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Make Everything Happen Personally On Smartphone

Help everyone work as a people’s personal outlet to make everything work as a personal app.

The public life is almost ready to be upgraded as per the smartphone stage of Internet age. Ongoing pandemic has made this the most urgent matter of public security across all the countries alike.

Nothing should remain social anymore

Maintaining adequate social distancing has now become the most essential for the survival of humankind. Considering that everything must change immediately without a doubt anymore.

Now there is no need of unnecessarily congregating all the people anywhere for accomplishing any task. Nothing should remain social anymore except for the enhancing human cooperation with adequate social distancing everywhere.

Likewise even the marriage must not remain a social affair anymore. It was a primitive way of seeking social recognition that is no more valid.

Everything must become very personal

The marriage is now possible very personally via the smartphones of bride and groom. Any witnesses are also not necessary for its registration anywhere but necessary legislation in this regard is necessary everywhere.

The elections can also occur in such a manner. That is to be much cheaper on public exchequer and far better for everyone involved.

Through this smartphone stage of internet age, the governments must legislate to let everything happen personally for everyone over the smartphone only. Independent programmers must accelerate everything in that direction itself.

Let us meet only over personal apps

The networking enabled personal app from SANGKRIT.net can do all that. Email to system@sangkrit.net for any necessary support in this regard.

There is a wonderful way of implementing the Internet in a peer to peer protocol. Help everyone work as a people’s personal outlet to make everything work as a personal app.

What Actually Makes People Powerful

Personal relations paves the way of public entrapment to get people driven as per any vested interests of selfish people surrounding them. This doesn’t work to enhance people’s power but does diminish that. Failing as impersonal, power corrupts its core. Only oppressors benefit out of all that.

One hundred years back the Bolshevik revolution was made by provoking the deprived majority ideologically to get rid of their elite, proclaiming that the prosperity in any society is built only by depriving the majority. Then they proceeded for demolishing that compulsion but ultimately failed by demolishing the prosperity itself. Truths get managed as the legends are supplied by the lies to make you believe anything.

Sangkrit is making another kind of revolution that is quantum by nature. You need not to be impersonal like that for making this the movement as you personally outreach to your lot of people necessary for accomplishing this.

You yourself lead this everywhere, becoming people’s personal outlet in a globally distributed order, by implementing your own prosperity diminishing other’s deprivation as well. You do so by running the program that actually works.

Read #OccupyWebspace on your android phone from Play Store. Making this the movement requires knowing that much.

Power has been only impersonal but this time this is not so as personally developing a few personal outlets managing a few hundred domains is what actually makes you powerful.

Becoming The People’s Personal Outlets

Wear the great slogan of the hacktivist movement #OccupyWebspace along with web address SANGKRIT.net as the chanting chestline on your T-shirt that you yourself get printed.

Signup for your free SANGKRIT.net account and read #OccupyWebspace on your android phone from Play Store to earn respect as the people’s personal outlet by providing complete internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure to everyone everywhere. Thus you establish actual leadership through the internet age in cooperation with others like you.

Bringing everyone’s business online is the biggest business going on, which becomes easy to startup and even easier to shut down because of monthly/annual payment options available at http://system.sangkrit.net, making it individually optional and easiest upon everyone involved so you may most easily startup individually into internet industry to independently expand also that easily with online support from system@sangkrit.net without entrapping yourself anywhere or anyone into a wage slavery.

Wear the great slogan of the hacktivist movement #OccupyWebspace along with web address SANGKRIT.net as the chanting chestline on your T-shirt that you yourself get printed. Backcover of your android phone is another place of putting your signboard so that appropriate people may approach you anywhere.

You grow as a smart creative readily available indeed to anyone in need. Doing that you engage others as well in the business of upgrading humanity as per the standards of the smartphone stage of internet age. Exactly you let others also become the people’s personal outlets.

You do so to let them work for themselves by working for humankind in complete cooperation with each-other under your leadership of affluence. Following human technology people’s personal outlets (such as yours) as the building blocks of Sangkrit, learn building business in complete cooperation by awarding fellowships among themselves for innovation and promotion, excelling with each-other only in upgrading humankind into internet age.

Once your group of people’s personal outlets registers 100,000 domains altogether, you earn your personal app free to lead globally thereafter. The same goes for everyone involved. So that everybody works together and grows together.