Organize Your Web World By Creating Topics, Pages With Photos, Videos, Tweets, Documents & More

Organize your world of web. Create categories and topic pages including photos, videos, sharings like tweets and also documents to keep your online life well organized and share anything with anyone at anytime.

This article is on a bookmarking cloud web service called You can start simply signing in with Facebook, Google or Twitter. Bundlr is build for online curation: clipping, aggregation and sharing web content easily. Using this cloud service you can cover real-time news, wrap up an event or build a page with the most relevant content on your favorite topic.

You may bookmark the service or install its chrome bookmarklet from web store. Other than from its homepage you can install other bookmarklets like may be if you are Android user or iTunes etc.

Using Bundlr browser button, you can clip content while web browsing and each bundle has its own public webpage which you can share with everyone.

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