Make Everything Happen Personally On Smartphone

Help everyone work as a people’s personal outlet to make everything work as a personal app.

The public life is almost ready to be upgraded as per the smartphone stage of Internet age. Ongoing pandemic has made this the most urgent matter of public security across all the countries alike.

Nothing should remain social anymore

Maintaining adequate social distancing has now become the most essential for the survival of humankind. Considering that everything must change immediately without a doubt anymore.

Now there is no need of unnecessarily congregating all the people anywhere for accomplishing any task. Nothing should remain social anymore except for the enhancing human cooperation with adequate social distancing everywhere.

Likewise even the marriage must not remain a social affair anymore. It was a primitive way of seeking social recognition that is no more valid.

Everything must become very personal

The marriage is now possible very personally via the smartphones of bride and groom. Any witnesses are also not necessary for its registration anywhere but necessary legislation in this regard is necessary everywhere.

The elections can also occur in such a manner. That is to be much cheaper on public exchequer and far better for everyone involved.

Through this smartphone stage of internet age, the governments must legislate to let everything happen personally for everyone over the smartphone only. Independent programmers must accelerate everything in that direction itself.

Let us meet only over personal apps

The networking enabled personal app from can do all that. Email to for any necessary support in this regard.

There is a wonderful way of implementing the Internet in a peer to peer protocol. Help everyone work as a people’s personal outlet to make everything work as a personal app.

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