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How Small Businesses Can Use Their Blog For Local Marketing?

If you also own a small business located in the community you live. Blogging can be the best way to remind your customers to buy from you online. It can be used as a great location-based marketing tool.

Everybody uses the internet to research just before every buying decision, whether big or small. The bigger and costly the product is, the more deep research is likely to be done by the customer.

The algorithm of Google and other major search engines use searcher’s location to serve them with relevant local business information. By making good use of it (via blogging) you can promote your business among local people.

The global pandemic has amplified the need to choose businesses that are both local and online.

Hence, a local informative blog will allow your potential customers to easily research the solution they are looking up for and contact you when they’re ready to do business with you. 

Making Local Customers To Buy From You Online

The first thing you need to do is set up your blog. You can easily do that yourself by registering your domain name and subscribing to a Managed WordPress plan. Next, start blogging your business.

Tag Your Posts With Location

Tagging your post with specific location-based words is one thing. But you should also take a more targeted approach with your local audience and do it in a way that feels more personal to them.

Geo Locate Your Posts 

Next, you can make your posts more local by geolocating them. So that the major search engines like Google and big platforms like Android & Apple can easily find location-based descriptions on your post. The plugins like GEO my WordPress and Geolocation can be helpful in this regard. Install-activate the one that suits you best.

Explore & Address Similar Topics

Blogging on similar topics can benefit you as well. 

For example: A green grocer may also post recipes as that is going to attract the same readership. 

Hence, you can blog about similar topics by connecting them to your local audience. 

Focus On Your Writing Skills

Targeting local customers with your blog is something you can do only by improving your writing skills (instead of searching services for that), everything else is less important.

So, make sure you always choose the topics that are more appealing to your target audience and see how well you can present them in your posts. Keep improving, and leave the rest to search engines. They already know what content is to be served to whom.

Cooperate With Other Local Businesses

You can get the benefit of blog traffic as well as mutual referrals by cooperating with other local businesses.

Here’s how you can do that –

You can help them in making websites so that they can also internetize their business activities. Also, encourage them to start blogging their business to expand relevance to their customers. Both businesses can mention each other in their posts.

You may also interview them on your website as local internet searches can get influenced by tagging the interview post with the business name, location, services, and products of both interviewer and interviewee.

By doing this each business would be able to grow its consumer base and mutual referrals.

Startup As A People’s Personal Outlet

Most business blogs only focus on what they call ‘business at hand’ i.e. focusing mainly on the products and services they sell. They just miss out on the easy opportunities that can actually help them to expand.

By promoting a topic that is helpful for a large number of people in your community will actually help you in raising your sales. People’s personal outlets possess that powerful thing.

Being a people’s personal outlet you help other businesses to come online as well as you also help individuals by providing them a good home-employment.

Write new posts to educate and instruct people on these two topics. By doing this you will not only open new streams of income but also attract more customers to your existing business.

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