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Selling Software As Proprietary Service Is Equally Bad As Selling Software As Proprietary Product Is

It is important to keep all the diversity intact upon the Internet. Therefore the best of hackers must always be living responsibly well without ever submitting to the wage slavery of limited liability corporations. Independence of hackathon has not become less important in the Internet age. 

Continuously consolidating the commonwealth of codebases for selling free software support as an hourly paid independent service to domain registrants is the best way ahead. Selling software as proprietary service is equally bad as selling software as proprietary product is.

Men must always be men, authoring their own device drivers. Even android could also get replicated as free software in such a way.

How To Use GIMP (Free Alternative For Adobe Photoshop) On Cloud?

GIMP is a free software, works as an alternative for Adope Photoshop and is widely popular among Linux users. But now you can use it from any operating system, even from Android or Chromebook by using it online via rollApp cloud service. GIMP on rollApp, simply lets you use GIMP in your browser from any other device and there’s no need of downloading or installing any software or browser addon etc. It is an EXPERIMENTAL RELEASE but you can easily start and enjoy online experience of GIMP.

To start, visit its home page at Rollapp.com/start/gimp and then Sign in to Open, Edit and Save Files. You can sign in using your Google, Facebook, Yahoo or Twitter account credentials.

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Make Your Webcam Useful: Take Pictures, Add Effects, Create Colleges & More

Pixect.com is an awesome webservice that lets you click pictures online using web camera and then you can easily add amazing fun effects to them. It provides you dozens of real-time effects and multiple capture modes so that you can quickly apply digital effects to photos online and then  save those photos to your hard drive.

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Advanced Cloud Text Editor With Multi-Language Speech Recogniser

Dictanote.co is an advanced Rich Text Editor with Multi-Language Speech Recogniser. You can add it in your Google Chrome browser and start using its advanced rich text editor with inbuilt powerful speech recogniser features. It provides you faster and much improved speech recognition engine which which you can actually write much faster than your normal typing.

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Viewster To Watch Free Movies On Cloud, No SignUp Required

VIEWSTER is a free cloud video on demand service that provides you an awesome selection of up-to-date movies, series and also star interviews. Everything is easily viewable from anywhere at any time on up to five different devices of your choice. You can also login to VIEWSTER.com right from your internet connected TV, BluRay, Tablet or from your smart phone and then choose a movie and and press the play button.

viewster - 2

Some of its main features are:

  1. Free Video-on-demand application
  2. Free to watch movies, TV shows and clips
  3. Easy-to-use interface for fast and smart browsing
  4. Newly released shows, movies, interviews etc are added continuously
  5. Genres: action, comedy, horror, thriller, romance, drama, classics, western
  6. Provides you movies app for your Chrome web browser and also for Android, WebOS, AppStore, bada.
  7. Categories: Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, independent movies, Oscar award winning movies, Golden Globe award winning movies, German movies
  8. Top quality minority content: Turkish Movies, Russian Movies and Arabic movies and drama shows

viewster -1

Rollip: Give New Interesting Effects To Your Photos For Free

Rollip.com is a free cloud service that allows you to give quick and easy photo effects. Simply visit its website rollip.com/start/ upload your photos and start giving effect in easy clicks. You can easily give any digital photo a complete new look and feel by using the high-quality filters ranging from 70’s vintage to other modern ones.

You can easily try it with one image and then you will probably be ending up processing your entire photo collection. The application works like your own private Instagram but with many more effects. You can easily start with it in just a minute and all your images look more interesting and cool.

Box: Another Web Service Providing 10GB Of FREE Cloud Storage

Box provides you free 10 GB cloud storage and makes it easy for you to access and edit files, share content, and stay connected with your team from anywhere on any device. It works with your Google Account. You can install it its Chrome App from Web Store. First it asks you to provide required permissions and then you create your Box account passwords and you are redirected to your Box cloud accountwhere you can use your space, manage your files etc.

Important Feature:

  1. Put any kind of file online, then share it with just a link
  2. Invite others to share an entire folder of files
  3. Collaborate via comments and task to get things done
  4. Get Box Sync to keep your computer files synced to the cloud
  5. Take your files on the go with Box for Mobile for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows
  6. Plus, Box OneCloud is our ecosystem of apps where you can annotate, e-sign and do more with your favorite productivity apps.
  7. With Box OneCloud apps, you can open and edit Box files with other apps installed on your device
  8. Save content directly to Box from more than 50+ compatible apps

Organize Your Web World By Creating Topics, Pages With Photos, Videos, Tweets, Documents & More

Organize your world of web. Create categories and topic pages including photos, videos, sharings like tweets and also documents to keep your online life well organized and share anything with anyone at anytime.

This article is on a bookmarking cloud web service called Bundlr.com. You can start simply signing in with Facebook, Google or Twitter. Bundlr is build for online curation: clipping, aggregation and sharing web content easily. Using this cloud service you can cover real-time news, wrap up an event or build a page with the most relevant content on your favorite topic.

