How To Assign Programmers To Develop Your Website On Your Web Hosting Account? enables all its outlets and account holders to get help from other outlets, assign programmers to develop website or resolve technical issues on any webhosting account by allowing account owners to give limited level-wise access to other account holders.

To assign someone help you technically or develop your website/app on your hosting account you simply need to offer him a delegate access.

Login to your account, click MY ACCOUNT on menu bar. Click the dropdown option on the top right corner of your screen showing your name.

Click Account settings, scroll down and then click Delegate Access.

In the ‘People who can access my account’ box, click GRANT ACCESS then type name and email of the person you like to provide access to, select the access level and click INVITE button.

This will send an email invitation to the person you want to access your account and manage all technical stuff. This way you can take help from other outlets, assign a programmer to work for you by purchasing programming power from or assign someone to purchase products on your behalf.

One can invite anybody via email but the access will be given only if the invitee signs-up for his separate account or already owns one.

How it works? Once you invite someone by entering his email, he receives an email with a link to accept invitation, the links prompts the invitee to login or create a new account and then click a button to confirm invitation request.

Once you’ve given an access to another account, the person can only open and manage the account products, safely. This does not let him to change or access your account information and other settings.

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