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Let The True Faith Become A Fashion Forever

It is not over yet. Unprecedented pandemic is still killing people everywhere. From superstitions to politics everything has failed while Science is struggling hard to find a survival route through vaccinations. Untouchability with social distancing is to be followed forever.

Sangkrit has been one and the only saviour around through these pandemic times with his four fundamentals still saving the world. So the wisest believe in Sangkrit and Sangkrit keeps their faith intact. Let the true faith become a fashion forever. So that everyone else also not suffer unnecessary pain, misery or torture.

Ego activates humankind and individual self-interest motivates. Thus life fulfills a natural reason of upgrading human genome via experiencing everything throughout the life-time. This becomes confusing and tormenting only when the individual purpose is somehow fragile as that leads into pain, misery and torture. 

That is why you; having faith in Sangkrit; should be living only an eternal purpose, treating everything else; whichever does not serve your purpose of life; as unimportant. Thus you experience only a sure progress towards your promising future into internet age.

Practising life as an algorithm helps best. Only the essential steps are to be followed in the necessary sequence the way any distracting, deviating or disturbing steps may not come in between. 

Learning life as an algorithm is always personal. This differs for everyone as per the individual situation. Everything is not for everyone since everyone has own dharma to seek out self truth.

Shardul Pandey Talks To Brittany Mason

I am from a small farm town in middle America, so I guess you could call me the all American girl with big dreams.  At a young age I became very motivated, I had a difficult upbringing but I always would day dream of the life I wanted to one day have. I started setting goals at a young age and working towards them. At the age of 16 I signed with my first modeling agency and moved to NYC. Later that year I competed in teen pageants and won Miss Teen Indiana. I competed at nationals and won America’s Southern Teen, after winning nationals I represented the USA at Top Model of the World in Germany against 52 countries. I came in 2nd place, at this time I was only 17. My life changed in a big way in a very short time. That is how my career began. Since then I have traveled the world working as a model, to places like London, Paris, Milano, and more. I feel so blessed to be living the life I always dreamed of. I believe in community service and giving back so I started a movement called I AM POSSIBLE. My message with I AM POSSIBLE is that no dream is out of reach, I work with students on character building, and building better communities. I encourage them to use their voice and hope to empower the next generation so they understand that nothing is impossible, the word it’s self says “I’m Possible”

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Claudia Romani

Claudia Romani is a supermodel. She has appeared on covers of popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, GQ and Maxim etc. In 2006 she was voted one of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World by FHM Denmark. Now a days she is based in Miami, Florida. Claudia has appeared on commercials for Samsung, Toyota, and Ford. In the Latin market she has appeared in shows like Noche de Perros and Despierta America. She is also the official model on the TV show Esta Noche Tu Night on Mega TV.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Pamela Jean Noble

Starting at a young age, Pamela discovered a taste for the limelight on a TV show, and as they say, the rest is history. While balancing education with acting and singing through her high school and college years, Miss Noble found success in short films, national commercials, and performing at the famous House of Blues in Hollywood, CA. Pamela also had a recurring role on Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit. After a make-up artist suggested she try modeling, Pamela did one photo shoot and a new passion cultivated entirely.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Neetasha Singh

I welcome you Neetasha at SANGKRIT.net, please tell our netizens about yourself.

From Humble begins, Born and raised in Phoenix surrounded by poverty and drug abuse, I have mastered the art of creating my own opportunities, I have to date traveled and Modeled across 29 countries, I have modeled for Malawi Fashion Week, Africa Fashion Week London, SA Fashion Week.

Ever since the tender age of 3 I have desired being on stage whether it be modeling acting or dancing, my burning Passion has kept me on and off stages as a professional model for the past 13 years, my very first pageant was Miss Teen India SA at the age of 12, where I was the 2nd runner-up. I have recently got back from a modeling contract in India where I have had the privilege of meeting and networking with Bipasha Basu, Veena Malik ,Taz Singh , to name a few.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Lucy Raw

Shardul Pandey Talks To Lucy Raw

I welcome you Lucy Raw at SANGKRIT.net, please tell our netizens about yourself.

Well I’m from London, and have lived here my whole life. It’s my favourite city in the world. My parents are both business people and also very inspirational to me, so I always knew that I wanted to get the most I could out of life.

