Google+ Increased At The Rate Of 43.1% Reaches To 31.9 Million Unique Visitors

The June social network traffic numbers from Compete.Com confirms that Google+ got huge traffic increase in June. It got 31.9 million visitors in June whereas 22.3 million visitors in May, Increased at the rate of 43.1%. Google+ gained 14.2 million visitors this year. According to Experian Hitwise Google+ had 0.85% of the visits to US social networks in June, compared to 0.63% in May.

Since the year started, Google+ has gained 14,2 million visitors, from 17,6 million visitors in December to 31,9 million visitors in June. For the first time, according to Compete statistics, Google+ is now larger than Linkedin, who had 24,6 million visitors in June. Linkedin had a 6,5% decrease in visitors in June compared to May.


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