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Children Naturally Belong To Mother

The nature has already given the custody of child to mother. That is how very naturally children belong to her. This can not be a court’s prerogative to decide otherwise.

Considering that Sangkrit insists that through the legal documentations also, mentioning of only the mother’s name should become mandatory, instead of making the father’s name essential.

Women require a direct democracy for restoring their natural rights. So that they themselves legislate accordingly. People across all the countries alike, ought to blog for facilitating all this.

Work From Home And Homeschool Your Children

Sangkrit insists upon your family’s doemstic entrepreneurship to let your children get homeschooled into that itself. That is the best way of graduating at home.

Through this smartphone stage of internet age, old-fashioned schools are already outdated. Only morons plan to send their children to school anymore.

Work from home and homeschool your children. There is no other way that safely goes out anywhere.

Sangkrit Is The First And Final Saviour Of Women

Women must get determined not to marry a man who is not practicing & promoting four fundamentals of cleaning, cooking, programming & blogging. Moreover they must get determined to raise their children only in this fashion for determining their freedom forever.

Women are hosting humanity since eternity. They do so by having motherhood. That is how they can determine their future as well upon getting themselves determined.

Nothing liberates women as practicing & promoting four fundamentals of Sangkrit does while pursuing the core fundamental of Sangkrit equally emancipates them. Women can not ever get freed without all that.

So they must make this universally succeed since Sangkrit is their such an only saviour in this world. That is how they become truly free women just by becoming the torch bearers of Sangkrit.

Homeschool Your Children

You must homeschool your children instead of sending them anywhere away from home to get schooled. Shunning all that it is the time to start homeschooling your children without a doubt not only through these pandemic times but thereafter as well.

The primary way to homeschool your children is to introduce them into the domaining of their parents on a day to day basis. The secondary way to homeschool is to let them grow into their own domaining.

This should be guaranteed in practice everywhere by making necessary laws. Every government should behave responsibly for ensuring this child-safety measure within their homeland without any more delay.

Legally making the parents (and respective guardians) true caretakers of their children; for practicing this; is necessary now as the schools (and hostels) have historically failed to behave that responsibly.

Parenting means protecting your children for ensuring their future. This cannot be done just by exposing them to all sorts of unsorted risks. Schooling through the industrial age had unfortunately been doing exactly that.

Parenting Is Everything

Romance has only been a propaganda for selling literature. That is nothing in comparison to the joy of responsible parenting. Parenting is everything.

SANGKRIT.net encourages parents to homeschool their children for developing their domestic entrepreneurship into a family business. Thus they enjoy parenting fully well by getting the heavenly pleasure of setting their own paradise at home as most humane units independently reinventing universal humanity at the quantum level naturally assigned to them.

Very naturally everybody does everything for their children so leaving anything for a chance is not that good in this regard. Homeschooling your kids resolves this.

Romance has only been a propaganda for selling literature. That is nothing in comparison to the joy of responsible parenting. Parenting is everything.

Nature has mandated us to have children so we must raise them fully well. Human civilization invented marriage for accomplishing that.

Marriage is meant for upbringing of children. Sex has a solid state purpose of offspring so it should become the most responsible behavior of getting intimate only with the mother/father of your children for parenting in a better way.

That is marriage and nothing else. Irresponsible parents should severely be punished but very inventively considering the welfare of the children involved.

Sangkrit About Men, Women And Children