How To Use Common Gateway Interface (CGI) In Your Hosting Account?

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) extends the capabilities of your Web server to make your website communicate with other application or script.

These programs are common on Web servers to interact dynamically with users. Many forms containing web pages use a CGI program for processing the data from the form.

CGI service at supports server-side includes, form handlers, and the hit counters.

Uploading your CGI scripts and applications

You can upload server-side scripts and executables to any directory on your website as these are not restricted to run only in the cgi directory. These scripts and executables can be any files having the following extensions: .cgi, .pl, and .py. Use 705 or 755 permissions in order to make CGI scripts work perfectly.

In case of CGI directory located on your hosting account is reserved only for CGI scripts. So do not upload the HTML file that has your Web form into this specific directory.

Base CGI language support all Linux hosting accounts at, includes the following:

  • PHP (v 4.3.11 & 5.1.2)
  • Python (v 2.3 & 2.4)
  • PERL (v 5.8.0)

Applications coded in compiled languages such as C++ are not supported unless they are compiled specifically to run under the Linux operating system. For any help you may directly connect with the system support here or use the following comment form.

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