Slax OS: Fast, Lightweight, Portable Pocket Linux In Modern KDE Interface & Outstanding Design

Slax is a fast, modern, lightweight, live boot free operating system with a modular approach and outstanding layout and style. It is small in size but still it provides you a wide range of pre-installed software useful for everyday use. It includes a well organized GUI (Graphical user interface) and recovery tools. Other than this it also provides you various modules you can download if you are missing any specific feature. For Example: If any networking tool or game is missing you can download its module with the software and copy it to your Slax OS without running any installation or setting up any configuration settings.

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How to use Slax OS on your computer?

Slax comes in more than 50 languages and with translations, keyboard mappings, fonts and system settings. For downloading Slax OS visit to its download page here, select your preferred download and save it ISO file to your hard-drive.

After the download finishes, you will be needing to burn the ISO image file to CD/DVD or to a USB stick. Burn it like other ISO files. You can write it to a USB flash drive so you can boot Slax OS from it. There are two main programs that lets you do this: UNetBootIn, is a cross-platform and another one is Linux Live USB Creator, it is only for Windows users.

If you are using Ubuntu then you may refer to following tutorials for burning ISO:

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