How To Play Videos In Lightbox Overlay In WordPress?

Instead of embedding or oEmbedding videos inside your posts, pages, post types, widgets etc you can add video link or button and make your videos play inside a beautiful lightbox overlay on your website. There are various ways of displaying videos using lightbox overlay in WordPress.

WP Video Lightbox plugin is also a good option, it simply lets you display YouTube and Vimeo videos in an elegant lightbox overlay. The plugin can be used for displaying images, flash, YouTube, Vimeo, iFrame etc. The embedded videos can be viewed on iPhone and iPad too. It works on simple shortcodes and parameters.

In this tutorial we will provide you step by step instructions on embedding and playing videos in a lightbox overlay. We will be using Shortcodes Ultimate plugin.

There are many good plugins but Shortcode Ultimate provides you many useful functions, it provides you both fixed & responsive embeds, compatibility for YouTube, Vimeos, even manually uploaded media library video files etc.

Playing Videos In A Lightbox Overlay:

Make sure Shortcodes Ultimate plugin is installed and activated on your WordPress site.

Now follow the steps as shown in the given video tutorial:

  1. From Add NEW/Edit content page, click ‘Insert Shortcode’ button.
  2. Select ‘Lightbox’ option.
  3. ‘Content Type’ dropdown has three options: iFrame (for videos), image and inLine HTML (for displaying HTML content in lightbox).
  4. Select iFrame and paste your video URL.
  5. Scroll down to ‘Content’ text area and type the video link text (which when clicked plays your video in a lightbox overlay).
  6. Finally, click the ‘Insert Shortcode’ button and that’s it.

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