However, school was not for me, like both my parents, I liked to think creatively and step outside the box. I went to full time theatre school, Sylvia Youngs, at the age of 10. I then went to boarding school, and then back to theatre school, this time The Art’s Educational Schools for two years of sixth form studying Musical theatre, I just love change and constantly seek new and exciting opportunity’s. However after my first year of sixth form I started to wonder what I was doing, I loved the school and the people and the atmosphere and I appreciated the chance to go to such an amazing school and have such wonderful opportunities, but at the end of the day I wanted to break out into the world and start working for my own success.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Victoria Lomba

Victoria Lomba

Victoria Lomba, also known as VL or La Lomba, can be considered the Queen of Fitness. She is living proof that muscles and beauty are a perfect match. Due to her athletic figure and style of displaying her power, she quickly became a huge hit on internet, her star rising even more after she had been featured in Frontline magazine and as a come to life vixen in the 3D Lola video game. After this small recognition she managed to win the Top Summer Girl contest, a competition organized by Tele5 with over 10.000 participants!

Through social mediums such as MySpace and Facebook Victoria gathered a large number of followers, who were impressed with her strong physique and athletic skills. It wouldn’t be long before she got featured in magazines all across the United States. She even grazed the pages of Australia’s Swimsuit Models and FHM and stole the hearts of the French with a breathtaking shoot for Playboy France done by none other than Sylvain Bertrand a few years back. Also worth mentioning is her collaboration with photographer Stephen Cain on the beaches of sunny California.

Over the years – after having traveled to the USA on numerous occasions for specialised fitness exercises – Victoria has transformed her physique from average to well beyond that with powerful muscles that pay credit to her physical attraction. Along with her outgoing personality this has ensured she received worldwide publications in fitness magazines such as the Iron Man Magazine, being not only the subject of attention through means of a photo shoot, but also the one who wrote articles about fitness performances and wellness.

Victoria is being sponsored by various trademarks, the main ones being ,Team Revtech Power Nutrition , Team Hidetada Yamagishi . Her life mainly revolves around photo shoots and making instructional fitness videos along with coaching and running competitions for IFBB Athletes.

Besides a fitness model she is also a consultant and a personal trainer, organizing professional exhibitions. Her motto is that you have got to live healthy and treat your body like a temple. If you are interested in receiving a customised training program, hiring her as a personal trainer or want her to do an exhibition or a photo shoot, don’t hesitate to contact her through the site. She is looking forward to hearing from you.

Victoria Lomba

How and when you started in fitness and training? What philosophy leads you to do this?

I’ve been practicing the sport for over 10 years! there is nothing I like more I began gradually to become a professional and live with my contract patroicinadores!

I am currently sponsored by a brand of sports supplementation, called Power Nutrition Revtech two clothing brands Mutated Nation and Queen of Paris and also my sponsor MEElectronics headphones

Would you like to give us an overview of your normal week in regards to weight training?

My workouts are always very simple but intense workout every day, first training the combo style morning, working all muscle groups and afternoon train the muscle group more I need, at night I do an hour of cardio, workout every day of the week, only break one day, but that day off also do not do cardio and weights

Victoria LombaHow much and what type of cardio you do?

One hour each day, combining and changing every day, elliptical, rowing, tape, ladders and much jogging outdoors

What is your favorite form of cardio to cut body fat?

The best for my body is to do 45 minutes fasting stairs!

Tell us about the diet you follow regularly?

I care all year round, 365 days a year, I’m always in shape, maximum 2 kilos over my competition weight

Do you have any cravings for junk & other sweet and salty foods items? How you deal with them?

I do not like junk food, I have no urge to eat sweets, I’m a professional and I live in my body, I do not stop to think that I like it or not, just like what I need.

What is your favorite health food?

Definitely the pasta, I love Italian food!

Is there anything you avoid eating? Is there any cheat food?

The secret is eating the right amount of calories, if you control your meals, you need not do much cardio!

What are your pre and post workout meals favorites?

Before training, I like to eat nuts, give me energy and do not feel heavy, after training, always my protein shake brand Revtech Power Nutrition, I always take a good hydrolyzed pineapple, I like pineapple and strawberry

What has the greatest impact on muscle growth and recovery?

