Many states are loosening their stay-at-home policies as they don’t have a workable plan or strategy to run the economy in lockdown or recover from it after lockdowns. This means the businesses will be opening soon, but as the COVID-19 cases are still increasing every day, there’s nothing like coronavirus is gone or going away and you are safe.

Post lockdowns, if not most then many of the businesses are operating in the same old way. Wearing masks, sanitizing the premises, and maintaining social distance cannot be called a new way of doing business. The new way is when you completely leave the old way, the new way is to bring your offline business online and operate from home, the new way is to manage all your business activities on the remote.

Be 100% Sure About Your Safety

Bringing your business online is the best, workable safety measure to implement because you can stay safe only at your home. Any offline business structure can never be called a hundred percent safe and secure.

Offline business models will experience a reduction in sales. At the same time, they will have to comply with the safety and social distancing guidelines, they will have to make new policies to keep their staff and workers safe, provide sanitizers and masks to the team, install partitions between staff and customers, ensure bathrooms are stocked with soaps and disposable towels and make sure every new entry is following all safety guidelines. They will have to manage all these new expenses and work on new management policies at the time when their business is going real down.

Still, they will never be a hundred present sure about their safety loopholes, and every new coughing or sneeze by someone will make them wonder about the spreading COVID-19 infection.

Feel Safe About Yourself, Your Family And Your Business

Hence, it is much better to bring your business online and feel safe about yourself, your family, and your business. If your business type stops you from operating online then make necessary changes to it, adopt new and leave old, pivot in your business and build a new stream of income as people’s personal outlet and do whatever is necessary because now you know what is more important for you.

Design a new structure of your business that can be operated from home, and if some offline activity is necessary then reduce the number of people to work at a given time or limit it to one, this is the big advantage of a small business that most of the things can be managed by an individual himself.

Start By Following Four Fundamentals Of Sangkrit

Start by following Sangkrit’s four fundamentals of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business. To blog your business simply register your domain name, then subscribe to Managed WordPress.

If you are in the selling business then subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce to start selling your services, appointments, products, or anything else in an online store that can be managed from your smartphone. Moreover, you may also extend your WordPress installation to collaborate with your team online and assign important tasks to them.

What To Do When Social Distancing Is Denouncing Your Small Business?

Some businesses are facing a much harder time in finding an online way of doing business to stay out of debt and difficulty. Such businesses include salons & spa businesses, individual barbers, teachers, instructors, event organizers, house management, home care services, individual experts such as plumbers & electricians, etc. The solution for them is to stop waiting for the crisis to end in order to meet clients in person. Instead, they should start coaching people online by blogging their business.

Start Training People Online

For instance, the barbers should get away from grooming and styling other people and start coaching their expertise online simply by blogging their business. The same can be done by artists, yoga instructors, gym and fitness instructors, craftsmen, electricians, plumbers and many other types of self-employed individuals, etc to make people easily learn necessary things or the subjects they are interested in, online from their home simply by following specific blogs.

Blog Your Business

To start a blog all you need is to register your domain name, and subscribe to Managed WordPress to start blogging your expertise. You may also make some video tutorials from your smartphone and embed them in your blog posts via YouTube or VideoPress.

You May Offer Some Paid Content

You may keep most of the content free of cost and make money from Google Adsense (Google it to learn more). Additionally, you may offer some premium content with a detailed set of instructions, videos, and images as paid posts. This can be easily done by installing and activating Pay For Post plugin in your Managed WordPress blog. This can be helpful in generating quick money from your old customers who already admire your services.

Startup As People’s Personal Outlet

The income from your blog might take some time to build up so in the meantime you may pivot in your business and start-up as people’s personal outlet. As a people’s personal outlet you can help other businesses to come online, you can easily do this by using Managed WordPress.

How To Collaborate With Your Team Online From Your Website?

Business communication is a critical requirement that can be effectively managed online from within your WordPress site. If you have a WordPress Website or running an online store with WordPress Ecommerce, you can easily set up an internal communication system to talk to your team and collaborate with them online from your home.

As discussed, you can establish async communication with your customers simply by blogging your business and interacting with them from the comment section after every blog post on your website, this works for public interactions. Apart from this, you can also share private blog posts only visible to your team members to establish internal communication within your website.

Share Private Blog Posts For Internal Communication

This can be done by visiting the ‘Add New’ post screen from the admin panel of your WordPress site, switching to the ‘Document’ menu on the right side followed by clicking ‘Visibility’ under the ‘Status & Visibility’ section. Here you can either set the post to private i.e. visible only to site members or password protected.

Asynchronous communication is the best way of managing your team on the remote. As that doesn’t require both parties to be present online at the same time. A Private & Protected blog post is another example of this. By sharing private posts you can start private discussions between your team members, assign tasks to them, send updates, and make your people focus on given tasks.

Establish A Dedicated Online Communication System

This is another option that can be implemented either by starting a new WordPress site for internal communications or a subdomain-subdirectory based WordPress installation to work on side of your main website.

Once you are subscribed to Managed WordPress or have installed it manually on a subdomain of your website then simply log in to the admin panel to install-activate the P2 theme. Once the theme is activated, you can add new members on your website by visiting Users -> Add New page.

P2 theme transforms any WordPress site into a frontend based live discussion platform as shown in the given screenshot

The theme is installed, users are added, now visit the front-end of your website for posting and interacting with your team members. You may visit Make WordPress Core to see how a P2 implemented remote working system looks like.

