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How To Generate Google Plus RSS Feeds For Individual Profiles And Pages ?

Feed+ is a Google Chrome app that allows you to generate Google+ Profile/Page RSS feed. After Generating feed you may use if on Google Reader or anywhere else you like, feed is public. If you like using it then follow few simple steps given here and in next coming post I will be discussing how you can post your Google+ posts using this RSS feed to your WordPress blog as individual articles.

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It Is Possible To Auto Post Your WordPress Blog On Google Plus

I know Google Plus only provides a read only API hence creating auto posting apps for Google Plus is yet not possible but PHP solves this problem. Dmitry Sandalov’s standalone PHP script makes auto publishing to Google+ possible.

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Learn How To Use Google Plus. Complete Video Tutorials For Newbie Google Plus Users

A collection of video tutorials on Google Plus. Easily learn more about everything on Google Plus like setting up your Profile, Sharing, exploring, about circles, reading and responding, broadcast your hangout to the world, hangouts on air, events, getting together, sharing your albums, content visibility, notifications, mentions, +1s, settings, tagging and much more.

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Now Display Google’s Verified Authorship Using WordPress Plugin

In one of my post, I discussed about how you can display your image and Google+ profile link in Google’s search results using WordPress hack. Here also I am discussing the same but suggesting you a more easy option for that, yes you can do same by using a plugin now.

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Best Of Firefox & Google Chrome Addons For Social Media Addicts

After reading many articles on other blogs and checking out many social media extensions for sharing my website’s content on different social networks, I have selected following top 10 extensions for Chrome and top 10 for Mozilla Firefox. Check them all if you are a social media addict and reply if you know about any better extension.

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Automatically Generate Your Google+ Profile Image As Favicon, Blog Feed Logo And Admin Logo In Your WordPress Site

Generate a Google+ favicon for your blog and admin logo including Apple touch icon. Add G+ photo to your blog template and admin panel automatically.

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Become Google’s Verified Author For Your WordPress Blog

After getting Google’s verified authorship you will be seeing your blog post search results with the screen shot of your Google Plus Profile Image. As show below:

Google Search Results, Before And After Activating Google’s Verified Authorship

For doing this in your blog results, follow these steps

Open your theme’s header.php file and add the following given code block in head section –

<link rel=”author” href=”” />


  • Change the profile URL with your Google Plus Profile URL in the above given code block.
  • Head section is between <head> and </head> tag so add the given code in between these tags.

Now open your theme’s function.php file and the following action at last:

add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘add_google_rel_author’);
function add_google_rel_author() {
echo ‘<link rel=”author” href=”” />’;

  • Visit your Google+ Profile.
  • Click Edit and make your +1s pubic.
  • Scroll down to  contributors section.
  • Under the heading “Contributor to” add your blog’s address.

That’s all. Next Google’s re-crawl to your blog pages will start showing your face in Google search results. So wait for it. You can  reduce this time by writing a new blog post.

Outlook.Com Is Loaded With Vast Privacy Issue

I am using Gmail since long and will keep using it. Microsoft Outlook.Com is loaded with vast privacy issue of contemporary world.

Outlook.Com Keeps Your Mail Without Your Permission Even After You Delete It And You Think It Is A Cool Feature

It offers you a feature for Recovering Deleted Mails even after emptying your trash you can get your mails back from Deleted directory’s link “recover deleted messages.”

This might be useful sometime but it is the most serious flaw. doesn’t respect your privacy. Its spying on you. Its a CIA agent. You can get your deleted messages back; it means all of your content is safe on their server even after removing it permanently.

When you delete anything on Gmail it moves to Trash bin. You can restore it from there but if you want to delete it permanently then you empty the trash bin and your mail is completely gone and you are free. But in case of where you delete your mail, it moves to trash, you empty the trash bin for removing your mails permanently from your account but it is still there. You don’t know where it it. You cannot see it but it is there on the server and they tell that this vast privacy issue is a cool feature.

If You Think That Outlook Offers Unlimited Space, you are Wrong. Microsoft Is Misguiding You.

