Transform Your Google Chrome Home & New Tab Page With 3D Speed Dial Bookmarker

Speed Dial [FVD] – 3D New Tab Page is a speedial app for Chrome that also syncs between your Chrome and Firebox browsers. The extension transforms Chrome’s New Tab with new FVD Speed Dial which is a beautiful bookmarking manager, you can add the URLs and it will automatically retrieve the thumbnails and beautifully organizes your bookmarks, with Custom backgrounds, custom dials, organized groups, and most visited websites. It transforms the Apps page into a sidebar which you can manually show or hide on new tab’s speed dial page.

The app is easy to use and configure. Simply add it in your Chrome browser and as soon you add it, it itself transforms everything and your get a whole new ‘New Tab’ page with faster web browsing experience. Note: Your Chrome might restart several times after this app is installed. If you also use Mozilla Firefox the you can install FVD Speed Dial with Full Online Syn and do online synchronization between Google Chrome & Firefox. Other than this you can change background color, image, use Widgets for FVD Speed Dial, Themes for FVD Speed Dial and more.

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