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Make Use Of Google Freshness Algorithm To Rank Higher On Search

There is a lot of content out there that explains Google’s freshness algorithm and all is complicated. So, in this lesson, we will make you easily understand what exactly Google Freshness Algorithm is and how you can use it to increase your website traffic by ranking higher on search engine results pages.

What Bloggers Should Know About Google Freshness Algorithm?

One thing that you should know about Google Freshness Algorithm is that it states people want search results that are both relevant and recent.

For instance, if somebody is searching for ‘How to write a blog post in WordPress?’, most probably he is searching to write a blog post on the latest WordPress version and not years old version that now nobody uses.

Google Prefers Fresh Content

Google has stated that the change has already impacted about 35% of search queries which means a minimum of one result per page is getting affected and noticeably it has affected approximately 6% to 10% of search queries.

Get Benefitted From Google Freshness Algorithm

Bloggers should understand that Google is now ranking newer blog posts higher than older posts. There is no problem with poetry, literature, and stories blogs but if you are blogging in a niche such as technology, etc then you must keep your blog posts updated and reposted.

Updating Old Blog Posts Is The Solution

You can get benefitted from Google Freshness Algorithm by updating your old outdated posts and then switching their dates.

Managed WordPress users can easily do this from the post edit screen right below the ‘Post’ block. You simply need to click Publish – ‘Immediately’ link and then change the date of your updated blog post. But first, make sure that the content of your blog post is updated. You may also switch the post to draft, update it and then repost it on your website.

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