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Starting A Reddit & Hacker News Type Website In Minutes At SANGKRIT.net

Reddit is a social news website where users can submit links or text content under various categories whereas others can read content, comment and can vote on submissions “up” or “down” to organize the posts and determine their position on site’s pages.

On the other hand Hacker News is another popular news submission website with same type of functionality but mainly focuses on computer science and entrepreneurship.

In this lesson you will learn how to start such type of website easily on your domain name.  Continue reading Starting A Reddit & Hacker News Type Website In Minutes At SANGKRIT.net

Enable Link Previews On Reddit And Hacker News

Reddit and Hacker News are most simple but popular news websites managed by Internet users. Any one can submit links and news there which are then displayed in a very simple layout.

In this article we will show you how Reddit and Hacker News users can spice up things on their Google Chrome or Chromium browsers.

Continue reading Enable Link Previews On Reddit And Hacker News

HackerTray: Bring Hacker News To Your Ubuntu Linux Menu Bar

HackerTray, a free Linux app programmed with Python2 (inspired from Hacker Bar) simply brings Hacker News to your Linux menu bar. It is yet not compatible with all Linux systems but works really nice with Ubuntu. Following screenshot explains everything pretty well about how it works on your Ubuntu desktop. So now we are starting with its installation and upgrade process etc.


How to install HackerTray?

Open your Linux Terminal and use the following commands to install:

sudo pip install hackertray
sudo easy_install hackertray
#Download Source and cd to it
sudo python setup.py install

Now you can run hackertray from anywhere. Other than this you can now add it to your OS dependent session autostart method.

If you are a Ubuntu user then you can access it from:

  1. System > Preferences > Sessions
  2. System > Preferences > Startup Applications

Depending upon your Ubuntu Linux Version. Or simply put it in ~/.config/openbox/autostart if you are running OpenBox. Here you can see how the configuration should look like in Ubuntu and its derivatives.

How to upgrade HackerTray?

The latest stable version is always available on pip. You can check which version you have installed with pip freeze | grep hackertray.

To upgrade, run pip install -U hackertray.

In some cases (Ubuntu), you might need to clear the pip cache before upgrading:

sudo rm -rf /tmp/pip-build-root/hackertray