The World’s Highest Payout Developer Marketplace

Marketplaces selling digital assets have been around for over a decade, so why we are taking time to write about this new developer marketplace that the programmers over at Never Settle are building?
Because they are addressing many user needs that are still outstanding and focusing on a niche vertical of quality code based products.  The Market is going to be a plugin, theme, and code marketplace built for developers rewarding quality and excellence.

The World's Highest Payout Developer Marketplace 3

One of the largest problems with the existing code and software marketplaces available today is the wide range in quality of products available to the end user.  In cases where the end user buys something not of great quality they lose confidence in that marketplace most likely not returning despite missing out on finding products and code written by high caliber developers in that same market. One of the challenges facing developers considering this route for generating income is the amount of royalties and fees they will have to pay to have their code and products in the market. The big question they have to figure out is ‘will this extra exposure justify the commission amount I lose in my fees to the marketplace’.

Never Settle is planning to address both of those issues as well as many others.  Kenn Kelly a co-founder of Never Settle explains that “One of the things we consistently find is that developers in the marketplaces today do not have a lot of incentives to create high caliber products. We have been looking for ways to incentivize them not only to reward the hard work they put in, but because we believe if we can create a high demand for higher quality products, those same developers will create even better products in the future that will make our world a better place. Innovation is already at an all time high, it’s motivation that we need to build to help tackle some of the worlds big global issues.” In that same vein Never Settle is giving away 5% of all sales through the Market to a non-profit of the buyers choice, another thing that makes this new market unique.

How the payout structure works:

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  • Simple payout structure from day 1, no time, volume, or revenue requirements
  • 80% of the sale goes to the developer
  • 5% goes to the referrer which can also be the developer
  • 5% goes to a non-profit of the users choice
  • 10% goes to the market for overhead

Currently the market is focusing on these products and technologies and based on user feedback will potentially break into other arenas as well:

  • WordPress Plugins & Themes
  • Joomla Plugins & Themes
  • Drupal Plugins & Themes
  • Other CMS Plugins
  • JQuery Plugins and Widgets
  • PHP Plugins and Products
  • JavaScript Plugins and Products


The Market is currently taking applications from developers with experience in those technologies here: Developer Marketplace.

As mentioned one of the differentiators for Never Settle is having a standard level of quality for everyone in the market.  This allows buyers to purchase with confidence in quality regardless of the developer, and allows developers of caliber to not be diluted by those that don’t take as much time and nurture to their products as those that do.  The other thing that is an important part of The Market is that it’s being built for developers by developers.  Never Settle has coined the phrase “a developers playground”.  So when you apply to be part of the market the only other question you answer besides providing links to previous work, is providing feedback into the features you want built into the marketplace and feedback you have for the team at Never Settle. The team over there is committed to Lean culture and processes and are fanatic about user feedback, making pivots, and learning – while building a product not after.

There is a ton more, so be sure to check out the market, apply if your background is in one of those technologies, and absolutely be sure to tell them what is most important to you as a developer.

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