How To Send An Email To Entire Multisite User-base In WordPress ?

WordPress network administrators can manually create and send notification emails to all registered users based on their roles.

Network Mass Email, plugin allows network adminis on WordPress multisite network environments to send an email to their users. Selection is based on the users’ roles in individual sites.

For example, if you check  “authors” it will go through each active site and add everyone with “editor” role to your email list and then you can notify all editors through email.

How to use Network Mass Email ?

  1. First install and activate the plugin in your WordPress multisite network.
  2. Select  Users, Mass Email from network admin dashboard.
  3. Select the user roles you wish to send email to.
  4. Click the button for “Load the List” and it will load the list of users to email.
  5. Now you may compose your email in the text boxes provided
  6. Click the send button at the bottom of the screen.
  7. A confirmation page will appear indicating that your email was sent successfully.

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