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Manage Diversity With A Direct Democracy

People using the smarphones become themselves also smart. They cannot be continued getting governed by the outdated substandards. Thus your future is almost destined to occur.

Minimising many chances of any public unrest, a Swiss style direct democracy may better be managing all human diversity along with conserving the local naturalness everywhere. Managing immigration with a national integration along with business-wise enhancing international cooperation with a neutrality in every other respect may complement that.

Politicians facilitating for that may get glorified in the final chapters of the political history of their respective countries. Smartphone stage of the internet age is already fast equipping almost all the peoples for implementing a direct democracy everywhere. That is going to be workable at very large scale also just like the internet works via smartphones.

Uphold Two Intertwined Essentials While Further Developing Any Civilization

Sangkrit insists for upholding two intertwined essentials while further developing any civilisation.

1. Conserving local naturalness everywhere

2. Everyone respecting human diversity

Respecting human diversity is what makes modern humankind. Conserving local naturalness everywhere is a must part of this practice. Thus conserving local naturalness everywhere doesn’t come into a conflict with everyone respecting human diversity.

Anyone upholding own naturalness cannot ever be disrespectful for human diversity. Conserving local naturalness everywhere along with everyone respecting human diversity is essential for peace and progress on planet Earth.