The rest is paramount, never upgrades break, eat healthy, train hard and rest, but maybe the secret is to be patient and wait, the body needs time to grow and tone!

What workout routine works best for you?

All my genetics is very grateful, my muscles grow fast and are strong, maybe it’s my Brazilian father erence.

How about a good night’s sleep is important for the body and mind or just sleep 8 hours (at any time) is good enough?

I love to sleep, that’s what I like most of the world, need a minimum of 8 hours, but if more time for me is much better, lack of sleep affects me a lot in every way, not I pay the same and I feel terribly wrong and angry

Please share some of your tips for girls who want to be like you in the world of fitness modeling?

The first thing to be themselves and not copy anyone, nobody is perfect and less, if they choose to engage in this world, be careful, there are many pitfalls, my advice find a good agent or manager, to negotiate for them from the beginning , past mistakes here if you have and if you do something wrong, everything will look the internet!

What according to you are the common mistakes novices often do in fitness and training?

Today people see many magazines, visit many websites, much information on the internet to keep in shape, but much information confuses people, the guys want to be big and strong from the first months going to the gym and use drugs to be strong, that’s a mistake, not about muscle size, muscle quality and need that arrives only after many years of training, hard work and spend all your money on quality food and build an impressive physique.

Victoria LombaWhat are your likes, dislikes & favorites? 

Like & Dislikes: I like good food, movies, going for walks and enjoy my family, I hate all drugs, I think life is the best escitante not need anything else

Favorites: I like all kinds of music, I have no idols, I always appreciate the good work everyone, I like romantic movies, but also the horror film, maybe if there’s anything I like more than anything in this world is to travel, travel and travel!

Which country you are from? Tell me about your city, your favorite hang out spots there? What do you like to do for fun and entertainment?

My mother is Spanish, my father and I’m Brazilian part of the world, live a few months a year in Spain, but the rest of the year, live from Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, is in these cities where I find my motivation and I enjoy where of life, the sun, the beaches and the people when I’m in Spain, I limit myself to train and be home, never go out!

Similarly they are very popular all over the internet, how you communicate with other Internet users, especially their fans and followers? How often will respond to them on social media, etc?

I have spent many years on the Internet, my videos and my pictures are viewed millions of times since the days of Myspace, so far I have always been very popular and I like and I like, I like to feel the warmth and love of the people, I try to personally answer all messages from the fans, but it’s complicated, I have an average of 500 emails a day and sometimes it’s impossible, I have no administrators or webmaster, I’m close and every line I write myself!

What is your domain address? Where other netinzes can grab latest source of news about you?

My website shows my hottest www.victorialombaweb.com hand, my photos and my videos have great acceptance by the male audience, earn some money to help me to travel and sustain my lifestyle

How would you like to be remembered?

A mother with three daughters and a good heart, a good person, simple and friend of my friends!

What is your ultimate message for netizens?

Thanks for being there for me, please forgive my mistakes, I’ll be here whenever they want! A strong kiss and no longer visit me on my official Facebook page: Victoria Lomba Official: Facebook.com/TopsFemalesFitnessModels

Shardul Pandey Talk To Violetta Solonko

My name is Violetta Solonko, I am 21 years old. I come from Chernovtsy, a beautiful city in the West of Ukraine. I am Ukrainian with Russian origins by the paternal grandfather. I lived in Ukraine until the age of ten. Since 2003 I live in Italy with my mom. As a child I always dreamed. I loved to fantasize about the future and the great thing is that, as soon as I have a free second, I still continue to do so. I have been practicing different types of sports from tennis to swimming, from football to volleyball. But my greatest passions have always been dancing and rhythmic gymnastics. I practiced dancing for thirteen years, since I was 4 to 17. While rhythmic gymnastics has been a real challenge for me. I do not really believe in myself, but when after only two months of training I placed second in a race. From that moment I began to practice at a competitive level for four years. I loved going to train, to prepare the choreography for competitions and for the wise. Every time I could not wait to set foot in the training room where I spent entire afternoons. When we moved in the south of Italy after two years I decided reluctantly to leave trainings because unfortunately there was not a lot of organization.

