Easily Host Your WordPress Media Library On Free Cloud And Manage Everything Directly From Your Dashboard

Cloudinary.Com has launched a free WordPress plugin that lets you host your WordPress images on cloud using a fast CDN all free of cost. The service automatically uploads, normalize, optimize and back up all your WordPress site images to its cloud and makes you free from messing around with image editors; Cloudinary can manipulate and transform your images online on-the-fly and you can manage everything directly from your WordPress admin area dashboard; resulting images are cached, optimized and delivered using a fast content delivery network (CDN).

Install and activate Cloudinary – Image management and manipulation in the cloud + CDN; now you can upload images using its Upload button on your WordPress Visual Editor present in add new and edit content pages. There are plenty of options and features this plugin provides you.

Cloudinary Plugin Overview & Features:


  1. Vast array of image manipulation capabilities.
  2. Virtually limitless scale.
  3. Lightning-fast image delivery.
  4. Highly improved user experience & website performance.
  5. Useful from small websites and blogs to large enterprise solutions.
  6. Simple to integrate.

Image Uploads

  1. Upload any image type: JPG, PNG, GIF, animated GIF, BMP, ICO, TIFF and even PDFs.
  2. Upload directly from your desktop.
  3. Upload a single image or multiple images with ease.
  4. Remote fetching from public URLs

Image Manipulations

  • Image formats – easily convert image formats and modify image quality.
  • Apply effects & filters – sharpen, sepia, saturation, grayscale, black & white, hue, brightness, oil paint, pixelate, vignette, add borders.
  • Overlays & Text – add watermarks, add image overlay and underlay, add text to the image.
  • Face detection – face detection based cropping, thumbnail, multiple faces detection, pixelate faces.
  • Rotates & flips – Image rotation (90 degrees), arbitrary rotation, exif-based automatic rotation, vertical & horizontal flips,
  • Shape alteration – add rounded corners, crop to ellipses and circles.
  • Resize & crop – scale, fill, fit, pad, crop, limit, custom coordinates.
  • PDF Processing – extract pages, convert to images.

Image Storage

  1. All your images are stored in a cloud-based persistent storage.
  2. Scales to Terabytes and more.
  3. Highly available redundant storage.
  4. All your photos are automatically backed-up, including revision tracking.

Image Delivery

  1. All your images are automatically delivered via a lightning-fast world-wide Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  2. Images are smartly cached for performance optimization, using every best practice in the book.
  3. Multiple CDN sub-domains (Domain Sharding).

Image Optimization

  1. Stripping meta data.
  2. Converting formats.
  3. Optimizing compression.
  4. Images are automatically optimized. File size is reduced and they are delivered faster to your visitors.

Insights and Reports

  1. Cloudinary offers a powerful online management console.
  2. Browse all your images and transformations.
  3. View comprehensive statistics and usage reports.
  4. You can even automate your content management using a RESTful API.

About Cloudinary

  1. Website
  2. Blog
  3. Features overview
  4. Detailed documentation
  5. Image transformations documentation
  6. FAQ

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