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Why You Should Bring Your Business Online?

Bringing your business online offers considerable benefits and opportunities that can significantly impact your success and growth. Building your online presence is a strategic move that can offer many long-term benefits such as:

  1. Increased Customer Reach
  2. Increased Sales Opportunities
  3. Improved Customer Experience
  4. Offers Powerful Marketing Options
  5. Builds New Streams of Online Income
  6. Empowers You With Data-Driven Decision-Making

Reach Wider Audience

Taking your business online raises your business awareness and visibility. Through various digital marketing strategies, such as blogging your business, and search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and online advertising, you can reach a wider audience and generate more exposure for your name.

When you bring your business online, the internet allows you to reach a global audience by breaking down geographical barriers. When you successfully establish your online presence, your domain starts attracting customers from various locations. Thus, potentially expanding your customer base and sales opportunities.

Your website offers scalability and the potential for rapid growth of your business. With a good cloud infrastructure, you can expand your business by adding new products or services and targeting new markets without substantial physical restrictions.

The online world is dynamic. It constantly evolves with new technologies and trends. When your business is online, you get the power to position yourself and adapt to emerging technological trends, to keep your business adaptable in the Internet age.

Sell More Products & Services

You can easily enable an eCommerce service on your domain name by subscribing to WordPress Ecommerce. This way you can set up your online store and facilitate your customers to order from home or book products and services in advance. This will expand your sales possibility beyond the limitations of a physical location. WordPress Ecommerce allows you to track customer behavior, gather data, and personalize the shopping experience.

Unlike physical stores, by bringing your business online you can operate twenty-four-seven. You will not only sell more products and services from your website but you also earn money by monetizing your website with cost-per-click ads, and other website monetization services.

Your website or online store becomes accessible at any time, allowing your customers to browse products and make purchases at their convenience. By enabling fast shipping options and streamlined checkout processes, you can enhance their overall experience.

Powerful Internet Marketing

Bringing your business online is the cheapest yet most powerful marketing method. When you bring your business online and start blogging from your own domain name, it works as the best internet marketing tactic to reach your prospective audience. It offers a cost-effective approach in comparison to other traditional advertising channels.

Blogging, email marketing, content marketing, and search engine marketing can provide excellent returns on investment while targeting specific demographics and customer segments.

Get Competitive Advantage

Making an online presence for your business is something that is often expected by customers. When you have a business website over your own domain name, you differentiate yourself from competitors who have yet to establish an online presence. Even if they are online, you can have a better contentful website and stay more active on your blog to showcase your unique value proposition and attract tech-savvy customers online.

Your website helps you to gather useful data and analytics about your customer base so that you can understand your customer’s behavior and purchase patterns. Then, you can use all that data in your business decisions and marketing strategies.

So there are numerous compelling reasons why you should consider taking your business online. Your website on your own domain empowers you to connect with a much wider audience, establish trust, and adapt to the ever-changing online world.

How To Bring Your Business Online?

Simply start by registering your domain name and then subscribe to a Managed WordPress plan. As soon you do that the automated system will guide you in making your website and start blogging your business. Whenever you will need any help, the online support team is always there to assist you.

Every Store Owner Can Himself Make His Online Store

You can yourself build and manage your Ecommerce business. Every store owner in the world can easily set up his online store and start selling his products online. Anyone can do this simply by subscribing to WordPress Ecommerce.

The domain registration and other important tasks happen automatically when you subscribe to WordPress Ecommerce. Once you have subscribed it, you go ready to upload your products and tag them with your special price for an online sale.

Running an eCommerce business involves less money compared to selling anything in the same old way. By having an online store, you don’t have to invest money in purchasing business premises or worry about the business location. Here, the higher Managed WordPress plan you subscribe to, the better online location you own for your online business.

After You Subscribe WordPress Ecommerce

Once you are subscribed, log in to your website by visiting your SANGKRIT.net products page, then select the ‘Manage your site’ option under your WordPress Ecommerce plan.

Alternatively, you may also login by suffixing /wp-admin after your domain name but that will prompt you to enter your login user name and password whereas as you directly get access to your site admin panel from your SANGKRIT.net account.

Using your website’s admin panel you can sell anything online from your place.

WordPress Ecommerce is A Bundled Product

It is the fastest and easiest way to run an eCommerce business. It has been packed with all necessary online selling features that also include:

  • Automatic setup
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited products
  • No transaction fees
  • One-click testing site
  • Real-time shipping rates
  • Unlimited visits per month
  • Automatic daily malware scans
  • Unlimited malware removal & hack repair
  • Search Engine Visibility with SEO optimizer
  • Automatic HTTPS SSL certificate installation
  • Website backup protection with 1-click restore
  • Option for bookings and appointment scheduling
  • Premium Ecommerce Storefront design themes made available for free
  • Free access to premium Ecommerce addon extensions that costs over $1,500 

The Design Of Your Website

To select a design for your website all you will need to do is search in your idea or industry in the theme installer and it will pull up a number of professionally designed, ready-to-launch themes for your website.

