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Managing Ports On Your Server, Nydus & Port 2224

For a server to function smoothly, port 2224 is kept open by default during its provisioning time.

But at the same time, if your VPS or dedicated server affairs don’t complete due to the reason of a blocked port 2224, you can unblock it and try again after a few minutes.

On Windows servers, you can use the Windows Defender Firewall for unblocking the port. And for Linux servers, the steps are given below.

For unblocking ports on a Linux server you can use firewallD. In case you use a different firewall utility, you will need to change the given sample code.

First of all, connect your server via SSH and then run the following command:

sudo firewall-cmd –permanent –zone=public –add-port=2224/tcp

Followed by these commands:

sudo firewall-cmd –reload

sudo firewall-cmd –list-ports

These two commands are for confirming the ports are cleared i.e. unblocked.

Next, What is Nydus?

It refers to a pair of agent applications (nydus-ex and nydus-ex-api) that functions on your dedicated server and communicates with your server dashboard.

They provide resource metrics and perform the server functions that you’ve requested. The agent listens on port 2224.

Since the server dashboard and its upgrades are dependent on Nydus, so blocking port 2224 – or removing Nydus from your server will stop these features.

In a case, if you accidentally or knowingly remove the Nydus components, you are required to restore them from a backup that you have taken before. If you don’t have a backup, you will need to rebuild your server.

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