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You Are Not Alone

Walking alone also, carrying your smartphone along, you are not alone. Smartphone is your best friend. You are always connected with the world. So much so even the potential stalkers get discouraged in following you fearlessly.

Concurrently your smartphone is the ultimate device, you must always carry along. This is the most functional social security instrument. Users feel secure just by having this since this works personally social and very much business-wise.

This has a nature like that that whoever is using this, is at no point of time alone because of immediately getting inolved in building the political economy of the largest ever population that is called internet. You will come to understand this whenever you would like to understand. You are not alone.

You will come to understand whenever you would like to understand

Your most functional social security instrument is the master key to the largest every economy also. You have to unlock this value by joining the globally distributed order of homeschool & homemployment. Signup for your free Sangkrit.net account now to complete the task.

Thus you startup in internet industry as an independent outlet of Sangkrit.net everywhere. It is quite different here. You just live the way you love while working and sky is the limit of your independent success. Still you are given all cooperation. Since you are not alone.

Award DR Li Wenliang Posthumously

Dr Li Wenliang (who wrote about Wuhan epidemic in an online chat group on 30 December 2019, was silenced immediately thereafter before he himself died of the disease), deserves a posthumous award to correct all that by commemorating him as a martyr.

Moreover it is globally established that the governments’ not interfering with public interactions via internet is a must for public security everywhere.

The Quantum Reality Is Relayed As Per The Observing Awareness

Reality is the assertive illusion so accordingly to change it you do require getting adequately more assertive.

For upgrading humankind into internet age, you should start by opening your free SANGKRIT.net account as a personal outlet of internet growth engine to help everyone in using internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure. Still you get only what you deserve so better learn to deserve far better by designing your desires pretty well. Your quantum reality is relayed as per your observing awareness.

Reality is the assertive illusion so accordingly to change it you do require getting adequately more assertive. The real world gets made by the quantum realities of everyone involved. To make the world better, Sangkrit insists upon economic independence, humane integrity, public security and legal reforms as per the smartphone stage of internet age across all countries alike.

  1. Domestic entrepreneurship developing family business may make many generations independent.
  2. The globally distributed order of internet growth engine SANGKRIT.net must prevail manifesting humane integrity by integrating humanity.
  3. People across all countries do require enhancing democratic awareness about success/failures of homeland security setups. Protecting the populace is a state job. They get paid in revenue for doing that. Independent of all distractions, they must be successful in fulfilling their this duty.
  4. Peoples’ representatives are elected to make laws as per public aspirations.

The personal outlets of SANGKRIT.net must become adequately efficient in changing the observing awareness of everyone around to change the world so only humane order prevails through that.