Live discussions over the P2 theme are dynamic enough to manage all small and big interactions with your team from within your WordPress site.

What do You need To Change In Your Life Forever?

The working of any system gets tested during the time of crisis. So don’t depend on the industrial age systems as they have failed during this time of crisis. It includes offline businesses, malls, working in the office, schools, colleges, and everything else that encourages the gathering of people.

So What You Need To Do Now?

Simply start by following Sangkrit’s four-fundaments of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business as that prepares you well to stay at home and do business on the remote.

Businesses Must Close Their Office & Startup Online

If you are a business owner then close down your office, bring your business online, blog your business, or start selling online with WordPress Ecommmerce.

Make use of async communication by blogging your business, use live discussions after each blog post, or build an internal communication system on your WordPress site.

The Unemployeds Must Stop Looking For Employment

If you are an unemployed individual then stop looking for employment, instead, switch to home-employment. Start working as a people’s personal outlet and help other businesses to come online.

The Self-Employeds Must Start Blogging Their Skills

If you are self-employed then start blogging your expertise, help people by training them in your blog posts, provide paid guidance on video calls for fixing or installing equipment, etc, take visits only on advance bookings made through your website, and that also by following all necessary measures of social distancing.

The Students Must Stop Following The Institutions Blindly

The present time education system won’t take you anywhere, the scopes in various fields they keep telling you about are in the trashbin of the future.

Following them blindly can pass on the infection to you and then to your family and most importantly if they have already failed in this time of crisis then there’s no need to depend on them for the future, as the working of any system only gets tested during the time of pressure.

So opt for online courses, learn WordPress to make and sell websites from home, blog your business and build domestic entrepreneurship by working as a people’s personal outlet, because bringing every business online is the biggest ongoing business.

Close Down Your Office & Start Working From Home

If face-to-face interaction is the best way to transmit complex business ideas then it is also the best way of transmitting deadly viruses too. Hence, the most responsible decision you can take now is to bring your business online and start working from home. You already have the technology, remote work was in use even before the appearance of SARS-CoV-2.

Start by following Sangkrit’s four fundaments of cleaning your private space, cooking your vegetarian meals, programming your world, and blogging your business as that prepare you fully well to stay at home, build your business online to work on remote.

Working in an office has now many deadly disadvantages as,

  • You are not slowing down the progress of infections in society
  • The office environ makes you, your people, your customers and your family more vulnerable to infection
  • If in-case someone gets infected, the person can more easily pass that on to everybody else

So, you must close down your office and start to work online in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. This is easy, the big businesses of the internet have already done so – Google, Twitter, and Amazon have closed down their offices whereas Automattic, the team behind WordPress uses a distributed system of working from home. If they can do so, you can also.

Simply register your domain name, subscribe to WordPress Basic, or WordPress Ecommerce as per your business requirement to bring your business online and start serving your clients from your home.

Make Money With Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress is best for making and selling websites. It empowers people (including the non-technical ones, who don’t know anything about making a website) to make most types of websites such as informative business websites, blogs, and online stores for selling products or services. So anybody can make use of it to start up from home and help other businesses come online.

Managed WordPress is seamlessly connected to the latest version of WordPress, and all essential services you need such as hosting, security, and backups.

To make a new website, you simply need to register your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress package, it can be

  1. WordPress Basic, Deluxe or Ultimate, depending upon your ambition and budget
  2. WordPress Ecommerce, if you want an easy way of selling your products or services online
  3. WordPress Developer or WordPress Pro, if you want to make and sell multiple WordPress sites from one interface

Once you are subscribed to Managed WordPress, simply visit your Account section, and click ‘Manage’ next to WordPress on your products page. This will take you to a step-by-step tour to finally showing you your WordPress admin panel from where you can add products or content to your website.

This is called your WordPress admin area dashboard. Here, you can add posts, pages, or products (if you are using WordPress Ecommerce) to your website, install an industry-specific theme, and control every aspect of your website.

With Managed WordPress you can build websites for yourself, your clients, no code required, simply by using the admin panel of WordPress and the online support, accessible from your SANGKRIT.net account.

Things Will Get Back To The Normal But The New Normal Is Different

Post-crisis time is the beginning of a new era. Just as the end of world-war-2 had given birth to new norms and ideals, the coronavirus crisis is also putting an end to old ways of doing things. So in order to thrive survive in your business you must study the new demand of consumers, and new ways of doing business. The new consumer is online, the individuals find it safer to work from home so you must establish a new way of doing business and that is bringing your business online and operating it on the remote.

The new way is actually an old way of the internet age, invented years ago, the difference is that most businesses (online or offline) were still using the norms of the industrial age until the coronavirus crisis put an end to their way of doing business. Whereas the norms of internet age which were invented years ago, are already in use by many businesses of the internet and they are not only successful but are unaffected from this time of global crisis. For example – Automattic, the team behind WordPress is completely online, they all work from home and they are operating their business like this since it’s inception.

If you think you cannot work hundred percent remotely because of the nature of your business or whatever then you are still living in the industrial age, and you have very little time left to transition to a distributed online business environment in the wake of the evolving coronavirus crisis.

So simply register your domain name, subscribe to Managed WordPress or WordPress Ecommerce as per your business requirement, and bring your business online. It is that simple, you can do it yourself, you can do it now, and you can do it for others as well to startup as people’s personal outlet and get into the business of helping others to come online.