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How To Know Whether Email Is Seen By The Receiver?

Now you can easily know whenever your email message is seen by the receiver. By using a simple browser addon you can enable tracking and get notification for seen emails.

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How To Instantly Redesign Popular Google Services?

Google Redesigned is a free application available for Google Chrome & Firefox users. The extension completely redesigns all popular Google services soon after the activation. So if you are bored of default Google appearance then just add it on your web browser and the extension will automatically be redesigning your Google appearance. The extension has been appreciated by thousands of its users. The functionality is achieved by using custom CSS files which are loaded on your web browser as soon you install this extension, it provides you auto-updates, easy management and notifications for new updates.

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How To Quickly Convert Any Webpage InTo PDF ?

You can very easily convert any webpage into downloadable PDF file without disturbing its look, layout, attached images and symetry. You can save it to your computer’s hard-drive for further reading or sharing etc

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How To Easily Find Alternatives Of Any Website Across Internet ?

SimilarSites.Com is a free service that allows you to find websites similar to given website. Simply visit its home page, type the website name, press ENTER and it will show up alternatives to that website.

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How To Customize The Default Look Of Mozilla Firefox ?

Now easily customize the look of Firefox. You can pick from a number of button, tab, icon, and text field styles, change the color of your tabs, toolbars and buttons, change width and height of tabs to your preference and also you can change the default behaviour like disabling the conditional forward button, tabs in the title bar and much more using Stratiform.

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Best Free FTP Client For Mozilla Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox then FireFTP is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP/SFTP client available for you. It provides easy and intuitive access to FTP/SFTP servers.


  1. Directory comparison
  2. SFTP, SSL encryption
  3. Quick transfer of files
  4. 4GB Download Limit
  5. Syncing directories
  6. Integrity checks
  7. Search/filtering
  8. Remote editing
  9. File hashing
  10. Drag & drop

Home page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/684


Firefox 16 Now Supports HTML5 getUserMedia

Firefox 16 now supports HTML5 getUserMedia. It enables access to webcam without any plugins.

There is an entry in about:config, set that to true. In case you need to add a new entry then:

  • open about:config
  • Right click any entry.
  • Select ‘New‘ >> ‘Boolean

Add the following entry and set it true:


Remember to define callback methods right within the getUserMedia() method as shown below:

function successCallback(stream) {
// Replace source of video element with stream from camera
if(navigator.getUserMedia==navigator.mozGetUserMedia) {
video.src = stream;
} else {
video.src = window.URL.createObjectURL(stream) || stream;

function errorCallback(error) {
console.error(‘An error occurred: [CODE ‘ + error.code + ‘]’);

It won’t works in-case you defined it elsewhere. No need to use CreateObjectURL to pass the stream the video element. Pass the stream directly. video.src=stream

Paul Rouget of Mozilla, created a video tutorial demonstrating HTML5 getUserMedia:


Introducing Mozilla Persona An Identity System For The Web

Mozilla Introduced Mozilla Persona An Identity System For The Web with three newly updated features:

A Better Way To Sign In:  Improved way of signing in to your websites. Instead of managing multiple usernames and passwords across your favorite sites and devices, you get more time to do the useful stuff.

You Own Your Data: Many sign-ins carry your profile data and some even share that info with other sites and social networks. Persona lets you get started with only your email address and you get the option to add profile data later on where you think it’s appropriate.

Ease for publishers: Enabling Browser ID, the underlying Persona technology, on your site only takes a few lines of code and helps build good relationships by providing users with a trusted sign-in option.

You may also try it yourself, visit here.

Also Check Personas Themes in Firefox here.