How To Create & Export Photo Slideshows As Video Files In Ubuntu?

Videoporama is available both for Linux & Windows. It is a free software you can use for creating videos or slideshow videos from images. It is mainly designed to make image slideshow and export them as video files.

How To Install Videoporama In Ubuntu?

You can easily install it on your Ubuntu Linux, open your terminal and run following command.

sudo apt-get install videoporama

Videoporama 1

Enter password wherever requires and after the installing completes you can access it by typing Videoporama from Ubuntu Dash Home Search. Read its online documentation guide here.

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  • With or without transitions between images.
  • Image geometries: 4:3 or 16:9.
  • Display time is set image by image.
  • Transition type is defined image by image.
  • Add a sound to slideshow (wav, ogg ou mp3).
  • Output in PAL (720×576), NTSC (720×480), SECAM (720×576), Web (384×288), HD 720 (1280×720) or HD 1080 (1920×1080).
  • Output file format : Raw dv (.dv), AVI (codec dv), MPEG (VCD, SVCD et DVD), FLV (Flash video format) and H264 (MPEG4 part 10 AVC).
  • Add a background image (For images which are in portrait) or add a background color. (Notice : The image should have the same geometry than the other images.

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