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Lorelei Lanford

Shardul Pandey Talks To Lorelei Lanford

Shardul Pandey: I welcome you Lorelei at SANGKRIT.net, please tell our netizens about yourself.

Lorelei Lanford: My love for the cinema came at a very young age. I remember being 5 or 6 years old and watching the movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” with Marilyn Monroe and thinking “I want to do what she is doing” I was lucky to be born In a very artistic family.
I had a fun and exciting childhood. My grandparents were actors/singers at the Royal Theatre of Belgium. My grandmother used to teach me numbers from Operettas. I loved watching my grandfather memorizing his lines for his next play or movie or being at my father rehearsals with his rock band “The Mec-Op Singers”

At the age of 10, I moved from my homeland to the exotic island of Tahiti. I taught myself Tahitian dancing just by watching local dance groups perform then running home to practice in front of the mirror. I later won the title of “Best Dancer of the Year” A first for a European girl!

I came back to my first love, thanks to my dad, Guy Bodart, who had started directing feature films. I learned everything from him. I was taking the sound, working the fog machine to editing the film. In 1991 I got the lead role in the film “The Antichrist” but I am much more at ease behind the camera than in front.

I now produce, write scripts and am involved in the casting for all IFA Pictures productions. And I am the 1st assistant director on our next feature film “All Hallows Eve” which is something I am really excited about!

Shardul Pandey: What do you personally think is one thing which is god gifted in you, one thing you thing in which you are best.

Lorelei Lanford: I am my worst critic but definitely directing. I love reading the script and visualizing the film. In film directing, you have to be creative but also have great managerial skills. That is my forte.

Shardul Pandey: Did you always have plans for production or it just happened? How exactly you got interested in production work?

Lorelei Lanford: No! I thought I was going to be a movie star (Laughing). I never really liked watching myself on-screen and I became much more interested in the making of the film. Producing came naturally to me.

Shardul Pandey: Is film-making an easy job or more strenuous than people realize?

Lorelei Lanford: It is not a glamorous job at all.. People only see the Academy Awards and do not realize how tough of a business it is. And when you do get a job, you better be prepared to work extra long hours..

Shardul Pandey: Do you have any ultimate goal to fulfil as a film-maker?

Lorelei Lanford: Make better films with bigger budgets

Shardul Pandey: So when you are planning to announce your next feature film “All Hallows Eve”?

Lorelei Lanford: We are having our Premiere here in Las Vegas in April. I do not know of the exact date yet but it will be our website and we are going to the Cannes Film Festival in May.

Shardul Pandey: Would you like to tell us something about your next film “All Hallows Eve”, may be a little about the theme, story and characters or what-so-ever you like, anything?

Lorelei Lanford: I do not want to give too much away but it is based on why and how Halloween or All Hallows Eve as it was called, started. I have always been fascinated with history..

Shardul Pandey: What do you find to be the most gratifying aspect of film making?

Lorelei Lanford: To see people enjoy what you created.

Shardul Pandey: Would you like to tell us about other projects in which you are currently working on?

Lorelei Lanford: I am currently working on 2 other projects. One is a vampire film entitled “Inmortuorum” which means “The Undead” in Latin and “Wings of Glory” which is very dear to me. It is based on my Great Uncle Stephane Stolz who at 16 escaped the Germans and enlisted with the RAF to become a fighter pilot during the 2nd war. He had an incredible life and I hope I will do him justice.

Shardul Pandey: Is there any other creative mediums you like working in? Any hidden talents?

Lorelei Lanford: If I have any hidden talents, they are really well hidden!!! (laughing)

Shardul Pandey: Explain the time commitment you put into your movies. What do you do for entertainment? Do you have any peculiar interests?

Lorelei Lanford: Yes I can easily work 12-16 hrs/day during production. During my down time, I like to read, do photography and I am also an animal activist. My pets are all rescues. I am working to have my animal foundation.

Shardul Pandey: So do you get to travel for your work? What’s your favorite city that you have visited?

Lorelei Lanford: Yes, I do get to travel a lot. My favorite city is Paris…. But there are still many countries that I have not visited yet.

Shardul Pandey: Tell me something about your city, your favourite hang out spots there ?

