Grow Your Business With Individual Prospecting

Individual prospecting as a people’s personal outlet means reaching out to the people and strengthening them to work as your outlet. It lets you quickly begin your business and make it run on auto-pilot by massively home-employing people.

You can do this by –

  1. Offering an easy home-employment to individuals
  2. Offering businesses to build a second stream of income

You may start with the people and businesses you already know. This may include the people you are connected to and businesses you have been a client of.

Whenever you find some person or business, simply give them an offer to send you referrers and get paid from the profit of each order they bring.

There are many small businesses that don’t want a website to expand their consumer base as they are already occupied with customers and they don’t want to grow or attract more clients. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to make more money, they want, the only thing is they are not prepared for the expansion of their old business. So instead of trying to convince them to bring their business online and get themselves in the event that is necessary for survival in the near future, you should simply recruit them to work as your outlet and encourage them to make easy money from each order they send or each prospect they convince.

When some of your outlet makes a sale, both of you receive a percentage of profit. The bigger chain of outlets you have, the more profit you will make. 

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