Then, select and activate the theme specific to your business niche.

Start Selling Your Products Online

You can add and customize products yourself, make pages, post articles to reach out to new prospects every day.

On the admin panel of your website, navigate to Products -> Add New page, enter your product’s title, intro, price, etc and click the ‘Publish’ button.

Similarly, for creating new pages visit Pages -> Add New, and for blogging your business (i.e. writing new posts) visit Posts – Add New page.

Managing Your Tax Details 

This is an optional feature coded especially for those who don’t use flat-rate on products. It is a section on your product edit screens that simply allows you to your enter tax details. You can make use of it if you are charging tax separately or ignore it if you use flat MRP over your products.

Business & Stock Management

You can manage your business activities, stocks, and workers remotely, you can implement from online appointment scheduling to a full-blown eCommerce system, WordPresss Ecommerce is powerful enough to handle your business’ needs today and as you grow.

This ecommerce system is not just limited to physical goods but you can sell anything such as online & offline services, downloadable products including files, images, digital books, even videos, etc. Everything is in here, simply start exploring your admin panel and you will learn new things everyday.

In case you face any problem, use the following comment form or if you are already a user then simply call the twenty-four-seven online support.

Dedicated Server Means Your Business Can Serve More People

Running your business over a dedicated server means you can serve more people online. Just like the domain name is your online business address, your server acts as your business location. So if you want a good location for your business then go for a good hosting option and it is only a dedicated server.

Running an online business involves less money compared to selling anything in the same old way. You don’t have to invest money in purchasing business premises or worry about the business location. During the old days, planning where to locate a business and selecting its premises was very important. The location used to play a big role in attracting and retaining customers. Now in the online business, these two things got replaced with domain names and servers

If your server is big, your business website can handle huge amounts of traffic (customers) and if it is small then it would be like a small counter crowded with so many customers, where the owner can never think of serving more people or earning more money. 

Running your website over a dedicated server plan simply means you can serve more people. Thus, your business will also grow more.

What Online Business Should I Start?

Become a people’s personal outlet. This is the new way of life to startup. Following that the right business as per your own interest also becomes easy.

Although, the right business for you depends on your interest, skill, and the capital you can invest. But there’s only one exception in the world – to become a people’s personal outlet. You acquire all the necessary interest, skill, capital and market also while working as an outlet of Sangkrit.

Anyone can work as an outlet either to start his earning from home or gain extra income part-time. 

There’s no taking of any financial risks in the hope of profit. It offers you a tested business model with a distributed support system to help you easily startup and continue with your growth. 

This is the best business which anyone can do. All you need is a smartphone.

What to sell?

You just have to help other businesses to come online. This you do by selling online support which may comprise of – 

  1. Web & App Developemnt
  2. Domain & Server management
  3. Purchasable Programming Power

How to sell? 

  1. You register your name
  2. You start blogging your business
  3. You write lessons on SANGKRIT.net products
  4. As per your blog’s niche you start to receive the traffic interested in your subject
  5. You showcase on your website that they can hire you for support in server administration or web-app development
  6. Using a simple call to action button on your website, people start contacting you for work
  7. You fulfill their requirements either yourself, or by purchasing necessary online support from other outlets
  8. You receive money (from your client) in your bank account 
  9. You share the profit with other outlets involved in the project 
  10. In the whole process, you continue earning the passive income from the CPC ads you have placed on your website

So startup today as a people’s personal outlet. This is the best thing you can do from your home. It truly equips you to stay home, earn big, and continue living a pandemic-proof lifestyle.

If you have any questions then use the following comment form.

Getting Your Business Online Is No More Complex Or Expensive

The system at SANGKRIT.net provides you easy-to-use hassle-free solutions to get online in less time and allocated budget.

You simply start by registering or transferring your domain name and the system at SANGKRIT.net will guide you to all important steps to bring your website online on your own.

Similarly you can make money by transferring other domains to help others on their websites. Simply ask your client to set http://system.sangkrit.net as homepage then help him in buying things necessary for his startup, you can share your contact details for any further help and programming support which is purchasable to you on per hour per terminal basis from system@sangkrit.net.

This way you work as a personal outlet of SANGKRIT.net by serving your clients with all technical and programming support in brining their businesses online.

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