IP Blacklist Cloud To Block IPs And Spamming Usernames From Visiting Your WordPress Site

IP Blacklist Cloud is an easy way of blacklisting IPs and Usernames which spamming on your WordPress site. You can easily block selected IPs in just a click, you can manage your blacklist and even you can use export & import feature to add your IP blacklist to any other website you administer.

Install and activate IP Blacklist Cloud plugin. After activation it adds a new menu IP Blacklist on your admin area sidebar. You can easily add any IP (Dashboard -> IP Balcklist -> Add IP to Blacklist)or Username (Dashboard -> IP Balcklist -> Add Username to Blacklist) to your blacklists.

IP Blacklist Cloud


The plugin tells you failed login attempts and Blacklist Statistics etc. Other than this the plugin also shows a IP Blacklist Protected icon and link on comments form, you can disable it from its settings page.

It also submits your website link to the blocked IP database on http://ip-finder.me which enables other users to view how many sites have blocked specific IP address and view their comments.

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