How To Easily Install Android On Your Laptop?

The tutorial is about installing Android on your laptop. This is possible for average Linux users and you can do it yourself without any coding skills required.

To Start, first thing you need to do get latest Android download so refer to Androidx86 project download page, Lookup for section RC 1 and download Android ISO for your laptop/tablet or netbook ISO and as you can see there are a few options available:

android download

Second step is to copy it to a flash drive. You have the ISO file and now its time to write it on a USB drive so that you can boot from it on your laptop.

You can create a flash drive by using UNetBootIn, it is an open source cross platform app about which we have already discussed. If you are using Ubuntu Linux the refer to its tutorial we posted before other wise you may install it on Windows, MAC etc by refering to its webpage here. Windows users can also use Linux Live USB Creator, best for windows users.

Copy the contents of the ISO to a flash drive, unlike to other ISOs, this can be done in just 1 GB USB drive.

Finally, Third step is to boot your laptop on USB. Put your USB and boot your laptop from USB drive and follow/select from on screen instructions.

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It provides you various options for partitioning, dual-botting etc. Check out the Androidx86 installation guide here.

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