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Value-Driven Model Is Much More Secured

Zomato can continue to be in business till the people continue to buy their food in its app. This adds value into it. Beyond any cashflow model of business, such a valuation model is much more secured. Likewise Zomato’s share can also continue to create wealth for investors till they continue investing into this.

“As one of the two leading players in the rapidly growing food delivery market in India, we expect Zomato to deliver over 40 per cent revenue CAGR making it one of the fastest-growing internet companies in the region,” the Swiss brokerage firm in India UBS Securities has said.

Profiting Makes A Business But Scaling Makes A Big Business

Welcome to the new age in India. Now consistently loss making is also considered making a kind of value. Since not yet winning the game has certainly more value than not knowing to play. Now this kind of a business is going to get publicly traded for the first time in Indian stock market.

IPO of Zomato is opening for subscription on the day after tomorrow on 14th of this month. Maximum 13 lots of 195 shares each are available to a retail investor to bid in the price band of ₹72 to ₹76. Shares are to be allocated into demat accounts by 26th of this month and stock is to be listed on 27th to get publicly traded onwards. This is already valued even more than the total worth of top 20 hospitality chains in India and more than top 6 fast food chains in India also because in another way it is more valuable without a doubt. This is not mere to hold your vadapav but this has all the potential to home deliver you everything. New age business works like that.

Even LIC is said to be weighing to bid in this IPO. Although never before the Life Insurance Corporation of India has invested through the primary market in a private company but this time it is different for the first time in the history of the largest investor of the largest scale having the longest experience of not making losses in the secondary market. Zomato IPO begins to publicly trade the largest home delivery machine.