Outlook.Com Is Loaded With Vast Privacy Issue

I am using Gmail since long and will keep using it. Microsoft Outlook.Com is loaded with vast privacy issue of contemporary world.

Outlook.Com Keeps Your Mail Without Your Permission Even After You Delete It And You Think It Is A Cool Feature

It offers you a feature for Recovering Deleted Mails even after emptying your trash you can get your mails back from Deleted directory’s link “recover deleted messages.”

This might be useful sometime but it is the most serious flaw. Outlook.com doesn’t respect your privacy. Its spying on you. Its a CIA agent. You can get your deleted messages back; it means all of your content is safe on their server even after removing it permanently.

When you delete anything on Gmail it moves to Trash bin. You can restore it from there but if you want to delete it permanently then you empty the trash bin and your mail is completely gone and you are free. But in case of Outlook.com where you delete your mail, it moves to trash, you empty the trash bin for removing your mails permanently from your account but it is still there. You don’t know where it it. You cannot see it but it is there on the server and they tell that this vast privacy issue is a cool feature.

If You Think That Outlook Offers Unlimited Space, you are Wrong. Microsoft Is Misguiding You.

On Internet there is nothing like unlimited. Anyone who offers you unlimited space, bandwidth or anything is fake. Internet runs on hardware not space and hardware cannot provide anything which is unlimited. Google is honest and respects science-mathematics so it tells you the truth that they offer you 10 GB storage. Outlook.com is just opposite and it came from the proprietary background of Microsoft so they trick on you. Open and clear fact is that on Outlook.com you can receive email with maximum size of 25 MB which is similar to Gmail. If Outlook.Com is better than Gmail then it should increase this size. Saying that you give Unlimited storage doesn’t matter because one can backup the mails on other machine but receiving mail more than 25 MB might be a step ahead. Then also I will not be using Outlook.Com because still it has privacy issue and proprietary background.

Google integrates Google+ network with your mailbox. May be none of your friends use it. May be they are using Facebook,  Twitter and LinkedIn which easily gets integrated with Outlook. Is that actually matters for you, if yes then I am sure you will be using Facebook Email Service for all of your mails and Facebook Search for finding things.

People who are more close to science and math use Google like Linus Torvalds because they understand the technical superiority and honesty of Google.

How can you trust anything from Microsoft. You know what its founder says:

“I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job… because, he will find an easy way to do it”

And what he actually does, he choose toppers knowing that toppers work day and night for merit.

Microsoft is misleading you, tricking you since a very long time. They are selling the most insecure operating system at very high rates (and also in parts). So it is better to change your mind if it is bending towards the wrong side. Don’t use Microsoft products. Don’t use Outlook. They are less scientific. Use Linux as  it is free and open. Use Google as it is honest and scientific.

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