You may bookmark the service or install its chrome bookmarklet from web store. Other than from its homepage you can install other bookmarklets like may be if you are Android user or iTunes etc.

Using Bundlr browser button, you can clip content while web browsing and each bundle has its own public webpage which you can share with everyone.

How To Detect Your Skype Friends Having Invisible Status On?

Skypedetector.com is a online tool that lets you know which skype friends are hiding themselves from you. With this cloud app you can detect your invisible friends on Skype b y typing in your desired Skype ID and it will find out if he’s hiding or just logged out.

How to detect invisible Skype friends?

  1. Visit Skypedetector.com
  2. Type in your desired Skype ID and click the search button

The app detects real status of Skype users and your privacy is 100% protected, as advertised. The application doesn’t saves or share scanned skype users id.

Control & Use All Your Android Devices From Any Web Browser

AirDroid is a powerful but free cloud app that allows you to manage all your Android devices right from a web browser, your chromebook, from anywhere, from any web browser, all over the air. The application provides you complete control over your Android devices and best part is Desktop SMS that lest you easily Send & receive SMS right from your computer, you can type SMS using your keyboard giving your complete comfort with faster typing and navigation with the full keyboard and large screen.

Other features allows you to manage Files and Media. You can move photos, videos, ringtones and any other files on and off Android, all without a USB cable.

You can manage your Phone Calls, Clipboard , URL transfer. Make Calls, Contact, Share Clipboard Content across devices, push URL to Android and there are more features awaiting for you to discover them.

How to use AirDroid to manage all your Android devices from a web browser?

Step-1 First thing you need to do is visit http://web.airdroid.com/ and sign up your account. You may signup using your Facebook, Google etc accounts too. After you signup you will see a Android Home like desktop showing up in your web browser window.


Step-2 Now you may connect your Android devices. Install AirDroid App from Google Play, click sign-in button and login with the same account and your device will be connected.

AirDroid 2

You can Manage your Android Apps, gets to easy app search, installation and apk export. You can see through the lens of your Android camera, front and back. Or stream the screen of your Android in nearly real-time.

Not only this much but even you can find the location of your phone. Yes you can locate and lock your Android from any browser in-case if it’s lost. Also you can wipe all its data remotely.

Pearl Tree: Elegant Visual Tool To Mind Map Stuff Across Internet

Pearltrees is an awesome cloud service good to mind map links. It is a place where you can collect, organize and share everything you like on the world wide web. It is a free webservice where you can share all your interests in one place. It provides you easy visual interface and its community lets you discover amazing stuff related to your interests and passions


  1. Have everything you like at your fingertips all the time
  2. Access your pearltrees from anywhere: desktops, tablets and smartphones
  3. Keep everything you like: web pages, photos and notes from any app
  4. Browse your favorite things blazingly fast
  5. Discover interesting new stuff in your areas of interest
  6. Collaborate on your favorite topics
  7. Share all of this!

Cloud Based7 Minute Workout Assistant For Geeks To Stay Fit

How many hours a you spend working on your computer machine. No matter whether you’re blogging, programming, reading or playing game. You’re probably not moving enough but that doesn’t mean staying fit at your desk is impossible. Don’t let your lifestyle be the boss. You can keep yourself fit, healthy and strong.

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Automatically & Effortlessly Backup All Your Android Device Data To Secure Cloud Via G Cloud Backup Service

Using G Cloud Backup Service you can automatically backup all you important data like call log, contacts, messages, pictures, videos, music and documents etc to a secured cloud location. It provides you up to 8 GB Free cloud space and it works on its own so you don’t have to worry about running or scheduling your backup process.

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IP Blacklist Cloud To Block IPs And Spamming Usernames From Visiting Your WordPress Site

IP Blacklist Cloud is an easy way of blacklisting IPs and Usernames which spamming on your WordPress site. You can easily block selected IPs in just a click, you can manage your blacklist and even you can use export & import feature to add your IP blacklist to any other website you administer.

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How To Display WordPress.Com Like Tag Cloud In Your WordPress Posts & Pages ?

WordPress.Com’s Hot Topics Page displays a full page cloud of popular tags. Now you can display same kind of Tag and Post Archive Cloud in your self-hosted WordPress blog pages or posts by using new WordPress plugin called Post Tags and Archives.

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Beautiful Tabbed Widget For Displaying Most Commented And Most Viewed Posts In WordPress

There many WordPress plugins you can use for displaying most commented or most viewed WordPress blog posts as sidebar widget. But, in this article we are discussing about a tabbed widget plugin that lets you show most commented, most viewed, tags and more at the same time using different widget tabs as shown in the given screenshot.

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Top 5 WordPress Plugins For Freelancers. Invoice And Billing Is Free And Easy Now

There are many web utilities that offers you invoice services, invoice is really very important if your are running a freelancing website. If you want to do it free then do it on WordPress, there are many free plugin already available in WordPress plugin repository that allows you to manage invoice and billing in your WordPress based website.

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