Enhance WordPress Multisite Network Administration

You can make your multisite management better by adding more useful functions for super admins. Multisite Enhancements is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to enhance the network admin area by adding some new useful functions to it like the plugin adds several useful items to the multisite ‘Network Admin’ admin bar, it enables ‘Add New’ link under the Plugins menu only for Network admins (super admins), shows which blogs have which plugin and theme active and much more.

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What Happens After Aou Enable Multisite Enhancements?

  • Add Blog and User ID in network view more
  • Enables an ‘Add New’ link under the Plugins menu for Network admins
  • Adds several useful items to the multisite ‘Network Admin’ admin bar
  • On the network plugins page, show which blogs have this plugin active
  • On the network theme page, show which blog have the theme active
  • Change Admin footer text for Administratoren to view fast currently used RAM, SQL, RAM Version
  • Add Favicon from theme folder to the admin area to easier identify the blog, use the favicon.ico file in the theme folder of the active theme in each blog
  • Remove also the ‘W’ logo and his sublinks in admin bar
  • Add Favicon to each blog on the Admin Bar Item ‘My Sites’
  • Add functions to be used in your install
    • The function get_blog_list() is currently deprecated in the WP Core, but currently usable. The plugin check this and get a alternative in inc/autoload/core.php
    • If you will develop with the alternative to this function from my source, then use the method get_blog_list() in class Multisite_Core. She use also caching with the Transient API. See more about the function on the function in inc/autoload/class-core.php.
    • If you use WordPress version 3.7 and higher, then check the function wp_get_sites(), the new alternative function inside the core to get all sides inside the network. The function accept a array with arguments, see the description.

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