Lorelei Lanford: Las Vegas is definitely a city that never sleeps. I am not into clubs but I do enjoy going to the shows. In the spring and summer, you will find me boating on Lake Mead.

Shardul Pandey: And what’s your dream holiday destination?

Lorelei Lanford: Lay on a beach in Tahiti. I am an island girl :)

Shardul Pandey: Now a few question related only to you. What are you likes and dislikes?

Lorelei Lanford: I really cannot be around people who lie. You lie to me once and you are in my little black book (laughing). What I admire? Generosity and kindness..

Shardul Pandey: Tell us about your favourites.

Lorelei Lanford: My favourite colour is RED. Favourite film? So many films that I love! Sound of Music, Some like it Hot, The Godfather, White Christmas.

Favourite Actor: Cary Grant. Favourite Actress: Marilyn Monroe. Favourite Singer: Michael Jackson. Favourite Author: Moliere

Favourites in International music: I grew up admiring French singer Daniel Balavoine. He had such inspiring songs.

Favourite holiday destination: I really would love to go back to Austria for Christma. Favourite festival: Cannes!

Favourite hobby: I love gardening. I am still decorating my house and of course my first love which is dancing!

Favourite food? I LOVE to eat. Italian, French, Indian and Chinese.

Shardul Pandey: How would you like to be remembered?

Lorelei Lanford: I would like to be remembered as a woman who has taken each day as a new experience, who had a good life and great family and who did everything her way without regrets and hopefully made a difference in this world

Shardul Pandey: How you communicate with other netizens? How often you reply to them?

Lorelei Lanford: I do have Facebook and Twitter. I do try to answer each email but I get hundreds! I actually did meet some of my FB friends. My Facebook is facebook.com/lorelei.lanford.9 and my twitter is twitter.com/LoreleiLLanford. Follow me and email me!

Shardul Pandey: What is your ultimate message to netiznes?

Lorelei Lanford: Do not spend too much time on your computer. Go out and enjoy your life!! :)

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Shardul Pandey Talks To Caitlin Kelley

Shardul Pandey: I welcome you Caitlin at SANGKRIT.net, please tell our netizens about yourself, your story.

Caitlin Kelley: I want to thank you for taking interest, and here is a piece of my story! If you’d like to know more, just let me know!

My name is Caitlin Kelley, I am 22 years old and I am a self made, International Model/ Actress. I do a little bit of everything, Print, commercial, fashion, runway… everything, and I am constantly travelling!

But, my life wasn’t always like this… I was just a little girl with a big dream and an extremely conservative family in an even more conservative town. I was never the pretty or popular girl, and I was always VERY different from my classmates… the very smart, artist, marching band student that was graduating early to go into per-med. My life was an academic pressure cooker, and I never really lived that crazy “consequence free” childhood of parties, and boys, aka I grew up very young. Then something happened and I decided to give myself at least one year of a normal high school life. I changed my major to studio art after deciding that I didn’t want to spend the next 12 years studying and falling into debt, just to turn around and make a bigger pay check to pay that debt off. I moved out on my own. After a year of college I still wasn’t happy, so I left school to just LIVE life. I got a job, fell in love, got engaged, and before I knew it… I weighed 230lbs. It was the lowest point of my adult life thus far. I was so depressed, and just unhappy. 2 years went by like this. Until one day, I had enough courage to really look at myself in the mirror. I looked HARD, pretending to be happy in a relationship, working a normal life, being very unhealthy and I said to myself “You’re unhappy…. What will make you Happy?”… and in the depths of my being, unafraid, I answered “I want to be a model.”… and that’s when things changed.

