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How To Detect Your Skype Friends Having Invisible Status On?

Skypedetector.com is a online tool that lets you know which skype friends are hiding themselves from you. With this cloud app you can detect your invisible friends on Skype b y typing in your desired Skype ID and it will find out if he’s hiding or just logged out.

How to detect invisible Skype friends?

  1. Visit Skypedetector.com
  2. Type in your desired Skype ID and click the search button

The app detects real status of Skype users and your privacy is 100% protected, as advertised. The application doesn’t saves or share scanned skype users id.

Easily Download, Install & Use Skype For Ubuntu

Skype uses decentralized peer-to-peer technologies and lets you make calls without letting anything go through a central server, but through distributed servers and other users. It is proprietary software you may use for making calls over the Internet using your computer. The Skype software is free to use, but it is not free software. It is free as a beer, its source code is not available for modification.

By default Skype is not installed on Ubuntu but you may install it by clicking: Install the skype package. You need to Activate the Canonical Partner Repository to install Skype.

OR alternatively you may install it by visiting Ubuntu Software Centre. OR you may install it directly from your terminal. Follow the steps:


Step-1 Open your terminal, type the following command and hit ENTER:

sudo apt-get install libqt4-dbus libqt4-network libqt4-xml libasound2

Step-2 If it asks for password, type password and hit Enter again.

Step-3 Now use the following command for downloading Skype:

  • Skype 32-bit:

wget http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-linux-beta-ubuntu-32 and hit Enter.

  • Skype 64-bit:

wget http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-linux-beta-ubuntu-64 and hit Enter.

Step-4 After you finished downloading, use the following command to install Skype:
sudo dpkg -i getskype-*

Step-5 Now finally to finish installing:
sudo apt-get -f install

That’s all with download and installation. Now open Dash Home, type Skype, open and start using it.

New Formilla Free Live Chat App For WordPress

Formilla.com provides you a free live chat widget plugin called Formilla Live Chat, it allows you to chat with your website visitors, your visitors can ask any questions if they have or when they need any support. It provides you a new clean and user-friendly interface. Core plugin features of the plugin allows you to:

  • Begin live chat immediately. Live chat button appears on your WordPress site upon installation/activation of this plugin.
  • You can use your favorite live chat client as long as it works with Google Talk (e.g. Pidgin, Trillian, IMO, etc.) or Skype
  • You can respond to chats on the go using your iPhone, Android, or any smart phone live chat client supporting Google Talk or Skype.
  • Enable proactive chat, provides you multiple customizations, ability to setup your hours of operation, appear available or unavailable.
  •  You can add multiple users and support incoming live chats from your customers, displays an ‘Email us’ button on your site when you’re offline. And you can manage offline messages through customer inbox.
  • Keep chat history and offline emails, search from your live chat history or offline emails by customer email address, priority, status (new, read, pending, complete), flagged vs. unflagged, and also assign an item to another user of your Formilla.com Live Chat account.
  • Export your customers’ live chat email addresses to construct email marketing campaigns via your preferred tool.
  • Respond to offline email submissions directly from the Formilla.com Live Chat customer inbox.
  • Forward offline email submissions from your customers to other departments or staff directly from the Formilla.com Live Chat customer inbox.
  • Add private comments to any live chat historical record in your Formilla.com Live Chat customer inbox
  • Inbox includes the customer’s technical details such as operating system, browser, screen resolution, custom variables, etc.

How To SetUp Formilla Live Chat Plugin In WordPress?

Start by installing and activating Formilla Live Chat plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Formilla Chat and SignUp using the form given there. It just takes some minutes to setup your first live chat widget and get it on and running. After you finish registration process, your live chat widget is instantly generated and becomes available on your website for your customers to chat with you.

Formilla Live Chat page integrated within wordpress where you’ll receive and respond to chats.

Chat widget installed on your wordpress site upon activation of Formilla.com Live Chat plugin.

Chat Customer Inbox. View chat history, search and respond to offline email submissions, etc.

Configure options for your chat widget such as proactive chat, hours of operation, and email notifications.

For further usage questions refer to this link.

Top 3 WordPress Widget Plugins For Displaying Links To Social Media Profiles

Here are three best and very popular WordPress widget plugins that allows you to display links to your social media profiles.

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