Box: Another Web Service Providing 10GB Of FREE Cloud Storage

Box provides you free 10 GB cloud storage and makes it easy for you to access and edit files, share content, and stay connected with your team from anywhere on any device. It works with your Google Account. You can install it its Chrome App from Web Store. First it asks you to provide required permissions and then you create your Box account passwords and you are redirected to your Box cloud accountwhere you can use your space, manage your files etc.

Important Feature:

  1. Put any kind of file online, then share it with just a link
  2. Invite others to share an entire folder of files
  3. Collaborate via comments and task to get things done
  4. Get Box Sync to keep your computer files synced to the cloud
  5. Take your files on the go with Box for Mobile for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows
  6. Plus, Box OneCloud is our ecosystem of apps where you can annotate, e-sign and do more with your favorite productivity apps.
  7. With Box OneCloud apps, you can open and edit Box files with other apps installed on your device
  8. Save content directly to Box from more than 50+ compatible apps

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