Now any normal person would be like “please, a model? you weigh 230lbs….” But I had wanted to be one since I first figured out what a model was… I remember obsessively watching America’s next top model, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows and coming to tears dreaming that it was me up there. I would research everything I could, just to learn.
So I gave myself a chance, I dedicated myself to losing weight ON MY OWN. And I did it in a healthy way with Exercise and a healthy diet. I tried out for ANTM 3 times without ever making it. I got connected with a group of beginning photographers in my home town and together we all learned the different sides of a Modelling Shoot just by referencing what we saw on TV or in classes. The work from that first shoot is to this day some of my best. I will never forget the friends I made there, I don’t know if they realize how important of a role they played in my journey. One shoot turned into two, and so on, my network and connections started to grow, and then my Name started to be recognized locally. Starting small, I did a show or ad shoot here , a commercial there; always putting up barriers for myself that if it dint work out this time, I would quit as to not waste anymore time on a frivolous dream. But every time, it was a huge success that lead to more opportunities, and that’s when I started making money…. I expanded my reach to the larger surrounding cities, including Chicago, where even after losing 100lbs, they told me I was too big, I felt defeated. But I never gave up, it felt like it was something I had to and was meant to do.

Now, about a year and a half later, this is my full time career, and my support system is unbelievable, it makes me so happy to now have the power to help guide younger models, as I needed when I stared. I have a full portfolio, and FRIENDS in every part of the industry that I need. I travel everywhere and am always working. Its amazing to look back and see how all the little things that didn’t work out, gave me that push just when I needed it, to get me father than I ever dreamed. I’m not trying to be famous, it is my passion, and the drive behind my passion is my family. I want to be able to take care of them; because my family is my heart, and without them, there would be no life worth living.
It seemed impossible, but our lives are what we make them! You can have, do, or be anything you want… Just go for it. What are you waiting for?

If you’ve got any questions or want to follow my story, here are my pages: Facebook: www.facebook.com/ModelCaitlinKelley
Instagram: @ModelCaitlinKelley, Twitter: @_CaitlinKelley
Remember that YOU are BEAUTIFUL, Much Love ~Cailtin Kelley

[heading]After 10 days[/heading]

Shardul Pandey: Tell me about your recent modelling projects?

Caitlin Kelley: That’s WAY too long to answer… I do about 6 projects a week, most recently, a commercial for Pantene

Shardul Pandey: What inspired your passion?

Caitlin Kelley: Being able to help my family while getting to see the world. / I love to feel like I’m moving forward and reaching for goals that others find impossible, I like to inspire.

Shardul Pandey: What has been your best fashion look?

Caitlin Kelley: I’d say that I’m pretty eclectic, so I love weird mismatching layers, I think it’s more the person on the inside that is the Fashion, so if you can be confident in something that looks totally ridiculous, it MAKES it fashionable.

Shardul Pandey: And biggest fashion mistake?

Caitlin Kelley: In highschool, I would wear Flip Flops, year round…. through the snow. I don’t know how I still have toes.

Shardul Pandey: Your beauty regime?

Caitlin Kelley: I wear very little to no make-up, and I wash my face with a combination of Biore and Clean and Clear once in the morning and then right before bed. DRINK LOTS OF WATER

Shardul Pandey: And your favourite types of outfits to model in?

Caitlin Kelley: Ball gowns

Shardul Pandey: Any least favourites?

Caitlin Kelley: Leggings… thus far

Shardul Pandey: Any ultimate goal?

Caitlin Kelley: I want to be a Victoria’s Secret Model or the next Angelina Jolie, with the goal of seeing everything the world has to offer, letting my parents retire comfortably!

Shardul Pandey: So how do you see yourself progress?

Caitlin Kelley: I want to be a Victoria’s Secret Model or the next Angelina Jolie, with the goal of seeing everything the world has to offer, letting my parents retire comfortably! For just a year in, i’d say in doing ok on my own, but i could use all the help I can get!

Shardul Pandey: What kind of shoots would you like to work on in the future?

Caitlin Kelley: Something a little more Edgy…., and RAW.

Shardul Pandey: Do you eat nutritiously? Tell me the diet you follow on a regular basis?

Caitlin Kelley: Yes!!!

Shardul Pandey: Tell me the diet you follow on a regular basis?

Caitlin Kelley: I eat only unprocessed foods, no pop! Lots of water, green veggies, and LEAN protein.

Shardul Pandey: How often do you exercise or go to the gym & workout ?

Caitlin Kelley: I workout nearly every day.

Shardul Pandey: What is your perfect day?

Caitlin Kelley: Wake-up, head to a paid shoot, get a good workout in with a light lunch, head to a “fun” shoot, and then have dinner with friends

Shardul Pandey: Easiest way to look pretty and glamourous ?

