Things You Need To Know To Start Working On WordPress Website

WordPress is installed and working on your domain. Now what? System at has made it very easy for its users to quickly and easily activate WordPress on their domain.

Web-hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server users at may use one click WordPress install tool whereas Managed WordPress users automatically get WordPress installed and configured on their domain address. 

WordPress is installed, now what?

Login to your WordPress site by typing and your will be directed to your admin area dashboard. From your admin area dashboard you will be able to customize, control and start posting articles on your WordPress website.

Important lessons to learn:

Lessons on customizing your WordPress website:

  1. Giving Personal Touch To Your New WordPress Website
  2. Creating & Managing Menus
  3. Using WordPress Widgets
  4. Browsing & Installing New WordPress Themes
  5. Install new plugins In WordPress

Lessons on creating new content in your WordPress website:

  1. Creating Pages In WordPress
  2. Writing Your First Blog Post In WordPress
  3. Creating Categories And Subcategories In WordPress?
  4. Adding Featured Images (Post Thumbnails) In WordPress Posts

Maintaining a website shouldn’t mean spending hours optimizing your server and battling security threats. If you are still looking for an easy way to start up with your own WordPress website then go for Managed WordPress of

If you already own a website anywhere on Internet, you can easily migrate it to Manged WordPress hosting of and then use its one click migration tool for better management, which you get packed with every plan of Manged WordPress.

With Managed WordPress, System at handles all technical stuff such as server setup, security, backups, even performance optimization for you – and hence you can spend your precious time on managing your website content and doing only what’s important to you.

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