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How To Use Separate Themes On Different Pages In WordPress?

You can assign a separate theme on home, posts, search, archive and other pages of your WordPress site.

In this lesson, you will learn how easily you can get control over the look and feel of your website by assigning different themes to different areas of your website.

Simply navigate to your admin area dashboard to find and install Multiple Themes plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Appearance -> Manage Themes page to assign different themes over different sections of your website.

The plugin will enable you to choose

  1. A Theme for All Posts
  2. A Theme for All Pages
  3. A Theme for Site Home
  4. A Theme for an Individual Post
  5. A Theme for an Individual Page
  6. A Theme for Selective Archive Page
  7. A Theme for Selective Search Pages, Terms, and more

The plugin enables you to choose a different theme for everything and override the active WordPress theme on your website.

Updating WordPress Theme Options

Now the question arises how you would be able to change the theme options for any theme you want? Well that is possible, you will find the complete process in this lesson.

The plugin doesn’t changes the active WordPress theme on your website. Instead, it works by dynamically overriding the settings on the pages and sections selected by you.

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