How A Billion Dollar Idea Comes In A Mind?

First of all, to make you succeed in business, your purpose must become greater than yourself. Sangkrit provides such a purpose. Simply proceed into his all-inclusive execution.

Once equipped with his core pupose that is indeed greater than everyone around, you watch humankind and assess all their lives to deduct how billions could be doing any better. Thus you pick your disrupt to startup.

Resolving that technologically could become your billion dollar idea. Technologically reinventing any human behaviour by registering a domain name to monopolise over a dedicated server works just like that.

You must not overestimate any individuals while doing so as overestimating any individuals causes your catastrophe.

Do not delay in registering all possible domain names to globally own your this billion dollar idea forever. Sangkrit has made this secret of inception simplest as that.

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