How To Activate Separate Themes In Different Frontent Areas Of WordPress ?

You can use a separate theme in your site Home Page, Individual Posts & Pages, Post & Page Archives and other non-admin areas of your WordPress based website. Earlier we discussed about a WordPress plugin that allows you to assign a custom theme to individual posts and pages.

Now this tutorial is on a more powerful plugin that gives you a lost more controls for assigning various themes in different areas of your WordPress site and the best thing is that you can control every theme display from one admin page.

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First install and activate jonradio Multiple Themes. After activation visit your admin area Dashboad -> Appearance -> Manage Themes Plugin page and here you can assign different themes all over your website.

It allows you to add following selections from its admin page:

  1. Select Theme for All Posts
  2. Select Theme for All Pages
  3. Select Theme for Site Home
  4. Select Theme for Individual Post or Page simply by entering their URL of Page, Post, Prefix or other and choosing a theme from dropdown box
  5. Select Theme for Everything, to Override WordPress Current Theme

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