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Mother Holds All The Powers To Reinvent The Humankind

Everywhere, without discrimniating on the basis of a gender, mothers must introduce all their children alike into all the household chores during day-to-day lives. This is essential with the begining of every upbringing to keep family folks ever happily together.

Not to raise the monsters anymore

Simply by giving necessary lessons in daily household chores while upbringing their sons in particular, mothers must take a caution for not to raise the monsters anymore.

Since the motherhood initially formats the mindset of the children so a mother holds all the powers to reinvent the humankind.

Practicing the first fundamental is a must

At every house of Sangkrit, everyday begins with everybody -without any exception- getting involved in cleaning the house. Thereafter everybody gets involved in cooking for preparing their brunch. So that they enjoy their meals to rest a while before to begin any programming or blogging.

Practicing above four fundamentals in such a way, forms a Sangkrit household and cleaning is the first so foremost of the four fundamentals practiced by everyone alike in a house of Sangkrit.

Electing Women Into Executive Positions

Sangkrit insists for a future; conserving local naturalness everywhere with women owning the houses, not just cooking traditional dishes in the family but making their languages prevail as mother tounge by getting elected into every executive position for holding the motherland independent; since throughout the past mostly women were made to suffer the most.

Now; when independent people can themselves legislate and elect public representatives into executive positions instead of assigning them any legislative roles; women must get made ready to lead into every executive role like that through this smartphone stage of internet age.

Sangkrit works for that. So that becomes the way of unleashing a direct democracy everywhere without coming in conflict with any of the ruling leadership anywhere since facilitating for that kind of a radical transformation would place their very names into unparallelled eternal eminence. They just cannot be doing anything better for themselves as well.

Legally treating the marriage as mere a mutual understanding about living together; considering the pregnancy as individual right of only women; will pave the way of actual independence of women. Executing the program of Sangkrit as made explicit at the homepage of Sangkrit.org is the only real respectable route for all the women across all the countries alike.

Sangkrit Is The First And Final Saviour Of Women

Women must get determined not to marry a man who is not practicing & promoting four fundamentals of cleaning, cooking, programming & blogging. Moreover they must get determined to raise their children only in this fashion for determining their freedom forever.

Women are hosting humanity since eternity. They do so by having motherhood. That is how they can determine their future as well upon getting themselves determined.

Nothing liberates women as practicing & promoting four fundamentals of Sangkrit does while pursuing the core fundamental of Sangkrit equally emancipates them. Women can not ever get freed without all that.

So they must make this universally succeed since Sangkrit is their such an only saviour in this world. That is how they become truly free women just by becoming the torch bearers of Sangkrit.