Caitlin Kelley: BE CONFIDENT. OWN YOUR BODY! and buy clothing that makes you FEEL sexy even if it isn’t what is the latest fashion. People with remember your smile and confidence more than what you were wearing, and if they don’t, well you don’t want to be around people like that anyway.

Shardul Pandey: Tell me your favourites.

Caitlin Kelley: Color: Purple, Film: Limitless, Actor: too hard to pick, Actress: Angelina Jolie or Anne Hathaway, Music: Dubstep or Indi, Food: Salads and Pizza, Hobby: Painting, Author: Rue Volley, Book: Blood and Light by Rue Volley, Destination: anywhere warm

[heading]After 1 day[/heading]

Shardul Pandey: When exactly you get started with modelling?

Caitlin Kelley: My first shoot was 2 Novembers ago, my first paid gig was April of 2012 and I became full time just a couple of months ago.

Shardul Pandey: What do you think, Is it important to attended fashion modelling courses? Does they really help newbies to get a foothold in Fashion Industry?

Caitlin Kelley: NO!!!!! if you have what it takes it just comes naturally, if you have the look but not the talent, an agency will invest their time in you to teach you, you never want to become cookie cutter, find what makes you Unique and then Rock it!

Shardul Pandey: Has modelling changed other aspects of your life?

Caitlin Kelley: Ohhhh Yesss!!! I went from the most normal “almost housewife” existence, to the polar opposite! nothing in my life resembles normality anymore other than my family that grounds me :)

Shardul Pandey: How you distinguishes a good model from a bad one?

Caitlin Kelley: That’s really hard to answer. Its all based on opinion. but again has more to do with Class and Confidence than many think.

Shardul Pandey: OK. If I change it to, what distinguishes a good photograph from a bad one?

Caitlin Kelley: Another tough one… I’d say that a good photographer can take even the least appealing subject and make it catch your eye and stare, in just a couple shots without needing much editing.

Shardul Pandey: Tell me about your favourite models?

Caitlin Kelley: I adore Candace Swanpoel, and Cara Delevingne

Shardul Pandey: Is there anything you dislike about modelling?

Caitlin Kelley: The Day to day can get a little lonely, and I hate to see people taken advantage of, which happens too often.

Shardul Pandey: Is there anything you dislike about the fashion industry?

Caitlin Kelley: I want people to see that Beauty lies in whats real, and imperfect too and its not about fame for everyone, its WORK, also, not all models are dumb or feel entitled or have had it easy because they grew up pretty. Its the hardest thing in the world. If you disagree…. go try it out. Long term, see how you feel about yourself when everyone around you is supposed to be critiquing your every pore. It takes a strong person and yes I’m crazy for choosing it to be my life.

Shardul Pandey: How you prepare yourself for a modelling shoot?

Caitlin Kelley: I research the part to prep my body, get lots of sleep, pack my model bag with all needed garments, snacks, and activities for down time to keep me busy.

Shardul Pandey: Where do you generally like to shop? Do you shop online?

Caitlin Kelley: I actually love second hand stores… you can find the most unique things, plus I love taking something that no one wanted anymore and making it beautiful.

Shardul Pandey: What fashion magazines & weblogs do you like reading?

Caitlin Kelley: Vogue, W, Marie Claire, Comso…. anything Fashion

Shardul Pandey: How you communicate with other netizens, specially your subscribers? How often you reply to them?

Caitlin Kelley: I really LOVE hearing from fans, I am just another person with a big heart! but I admit, things do get VERY busy and I can’t always reply as much as I would like to!

Shardul Pandey: How you access Internet? What device you use?

Caitlin Kelley: I do almost everything on my iPhone so that I can stay connected all day, but when I have bigger emails or loads of work I grab my laptop.

Shardul Pandey: Do you own a domain?

Caitlin Kelley: My domain is under construction but is: www.CaitlinKelley.net

Shardul Pandey: What is your ultimate message for netizens ?

Caitlin Kelley: You can have, do, or be anything you want… Just do it. What are you waiting for? Stop telling yourself that you can’t, and see how far you’ll go. Remember that YOU are BEAUTIFUL. Go out and make the WORLD your stomping ground. Design a life that you love.