On Internet there is nothing like unlimited. Anyone who offers you unlimited space, bandwidth or anything is fake. Internet runs on hardware not space and hardware cannot provide anything which is unlimited. Google is honest and respects science-mathematics so it tells you the truth that they offer you 10 GB storage. is just opposite and it came from the proprietary background of Microsoft so they trick on you. Open and clear fact is that on you can receive email with maximum size of 25 MB which is similar to Gmail. If Outlook.Com is better than Gmail then it should increase this size. Saying that you give Unlimited storage doesn’t matter because one can backup the mails on other machine but receiving mail more than 25 MB might be a step ahead. Then also I will not be using Outlook.Com because still it has privacy issue and proprietary background.

Google integrates Google+ network with your mailbox. May be none of your friends use it. May be they are using Facebook,  Twitter and LinkedIn which easily gets integrated with Outlook. Is that actually matters for you, if yes then I am sure you will be using Facebook Email Service for all of your mails and Facebook Search for finding things.

People who are more close to science and math use Google like Linus Torvalds because they understand the technical superiority and honesty of Google.

How can you trust anything from Microsoft. You know what its founder says:

“I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job… because, he will find an easy way to do it”

And what he actually does, he choose toppers knowing that toppers work day and night for merit.

Microsoft is misleading you, tricking you since a very long time. They are selling the most insecure operating system at very high rates (and also in parts). So it is better to change your mind if it is bending towards the wrong side. Don’t use Microsoft products. Don’t use Outlook. They are less scientific. Use Linux as  it is free and open. Use Google as it is honest and scientific.

WP-Hack For Adding Google+ Page Badge ‘Add to Circles’ In Your WordPress Blog

Add this code in your theme’s header.php file’s head section:

<link href=”” rel=”publisher” /><script type=”text/javascript”>
{var po = document.createElement(“script”);
po.type = “text/javascript”; po.async = true;po.src = “”;
var s = document.getElementsByTagName(“script”)[0];
s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s);

Replace PageID (in bold text of above code block) with your Google+ Page ID.

Now visit your blog’s wp-admin (Dashboard) >> Appearance >>Widgets and drag text widget to your sidebar.

Paste following code inside your text widget (replacing PageID) :

<g:plus href=”” size=”badge”></g:plus>

For smaller badge use:

<g:plus href=”” size=”smallbadge”></g:plus>

Note: You can get your Google Plus Page ID by visiting your page’s profile and copying the number before /posts or /about in URL.

Verify Your Google+ Business Page

  1. Make your Google+ plus business page if you don’t have one.
  2. Your Google+ page should be authorized by your business, organization, brand or product etc.
  3. Your Google+ page’s profile should have a link to your business’s website.
  4. Your business’s website should connect to your Google+ page. This is done by adding the Google+ Badge/Code
  5. People (near about 999) must have added your Google+ page to their circles.
  6. You must be authorized as administer.
  7. Contrast your page with Google Terms of Service and Google+ Content – Conduct Policies
  8. Visit:  fill in the request form and send it
  9. Now wait for approval.

Find A Perfect App In Chrome Web Store By Taking A Little Help From Your Google+ Friend Circles

Now Google Chrome Web Store helps you to share all your Google Chrome’s  items in your Google+ Circles. You may do so by finding them in Chrome’s Web Store and clicking +1 (located in store detail page).

And by clicking “From your circles” (located in Chrome Web Store’s category menu) you can review different apps and themes recommended by your friends. Now it is easy to find right app, you would be getting app suggestions from Chrome Web Store on the basis of all that apps +1’d by your friend circle in Google+.

Facebook Is Less Trusted With Personal Data Than Others

Fewer Internet users trust Facebook with personal data than other Internet companies.

According to Harris Interactive Inc. Survey:-

  • 1/3rd Internet users says that they are comfortable with Facebook’s policy of handling personal information
  • 41% respondents trust Google to show ads based on past Web searches.
  • 66% percent, are comfortable with Amazon using data on past purchases to recommend products.

Google+ Increased At The Rate Of 43.1% Reaches To 31.9 Million Unique Visitors

The June social network traffic numbers from Compete.Com confirms that Google+ got huge traffic increase in June. It got 31.9 million visitors in June whereas 22.3 million visitors in May, Increased at the rate of 43.1%. Google+ gained 14.2 million visitors this year. According to Experian Hitwise Google+ had 0.85% of the visits to US social networks in June, compared to 0.63% in May.

Since the year started, Google+ has gained 14,2 million visitors, from 17,6 million visitors in December to 31,9 million visitors in June. For the first time, according to Compete statistics, Google+ is now larger than Linkedin, who had 24,6 million visitors in June. Linkedin had a 6,5% decrease in visitors in June compared to May.