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Verify Your Google+ Business Page

  1. Make your Google+ plus business page if you don’t have one.
  2. Your Google+ page should be authorized by your business, organization, brand or product etc.
  3. Your Google+ page’s profile should have a link to your business’s website.
  4. Your business’s website should connect to your Google+ page. This is done by adding the Google+ Badge/Code
  5. People (near about 999) must have added your Google+ page to their circles.
  6. You must be authorized as administer.
  7. Contrast your page with Google Terms of Service and Google+ Content – Conduct Policies
  8. Visit: http://support.google.com/plus/bin/request.py?hl=en&contact_type=page_verification&rd=1  fill in the request form and send it
  9. Now wait for approval.